Date: 3/18/2002


PARTITIONED INDIA without a godfather, without an ideology, without an identity, without any concept of "permanent interests" of State, and without native oriented leaders is like a prey in the jaws of a giant (ISLAMIC) crocodile, waiting to be swalloed up.

That process of "being swallowed up" is an ongoing one since PARTITION in 1947. Its other name is HINDU BASHING that some Hindus have now come to realise, alas, too late.

The British, perhaps the wisest people on earth in awareness of their "permanent interests" created EAST Pakistan deliberately to block the flight route of the Hindus, if pressed from the West. They also wished to facilitate the liquidation of Hindus by preventing a land based contact of HINDU India with the BUDDHIST World of Splendours to the East. The only way for a Hindu to meet a Buddhist to the East would be either to negotiate the impassable Himalayss to the North, or by boat across Bay of Bengal where they could be challenged. and SUNK, by the Bangladeshi ISLAMIC Navy.

Bangladesh is also an asset in smuggling arms and weapons into North East India and sending MILLIONS of economic migrants into BROKEN BHARAT to become an invincible Army of Rasul Allah in the near future.

All this time the main thrust of the Government of India, and those terrorising them (Sonia KHAN and all the KHANS still left in Hindustan and multiplying by the hour), is to demoralise, divide and weaken the Hindu mainstream to "soften up" the target.

Unless the Hindus now stand up to proclaim HINDU RASHTRA, their days will be numbered and the Sikhs EXTERMINATED. Politics in South Asia rest on the razor's edge as far as the Hindu nation is concerned.

What a grand deceptive strategy it was to return the TERRITORY of EAST Pakistan to return to the BUTCHERS OF ISLAM promptly in 1972. The Hindus were told to celebrate another victory (like the Independence of 1947) that none thought of Indira being an ENEMY AGENT. Most still don't.


Now a revelation (below) for those who thought Bangladesh was mightly grateful to India for freeing her from the clutches of Urdu and Islam. Please read on-


Please read the following news concealed from you eyes. When Pakistani can reaches Banglasdesh, the State in between (India) can easily be accessed, penetrated, infiltrated and influenced, by ANTI HINDU FORCES, pseudo secularists and the powerful Talibanised media.

Where is the Guarantee that these forces have not influenced the state elections in the last three rounds in the Central and North India?

Therefore, the credibility of those elections preceded by sting operations like Onion crisis, Tehelka and Coffin scam, is one of doubt, and how people have been taken for a ride. After all, the carpenter came from there only. That is why slavery flourished.

Get up, and realize the folly and unite for A STRONG MOTHER INDIA. Throw away these Pseudo secularists, who are fooling every body. Think for your country.


Pakistan army chief bribed his Bangla counterpart to ensure Khaleda Zia's win

In a bid to gain a foothold in Bangladesh politics and promote Islamic fundamentalist groups in that country, a Pakistan army chief paid a bribe of Rs 100 million to his Bangla counterpart to ensure Khaleda Zia's return to power, a Pakistani media report said.

"One army chief of Pakistan actually bribed his Bangladeshi counterpart to bring Khaleda Zia to power and help revive Jamaat-e-Islami," The Friday Times reported in its latest issue. The paper did not name the military officer.

Stating that the Indian media are now writing about the "many strongholds of the Inte-Services Intelligence in Dhaka under the benign regard of the Bangladesh army and Khaleda Zia's party," the weekly said.

"So strong is the swing of the pendulum in favour of Islam that the secularists have been thrown back on the defensive."

The weekly said Pakistan countered the alleged Indian "penetration" of Bangladesh "especially after India tried to outflank it in Afghanistan by moving closer to the Rabbani government."

The journal said former prime minister Sheikh Hasina was "convinced that ISI was behind the two attempts on her life made in Dhaka."

It said the skirmish between Indian and Bangladeshi border guards last year "indicated the persisting right-wing orientation of the Bangladeshi army."

"Who is winning the war in Bangladesh? One has to say PAKISTAN is," the article said. " Unquote


A strong HINDU India will recognize the Islamic FRAYUD & TREACHERY called BANGLADESH (BOGUSdesh) and ORDER the miscreants to join WEST Bengal or be pushed out into the sea.

HINDU India cannot behave like a rabbit and then sleep in the same HOLE as the tiger. It is sheer commonsense. Isn't it?

And what goes for the Bengali "babus" of WEST Bengal, also goes for the Sikh "sardars" of EAST PUNJAB who ought to serve a notice on the "BHANGI" ("NIGGER") Christian PRESIDENT and his BURMESE IMPORTED NO. 1 LADY, "If your Secularism is ZERO in Lahore then it is MUD in Amritsar and DOG'S MUCK in Delhi.

.............." DON'T EAT IT ON DAILY BASIS!"