Date: 3/18/2002



BNP calls for all the "coloured" immigrants to be "out" of Britain!

Bangladeshis are especially perceived to be a threat to national security for the following reasons:-

I. Mentally and spiritually Bangladeshis, being MUSLIM, "relate" to the Libyans, the Iranians and the TALIBAN more than the to the British.

They are the Vanguard of the (future) Islamic Offensive on the soil of England. They are here to "settle score" for the crusades of the centuries gone by.

2. Being Muslim, they are lechers walking in the footsteps of that man who had numerous wives, some as young as nine, and concubines, who slept with the lot.

3. Some of the BANGLADESHIS living in Tower Hamlets are said to have up to four wives here and four wives in Bangladesh. Thus they multiply much faster than any other ethnic group. They are a demographic TIME BOMB for Britain.

Many of them arrived here on BOGUS passports. They are scot free because Home Office could not be bothered for the sake of friendly relations with Dhaka.

Many go home with one set of children and return with another. Customs Officers cannot check minutely every child's identity during rush hours at airports. Many school teachers, who face entirely new children in place of the old ones after summer holidays, are aware of this fraud but their heads are not interested in raising the issue fearing ill will of the Muslim community around them.

4. Many of these Bangladeshis are involved with Pakistani and other criminal gangs and many are connected with underground drugs racketeers. They regard it as a holy task to destabilise the "evil" Christian West.

Thus they relish inundating Britain with drugs in order to destroy prosperity here so that Islam could breed even faster posing as the champion of law and order amidst chaos!

5. They squander British hard currency by flying to Mecca where all they do is "to go round and kiss a BLACK stone like morons as the pagans did for centuries before Mohound was born". (Salman Rushdie).

The same money could have been used to raise their own standard of living here or to build schools and hospitals, or serve as flood relief in Bangladesh, for which fervent appeals are made so frequently to Christian Charities!

6. They finance Islamic institutions that aim to convert Britons to Islam or undermine civilisation here.

7. In case of a future WAR with any Islamic country, e.g., Libya, Irak or Uzbekistan, they could, theoretically, provide spies, informers and saboteurs. Thus they could turn out to be Britain's biggest security risk- being fed and fattened by the British tax payer!

8. Muslims take pride in deflowering NON-Muslim girls. Each Christian virgin violated and devastated by a Muslim is like a "battle honour" to the rascals. They seem to be fulfilling some injunction of Koran like the "Mujahideen."

Where do the the BANGLADESHIS come from? They come from a country in the East that was an integral part of INDIA until 15 August 1947.

Like MUSLIMS everywhere, their ~ loyalty was to Islam rather than to their country of birth. They viciously attacked their own country and shocked their fellow citizens- the gentle and trusting Hindus.

As a result, India was partitioned and left bleeding. No Muslim has ever repented on account of that High Treason which must confirm the belief that every Muslim is a traitor.

Muslims pay lip sympathy to "democracy and human rights" only when in minority but behave like blood thirsty wolves and tigers where in majority and simply eat the minorities, eg., Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc., raw.

In Saudi Arabia Christians are not allowed to even sing carols at Christmas! We do NOT find a single happy Christian in any Muslim country including Bangladesh although the Bangladeshis would like to enjoy full freedoms here and WOULDN'T RETURN TO THEIR ISLAMIC PARADISE EVEN UPON PAIN OF DEATH!

Who are they? The ancestors of Bangladeshis (formerly East Bengalis) were HINDUS or Buddhists.

During the oppressive MUSLIM (Mogul) rule they used to be spat on, abused, abducted and raped in broad daylight. They were forced to pay "Jazia" tax, which every NON Muslim was required to pay then.

To escape such utter degradation and humiliation, the most cowardly of the population became Muslims. Thus Bangladeshi Muslims are the offspring of the absolutely low down despicable "rats" (SCUM) who forsook their roots and gave up their own ancestors' native values, traditions and beliefs trembling with terror under the 'Sword of Islam'.

Such people cannot be honourable or reliable anywhere.

BNP believe that Security in England will be endangered if the MUSLIMS are not shown the door soon. Eventualyly Fast-Breeder Bangladeshi Fifth Column, like PARTITIOEND INDIA'S OWN MUSLIM FILTH COLUMN, will lead to a Christian- Muslim confrontation as in Bosnia.

..........England's prosperit will go up in smoke.