Date: 3/20/2002


"NON RESIDENT INDIANS' (NRI) FORUM - EUROPE, has written the following letter to all the member states of the Coalition fighting the Taleban & Al Qaida in Afghanistan.



According to a news item, the cost of military assistance to Afghanistan in the last three months to Britain alone was 85 MILLION.

To this amount will be 65 MILLION more to pay for the 1700 addditional troops being flown to Afghanistan now.

May we ask why INDIA is not contributing a dime to fight terrorism in Afghanistan which, if not tackled, will spill over into KASHMIR and then launch the invasion of India proper.

It is not an alarming statement when we consider that in the past while the Indians were SLEEPING with pants down, the Afghans invaded that counry COUNTLESS number of times and held her under their sway for four centuries.

Luckily, British East India Company appeared on the scene when the HINDUS could barely breathe under the AFGHAN jackboot.

The British East India Company sacked Delhi and banished the last Mogul Emperor of India, Bahadur Shah Zafar, to Rangoon in 1857 AD. The wife of the current President of India, an import from MYANMAR, would know the detail.

We need to recall that the Moguls were the ancestors of today's TALEBAN.

That disputed "mosque" in AYODHYA was constructed by Babur, an invader from Afghanistn, in 1525 AD.

One is absolutely amazed that India is simply not interested in helping out with the war in Afghanistan by sending her own TROOPS to take on the Taliban and the Al Qaida althouhg she claims very strong and deep fraternal ties with Secularism in Afghanistan.

Would the World Community including the UNO not wish to goad devious India into action in Afghansitan in order to share the VALOUR with the British troops and the financial burden with the British and the American tax payer, and also to ensure India's own safety from the 'Sword of Islam' which cut and chopped her in 1947?

If the Taliban are allowed to survive, or escape to Pakistan, it is not distant Britain but next door INDIA that will face the Al Qaida firing squads as in the past.

We thought it was plain simple commonsense and basic decency for India to join the Allies in Afghanistan. After all, she did send her army to fight Pakistan in 1972 and later to fight the Tamils in Sri Lanka in 1987.

Indian troops were also sent to Maldive Islands by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to restore the government to his friend there.

Why not Afghanistan now? Please get the INDIAN troops into Afghanistan now, and fast.

.................NRI Forum - Europe.