Date: 3/21/2002


Every army on earth needs FIGHTING EXPERIENCE so that it does not degenerate into a cowardly rabble of "cease-firing eunuchs in uniform".

The POLITICAL leaders are obliged to choose the enemy to provide such a BLOOD LETTING experience to their soldiers. If we see the world in the last 50 or even 100 years, we will notice that several leading nations have always provided "healthy" battle experience to their armies. The British and the American armies are having such a golden opportunity in Afghanistan right now.

The INDIAN Army is conspicusous by its absence in Afghanistan although Afghanistan is much closer to New Delhi than to London and Washington. One would have thought that the Indians would "go" for the Taliban at the first opportunity.

Such a GOLDEN opportunity came right after September 11 last, but the Indian "niggers & jackals" preferred to sleep on, not daring to offend the Taliban or displease Pakistan.

One can see through the HIGH TREASON of India's "HINDU BASHING / SIKH KILLING" rulers who cannot even dream of military INITIATIVES and OFFENSIVES. The INDIAN "eunuchs in unifors" are always on the DEFENSIVE, getting a bloody nose here and a cease-fire there. Much celebrated Mrs. Indira KHANUM conquered EAST Bengal (1972) only to RETURN THE PROVINCE TO ISLAM promptly.

Providing battle experience to an army is no light task. If the enemy chosen wins in the end, the political leadership themselves can lose their heads, wives and daughters.

Hence the ENEMY for "live" target practice has to be formidable enough but at the same time a cease-firing funk who will seek compromise at the first possible moment.

For the Army of India such training ground is SOUTH KASHMIR. There are several advantages. Firstly the bloodletting is on the HINDU side only, that is mighty satisfying to the Supreme Commander who is a CHRISTIAN "BHANGI", married to a BURMESE BRAT. They both wish the Hindu nation to die so that they could win converts to their own Lord of Palestine.

There is also the advantage that the WAR can never cross the border of the State to engulf EAST Punjab and DELHI. So all the leaders and rulers and foreign White Elephants living in Delhi are safe, while the soldiers die and the Hindus get thrown out of their homes.

Now what suitable TARGET PRACTICE can there be for the army of BOUGUSdesh? They have discovered it.

It is the INDIAN ARMY. It is the army under the world's most treacherous leadership which is determined to RUIN its morale, deplete its numbers and increase its frustration with its own superior officers.

It is the Army which doesn't know why LAHORE was surrendered but SRINAGAR has to be defended "at all costs"!

It is the Army which poses NO threat to BOGUSdesh's own survival since India is committed to keep the ROCK OF ISLAM as a strong wedge between itself and the Buddhist world to the EAST.

The world is ACCUSTOMED to hearing, "Ten Hindus massacred," "35 Sikhs shot dead," "100 pilgrims to Amarnath Cave killed in one night," "Five Hindu women abducted," "Ten Hindu girls raped," etc.

When did anyone hear, "Hindu militants blew up the bridge south of Lahore," or "Hindus carry out a night raid into North Kashmir," or "Hindu militatns abduct and rape 20 Mohammedan girls and women in NORTH Kashmir," and so on? When?

Hence BOGUSdeshi Army is much encouraged by the Hindu collapse and they fear NO reprisal while the THRILL of killing a Hindu, roasting his limbs, drinking his blood, raping a Sikh woman and abducting a Buddhist female boosts their morale and INSPIRES the "Believers" to further thrusts into the soft under and upper belly of Hindustan.

In that context the following news item is not in the least surprising. It is to be expected. If on the OTHER HAND, it was the INDIAN Army instead of the BANGLADESHI army, the world would sit up in DISBELIEF.

"How can the sheep and the jackals touch the whiskers of a tiger?", will be on everybody's mind and that includes the SUPREME COMMANDER of Insia's own Armed Forces, "BHANGI" CHRISTIAN KR NARAYANAN who will surely read this web page, but then DO NOTHING ABOUT IT.


Bosnia in the neighbourhood

..........................Wilson John\edit4&d=EDITS 21st Mar 2002

So obsessed have we been with our western neighbour in the past few months that we have remained callously ignorant about what another close neighbour on our eastern side has been perpetrating.

Bangladesh is fast becoming another Pakistan. The international border between Bangladesh and India has witnessed some of the highest number of skirmishes and firings in the past one year.

The government of Khaleda Zia views India with an extremely jaundiced eye. The Bangladesh Army plays its war games with India as the sole enemy. And the popular sentiment is no less vitriolic against India.

Inside Bangladesh, the situation is no less stable. Mullahs are taking over all the civilian institutions that supported the democratic structure created brick by brick by the Banga Bandhu, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman. One sinister sign is the systemic attack on minorities in Bangladesh, whether it is Hindus or Christians. Goons of the Jamaat-e-Islami, a pro-Pakistan, rabidly anti-minority political party, have revved up their violence against the minorities in the recent past. In Natore district, JeI cadres torched two Kali temples. Several households were similarly looted and then torched on March 1. In Khulna, miscreants attacked a puja pandal. In Sunamganj, JeI activists ran amuck in a Hindu village.

It is not only the Hindus who are increasingly coming under attacks in Khaleda's Bangladesh; Christians too are being driven out with vengeance. In Chat Maharthala, ruling party activists attacked three Christian villages and locked up 400 families inside their homes on February 27 this year. A day earlier, two villagers of Christianpura were abducted and assaulted by a gang of ruling party activists. The primary objective of these terror attacks has been to terrorise the minorities and force them to flee to India and other countries.

To make the situation worse, the Khilafat Majlis, which is part of the coalition government of Khaleda Zia, organised a conference on March 6 where communal venom was spewed on minorities and the activists threatened to take a long march throughout the country on the issue. Not surprisingly, these increasing incidents of attacks on minorities prompted former Belgian Minister for International Cooperation Dr Reginbal Morrels to compare Bangladesh with Bosnia.

It is not that Khaleda Zia is doing this of her own volition. The ISI has always eyed Bangladesh as the ideal post to launch its second proxy war against India. The JeI has been a willing partner in the ISI plan. So has been Khaleda Zia who has never been coy about her hatred towards India. In fact, the ISI and the Pakistan Army have always been on her side. According to a report in The Friday Times (March 8,2002), a well respected English daily of Pakistan, a Pakistani Army Chief had given Rs 10 crore to his Bangladeshi counterpart to help Khaleda win the elections and to revive the pro-Pakistan JeI. Khaleda's Mullahs are in any case keen on taking up the ISI cause and the first part of the plan is to launch an ethnic cleansing drive. The clout of the Mullahs is already visible in Bangladesh with chilling clarity. In villages and towns, they rule supreme. They have been given powers even to execute some one who dared to step beyond what the Islamic law had prescribed.

One Nurjahan Begum of Chatakchura village in Sylhet was buried up to her neck and then stoned to death for marrying for the second time after her first husband had abandoned her. Fourteen year-old Shefali and her mother were given 101 whiplashes near Dhaka for complaining she had been raped by a local influential person. One Razia committed suicide after she was sentenced to 51 lashes for refusal to stay with her husband who had returned after staying with another woman for several months. Such is the state of affairs in Bangladesh today.




LAW OF NATURE: "Cowards who dare not ask, are doomed to live and die as either slaves or HINDUS."

"COME ON SUPREME COMMANDER "BHANGI" OF BHARAT, now let us see the Indian Army let loose on BOGUSdesh for a while to provide them the experience of battle, taste of (enemy) blood and the RARE thrill of victory!