Date: 3/22/2002


........................Dear PLO,

You are fighting the Partition of Palestine, but you do bless the PARTITION of India.

When did Yasser Arafat, your top leader, issue a public CONDEMNATION of Islam's SUDDEN & SAVAGE attack on the integrity of UNITED India in 1947?

(A year later your own Palestine was partitioned. SERVES YOU LOT RIGHT! There is justice in ALLAH'S HOUSE. ALLAH IS NOT THE CONCUBINE OF PLO.)



PLO never condemned India's PARTITION.

So now India reciprocates by asking PLO to ACCEPT Partition or get your head smashed by the Almighty FORCES OF NATURE that are unleashed by Allah.

Political fairness does not have two sides, one for HINDUS or NON MUSLIMS and the other for ARABS AND MUSLIMS.

PLO is also advised to totally move out of ISRAEL just as in the NEWLY CREATED SEPARATIST ISLAMIC PAKISTAN there was total ETHNIC CLEANSING OF NON MUSLIM MINORITIES. Not one Islamic Republic intervened on behalf of those being massacred, evicted and raped. Word "Islam" was a very DIRTY word in India in 1947 and the Prophet of Islam Mohammed, the FOUNDER OF PAKISTAN, was the man MOST ABUSED in BLEEDING BROKEN BHARAT in that year. Ask the ONE MILLION who were KILLED to feed the fires of HATRED lit by Mohammed centuries ago. The latest victim to those fires were the two WORLD TRADE CENTRE towers in New York.

India absorbed millions of those refugees WITHIN WEEKS. I am one of them.

The World of Islam was very "satisfied" over our WRETCHED fate. Ask all those massacred in NOAKHALI and RAWALPINDI DISTRICTS (1946/47) and in KASHMIR, North AND South, since.

Now all the Arab lands ought to BEHAVE decently and absorb a couple of million Palestinian refugees. There will be NO more Islamic gangsterism.

There ought to be NO "ISLAMIC" Republic on earth if you cannot tolerate just ONE Jewish Republic or a HINDU RASHTRA, which grant a Mohammedan more rights and dignity than any Islamic Republic grants a Hindu or a Jew.

You do have mosques in Israel and India- ALL OVER. Do they have synagogues, churches or mandirs in Arabia? When did YOU notice this? When did YOU cry out at the BLASPHEMY by the MOHAMMEDAN Taleban MORONS, destroying the two Buddha statues a year ago, and "celebrating"?

Justice on both sides of the coin must look, AND BE, the same. This is 21st. century, not the savage Seventh that was plunged into greater DARKNESS by Mohammed (Peace be upon his VICTIMS!).

If this is a bitter message to PLO, they never, for a moment, declared at any time that the fate of HINDU REFUGEES from Pakistan and Bangladesh was also bitter and a BLACK BLOT on the face of MOHAMMED and his ISLAM.


Posted by Jawaharlal Nehru, humbly apologising for "going along" with the ARABS, ISLAM AND THE PLO in 1947. He would like all the "suicide" bombers to be put in cage. The Mohammedan COWARDS like the HAMAS, the HIZBULLAH and the TALIBAN, killing the INNOCENT people across the world, ought to recall the HINDU refugees, and "behave" or VANISH like them.

...........................23 Mar 2002