Date: 3/25/2002


When we think of INDIA, a few things strike us straightaway.

First and foremost is the fact that today's India is a FRACTION of real India that has the entire INDUS BASIN within its territorial map.

Thus we overlook the entire chapter of Congress' HIGH TREASON to wipe out the Himalayan tragedy, PARTITION that was inflicted on the helpless British colony called India.

Then we notice the presence of the MOHAMMEDANS all over this fragment that is Partitioned India, or PI.

Not only ought the Muslims feel humbled by their treachery towards their own motherland that nourished them but also see themselves as vocal mischief mongers and an increasing threat to Secularism and the peace of the land.

Perhaps the most amazing observation one will make is the fact that these so-called indigenous MUSLIMS, who look towards MECCA to find justification for PARTITION and the ongoing communal disharmony, align themselves mentally with those savage foreign invaders, mostly Afghan, who devastated our land of birth umnpteen times.

The native civilisation was wiped out throughout Western and Eastern India which is now the ISLAMIC republics on our HINDU territory, but also destroyed all the temples, literature and sacred artefacts of the native people compelling them to scatter across the globe as gypsies.

Among the temples vandalised by the Mohammedans holding KORAN and the SWORD in hands, were the most sacred ones, incluidng the one in Ayodhya where Lord Rama was born.

It is the Muslim cheek and audacity to ask the Hindus to bring proof of Rama's birth and the existence of a temple on the site.

It is extreme provocation to the Hindus to have to explain the existence of Lord Rama and his Temple to none else but the MOHAMMEDANS who ought to be all in PAKISTAN or BANGLADESH as per terms of Act of Partition, 1947.

To confound the situation the rotten Supreme Court of India is a POLITICAL TOOL of the FOREIGNERS in India who still call the shots threatening violence on unprecedented scale if the Muslim minority is not kept appeased all the time.

It's a fact that the MUSLIM minority, with Koran up theirs, is NEVER going to be satisfied living among the HINDUS as a minority. THAT IS WHY THEY GOT THEIR PAKISTAN The only solution is to EXPEL, INTERN OR EXTERMIANTE the Mohammedans in PARTITIONED INDIA.

This is NOT breaking anty law or code of decency. The ATTACK ON SECULARISM in 1947 was an attack on all the civilised world thatg believes in Secularism. The loss of territory to Islam was loss of not only INdia but of the territory of the entire FEREE WORLD. So it is a challenge to the free world to support the case for EXPULSION of Mohammedans from INdia.

If the world or the UNO does nothing whatsoever, then the HINDUS will take up the SWORD to settle scores at last wich big "thanks" to the EUNUCHS of civlised secular and free world who did nothing to prevent the break up of India in 1947 and are now doing nothing to tell the Muslims of India to disappear as per terms of Parititon that was THEIR OWN doing. In fact some in free world are seen supporting the savage Mohammedans of India with regard to the Temple issue in Ayodhyga.

The Temple is NTO in dispute. What is in dispute is the honrewt intention of the FREE world, particualrly of the USA and the European Community, Japan and China.. The last two are important allies in the battle for secularism though at prewent they form the DISUNITED world of Buddhism which is ineffective on world stage as compared to the United Islamic and the Christian worlds.

To the whole world and to MOHAMMED via his IAMM OF MECCA, the message ought to be, "LORD RAMA IS iIN AYOHDYA, NOT IN SUP[REME COUNRT."

The Muslims will have a say only when in their socalled holiest land one can see ten chuches, 20 synagogies and A HUDNRED HINDU TEMPLES.

Next time you see a MOYAMMEDAN openign his mouth on Ayodhya, simply ask him, FEARLESSLY looking in his eyes, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE AFRTE PARTITION OF IDNIA?"

The Surprem court of India and its accomplice, the BHANGI CHRISTIAN President called KR NARAYANAN run the big risk of being BURNT OUT of their magnificent BHAWANS AND BUILDINGS if they do not align with the MAJORITY COMMUNITY, the HINDUS in Hindustan.

These "bastard" seem to be "holdign the Hidnus in check, and pulling them backwards to please one Lord of Mecca and another of Jerusalem. If they gang up treacherously against Hinduism in Hindustan while drawing fat salaries and enjoying banquests while scheming against the NATIVE religions, then so be it. The HINDUS will rise to recover their POLITICAL POWER, given that we hae enough of religious and spiritual power that means POLITICS to "bastards and bitched".


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