Date: 3/26/2002


Reference Diana Buttu PLO spokeswoman interviewed on BBC World HARD TALK by Tim Sebastian at 12.30 am till 1 a.m. WEDNESDAY 27 March 2002.


One is disgusted at the term "PLO REFUGEE" which means the lazy useless Mohammedan JIHADI male living in a camp, looking towards the tax payers in the West to feed and clothe him, his wives and children, while he and his wives continue to reproduce like the rabbits.

When the indigenous MOHAMMEDANS attacked UNITED India in 1947, rejecting Secularism and their non Muslim neighbours, they SLAUGHTERED close to a million innocent HINDUS and SIKHS within weeks.

Tens of millions of HINDUS & SIKHS were FORCED OUT of West Punjab, NORTH Kashmir and EAST Bengal, etc., to become refugees in DEFEATED, DEGRADED, PARTITIONED, AND REDUCED India after Partition.

Here is what a Hindu said, "I WAS ONE OF THOSE REFUGEES.

"After my father was assassinated by the "PAKISTANI BASTARDS", all shouting "ALLAH HU AKBAR" in Multan, West Punjab, my mother told us all, "It is beneath the dignity of a HINDU to be a refugee.

"Henceforth we are NOT refugees. So get on with your studies and make something out of your lives."

"I must say that the MOHAMMEDANS are so shameless and THOROUGHLY dirty & degraded people, lacking self-esteem, who take pleasure in degrading the NON Muslims, but themselves remain refugees in order to live in SQUALOUR, on the dole, and in a perpetual state of REVOLT.

"It is the hidden agenda of Muslims, be they Indonesian, Libyan, Palestinian, ARAB or Iranian, to GRAB MORE AND MORE TERRITORY.

"Islam does NOT believe in sharing God's Earth with the others. Islamic BEAST is blind to the others' rights. What did they think of OUR rights in WEST Punjab in 1947?

"Hence the remaining FREE world, which is shrinking fast since Islam is the fastest growing religion in the WEST, should UNITE to confront the land grabbing MOHAMMEDAN BEAST at last.


So, we should tell the PLO REFUGEES, "YOU WILL NOT GET AN INCH MORE FROM ISRAEL. In fact, the Arabs themselves ought to give MORE land to the tiny State of Israel for its security and survival.

How shameless the Muslims are, who are not satisfied with the vast areas of the earth coloured GREEN, and yet want more and more from Israel which happens to be the ONLY Jewish State as compared to DOZENS of "Islamic" states.

While spiritually and politically "demolished" PARTITIONED INDIA is licking the shoes of Sonia and Islam, the remaining FREE world must stand united behind Israel on defending her TERRITORY against the insatiable Islamic predator.

If one more square inch of Israel is lost, that is the reduction in the size of our FREE, democratic, secular and decent world.

When did any PLO man, woman or Mohammedan say "sorry" to India for occupying the whole of Western and Eastern parts of that HINDU country?

So much for the decency and tolerance of the BEAST called ISLAM.