Date: 3/27/2002


It is rare to get an enquiry like this from a High School undergraduate in the United States, who wishes to know about PARTITION.

He must have defied the whole of Hindu WORLD that includes the grandfathers who saw their houses, schools, shops, businesses, temples and GURDWARAS burning, with the congregations trapped inside, their daughters raped and abducted and the millions trekking the dusty paths and roads to escape the HELL OF MOHAMMED that was the newly created 'EVIL EMBODIED' called Pakistan, yet who sing and dance like marionettes on August 15 every year with flowing tributes to Gandhi and Nehru with LAHORE, KARACHI & EAST BENGAL thrown out of their minds.


Otherwise there will be a deafening bleating wail and cry of all the sheep confined in the pen at the ABATTOIR awaiting their turn for SLAUGHTER- one by one.

When one SHEEP is led away to the sharp BLADE that will severe its head, the OTHERS SHOW NO REACTION. So much the better for them if the BUTCHER has scattered some green grass under their noses.

In the case of the "morally superior" but "POLITICALLY SMASHED" HINDUS, the green grass is the vast propaganda machine invented by HITLER and STALIN and then picked up, polished and MISUSED by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in order to COVER UP his own HIGH TREASON for signing the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of five provinces to the SEPARATIST SAVAGE INDIAN MOHAMMEDANS in 1947 without even demanding referendum.

Here is the letter with our comments embedded in the text. It may INSPIRE many other young Hindu scholars and undergraduates to take up the challenge of "LET US FIND OUT THE TRUTH BEHIND THAT "INDEPENDENCE", and the divisions of PUNJAB, KASHMIR and BENGAL!

...We have kept the identity of the writer confidential.


Hey, I'm at a high school at _________________, in ____________, USA.

.............(Thank you for your mail.)

I was wondering if you could forward me some information on the Indian partition

(Just before the British left India, they encouraged the MUSLIMS to demand PARTITION of India. The treacherous separatist Muslims were only too eager to be thus "encouraged" by the British!

Two reasons are suggested: One was to reward the Muslims who did not become a spoke in the wheel of British war effort against the AXIS Powers while the Congress Party- MOSTLY HINDUS- intensified the freedom movement which turned violent at places and gave real jitters to the British rulers at the time.

The second reason was the far-seeing strategy to break up India so that she would not become an economic giant or a rival of the West like Japan.

We personally believe that the first reason was in order to achieve the second goal.

Partition would also mean Hindu-Muslim HOSTILITY for ever and the birth of other demands for SEPARATION, e.g., Khalistan, Nagaland, Bodoland and so on which would find justification in the precedence set through PARTITION. Thus India would remain embroiled in internal scenes of violence, death and destruction, and mutual hostility as long as Pakistan stands as a reminder of the Muslim TREASON.)

and how it's effects, such as the terrorism in Kashmir

(Not only terrorism in Kashmir but also every other terrorism and struggle for SEPARATION is encouraged and "fired" by the creation of Pakistan whose birth also created tremendous INSECURITY among all the minorities.

It is to NO fault of the Kashmiris who wish to join fellow Muslims in Pakistan or go totally independent.

It is NO fault of the SIKHS who feel, but due to ILLITERACY and EXTREMELY POOR LEADERSHIP do not say, that separating LAHORE from AMRITSAR means that one eye of Punjab has been gouged out, and that the Sikhs of EAST Punjab are living on borrowed time since the MAJORITY COMMUNITY, that is, the HINDUS, are likely to defend Amritsar as they defended LAHORE, KARACHI, their DAUGHTERS and TEMPLES in 1947!

Kashmiris are confused as to why Srinagar should be in, but Lahore should be OUT!

Many Sikhs in EAST Punjab who have lost relatives and property in WEST Punjab and many Muslims in SOUTH Kashmir feel that SECULARISM in order to be valid in Delhi has to be ENFORCED in Lahore and Karachi! Otherwise what we have is the Secularism of "Eunuchs".

There are also great tensions under the surface within BENGAL, PUNJAB & KASHMIR due to brutal divisions of these states themselves.

Assam should also be sore due to surrender of its Muslim majority district of SYLHET to Pakistan in 1947.

What is absolutely diabolical about Partition is that it makes the position of the Indian Armed Forces LUDICROUS and RIDICULOUS. They are expected to DEFEND to the last man some small bridge or a village here and there, yet they were HELD BACK from defending FIVE PROVINCES of India which were surrendered UNCONDITIONALLY and without referendum to ISLAM in 1947.

Indian Army, uable to recover North Kashmir since 1948, or retain EAST Bengal in 1972, is regarded as an Army of Despicable MERCENARIES who fight battles for Congress Party but NOT for INDIA.

The Hindus in those parts were like the SHEEP DELIVERED TO THE WOLVES to rape, disembowel, KILL. EXTERMINATE AND EXPEL.

There were close to a MILLION Hindus and SIKHS killed, and tens of millions thrown out of their homes.

The Hindu decimation is still going on in Sindh and EAST Bengal that can be called BOGUSdesh.

So, you see the ugly and dangerous FACTS. Yet it is the same CONGRESS PARTY that was PARTY TO PARTITION which still calls the shots in India's Parliament and earlier in its FIVE DECADES of their autocratic and thoroughly CORRUPT misrule over India, that has suppressed the TRUTH about Partition and brainwashed the whole nation into calling it INDEPENDENCE!

Partitioned India has turned the traitors and COWARDS like Nehru and Gandhi into heroes and the real freedom fighters and the real patriots like Sardar Patel, Netaji Bose and Nathu Ram Godse into shadowy minor figures.

So the whole BRAINWASHED, INTIMIDATED and IGNORANT nation now finds it extremely difficult to shout, "LOOK, THE KING IS NAKED."

But the Truth will come out sooner or later and there will be CIVIL WAR in India.

Since the foreign based minorities, especially the MUSLIMS, foresee that dark hour easily and clearly as collaborators of India's DARK Destiny, they are now busy in further clobbering, dividing, intimidating and confusing the Hindus in MANY ways, especially through legislation and under the present treacherous Constitution which does not mention Partition, nor any aspiration to reunification, ie., AKHAND BHARAT, or the rule under ONE law and Secularism FOR ALL- from Chittagong to KHYBER.)

for a paper I'm doing on the history of Pakistani Terrorism in Kashmir. Do you have evidence that would credit my Thesis that the British and Muslim league were the ones to instigate the partition?

(Yes, since the Hindus, due to previous CENTURIES of slavery under Islam had been reduced to pulp with the very genes DETERIORATED and DECOMPOSED, could not act bravely, united and with courage in time to retain those frontiers of India, the Anglo-Islamic plan was easily implemented to wipe out the Hindus from one third of area of India and also to set up (and re-establish in 1972) and giant ISLAMIC BARRIER between Hindustan and the BUDDHIST world to the EAST (now Bangladesh).

There are not many books on PARTITION which are written from INDIA'S point of view. They are mostly from the point of view of RULING Congress Party at that time who are also a force to reckon with today. They glorify the Congress Party leaders, but do not highlight the bleeding plight of India herself, or her BETRAYED people.

But by searching libraries, asking the elders, you will find more answers. Your search will be rewarding and the results can be published.

For details of the events of 2947, a good book is "Freedom at Midnight" by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre" and for the British inspired role of All-India Muslim League there is a book by KHAN WALI KHAN, the son of famous Khan Abdul Ghafar, the "Sarhadi Gandhi".

There will be others, to set the record straight. Such books should be in every major library in India and in every TEMPLE abroad but due to reasons we have mentioned above, the Hindus everywhere shun and avoid the topic of PARTITION not to look DAMN FOOLS while calling it "INDEPENDENCE" and celebrating on August 15 every year.

Young Hindus like yourself will set the record straight and give encouragement to the cowardly, brainwashed or IGNORANT elders.

That is the only way forward.)



................(You are welcome.)

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