Date: 3/28/2002


Who is writing up news for the BBC? It seems a MOHAMMEDAN, an expert in propaganda as GOEBBELS was.

Please read the following secular statement form BBC report "India's secularism under threat?"

"Hundreds of people have died in India in the past two weeks after Muslim activists attacked a train carrying Hindu militants back from Ayodhya."

Who are the Activists?

500-strong mob that attacked three packed coaches of the train with stones, swords and crowbars. They broke open the window grills of one compartment, with the crowbars and hurled petrol bombs and inflammable chemicals inside. As flames engulfed the coach, the mob prevented a fire tender from reaching the train.

Who are the Militants?

The 57 Hindus who were forcibly trapped in a coach and burnt alive and charred to death. They included 25 women (MILITANTS??) and 14 children (MILITANTS??) and some infant (MILITANTS??) who did not have anything to save them form this ghastly massacre.

BBC quotes Mr. Banatwala, MP, Muslim League (a modern Islamic peace activist) in the same report "They (Hindus) are creating national hatred through their movement against the madrassas (schools) where religious teachings in Islam (???) are given, and so long as these spectres are there, I am afraid there may be a bloodbath (what does he mean by bloodbath and to whom?) and that secularism in India is threatened."

This is what a Madrasa is, by BBC in 1999

Would they ever report "19 Moslem activists hijacked the planes in USA and killed 5000 militants in WTC???? NO!!! They won't, because there would be such an uproar that reporters will not dare to write such blunders.

The day is not far away when you shall read following news in BBC, NewYork times, and Washington Post "A 75 year old Hindu terrorist women (wielding a stick) was killed on her way to a Temple by a religious madarassa going Moslem devotee (wielding AK47)"


Dear BBC, since you are not crushed under the dead crippling weight of ITALY & ISLAM, could you please TELL US, "What the Hell are the Mohammedans doing in PARTITIONED India?"