Date: 3/29/2002


In the Soviet Union, "DAS KAPITAL" by Karl Marx was at one time THE Book.

The Soviet Empire fizzled out since Karl Marx FAILED to take a lesson from Mohammed, to declare, "Das Kapital was dictated by God."

Had you asked HITLER about his MEIN KAMPF, he would have said, "It replaces the Bible."

Had you then remarked, "It seems to be the work of a mad man or the Devil," he would have gone for the gun.

ADOLF HITLER also did not get the novel idea of decalring, "The Book was dictated to me by GOD. Anyone criticising a bit of it, or laughing at the description of Heaven in it with all the wine and houries for good Muslim MEN, will be assassinated or beheaded by my followers."

That would have made it impossible to root out NAZISM from Germany.

Now there is a BOOK called the KORAN.

You are categorically told that "It was DICTATED BY GOD and replaces every other Book on earth, e.g., the Gita, the Granth, the Bible, the Torah, and the lot."

............It has NO holy rival in Saudi Arabia.

So let us look at the word "JEHAD" that the KORAN encourages day and night among its so-called "BELIEVERS" across the globe.

Jehad means STRUGGLE. So does the word KAMPF in Germany.

In other words, from a NON MUSLIM'S point of view, Mohammed's KORAN is the same thing as Hitler's "MEIN KAMPF".

Those who submit or yield to the PREPOSTEROUS statement, "DICTATED BY GOD," and are willing to blow themselves up, as in Israel these days, are implementing "MEIN KAMPF" over our heads, lands & territories, daughters and temples.

Just as a Jew could not worship freely in HITLER'S Germany so can a Hindu, Buddhist or Christian NOT worship freely in MOHAMMED'S Land of birth called SAUDI ARABIA.

The vanishing / shrinking FREE, secular and democratic world has to understand the nature of KORAN and the ideological fires it produces and stokes in the minds and brains of the MOHAMMEDANS with regard to the Hindus, the Kafirs, the Christians, the Jews, the Atheists, the Infidels, the Pagans, and the lot.

If you are a NON MUSLIM, then your days on earth are numbered since you have NOTHING to match or stand up to the Book "DICTATED BY GOD".