Date: 3/29/2002


World events start, continue and end on the PRESUMPTION that the Mohammedan is always right and somehow the Rest of the World have to adjust, go around, or lie low, if not disappear.

In 1947 the Muslims launched a severe attack on India and took out two huge chunks of territory on one day. It was to be exclusively ISLAMIC "damn thing", established on the dead bodies of non Muslims.

Rest of India was asked to go secular in order to accommodate the Muslims with all their rights in tact.

What about the rights of the NON Muslim minorities in Pakistan?

The minorities were EXTERMINATED. But none on earth is interested in the non Muslims anyhwhere. So none mentions or recalls that EXTERMINATION and the huge historic EXODUS of millions upon millions of innocent people caught in the fury of Islam and Mohammed.

Now if the Hindus acquire awareness and ask the Muslims in BHARAT to behave or leave, they are shouted upon from all sides and called FASCISTS.

Since the conflict in Middle East is Israel versus the ARABS, let us ask the Arabs to tell us HOW MUCH OF GLOBE IS UNDER THEIR FOOT as compared to the size of ISRAEL? The FREE world ought to shout, "SHAME!"

......One is bound to shout, "Intolerant BRUTES!" at the Arabs.

In 1947 tens of millions of Hindus were REFUGEES, yet they were absorbed by India within weeks. But look at the refugee camps of PLO in Israel since 1948.

The Arabs are willing to keep them in squalour and illiteracy but will not SETTLE them in any Arab land. They want to TRICK Israel into concessions, yielding more territory and then continue the JEHAD.

Since Jehad will never end so long as Koran stays "dictated by God," Israel has to be cautious. They have to INSIST ON TRANSFER OF POPULATION.

Furthermore the UNO ought to come in and count the number of Hindu refugees in PARTITIONED INDIA, too. Where have those MILLIONS disappeared to "suit" the Arab and the Mohammedan?

UNO and Israel ought to stand shoulder by shoulder and insist on one thing. For every one HINDU family enabled to return to their ancestral home in RAWALPINDI, MULTAN or LAHORE, there should be one ARAB family taken out of a refugee camp snd settled down somewhere in Israel.

How about that for a FAIR bargain, Mr. Yasser Arafat, and all your ARAB supporters!