Date: 3/29/2002



CWC is group of like-minded individuals with objective of Creating social awareness and sense of national pride in the minds of Indians. The moral degradation, which has afflicted our society, is frightening. We wish to create awareness about the dire need for social and moral upliftment of our nation. We wish to eliminate that negative mindset of 'Who cares' which is responsible for our moral degradation. The question is, can Indian society stop this pervading moral decay? Therefore we wish to bring together all those Indians who think they can.

There are several Indians who wish to share valuable time and efforts for their beloved motherland, but they do not have access to enough information on social issues. We would like to initiate thought provoking process by bringing all such individuals on the same platform. Today a concerted effort by a team of dedicated individuals of CWC has grown to establish its presence on the Internet and has become a social movement with a difference. CWC aims to help by using potential media to mobilize support for cause that may not have sustained without a mass movement. We help those who make sincere efforts to help our motherland.

................CWC conducts two programs,

1. 'CWC Create Awareness Program' - Creating awareness about social and moral degradation in India.

2. 'CWC E-mail Action Network' - We strongly believe in E-Activism. Our organized efforts have succeeded in the past. We want to creat the positive trust among Indians. It is our endeavor to bring together all socially aware minds to create a wave called 'United We Can Make a Difference'. These are our first steps.

We do this as a part of our social initiative and commitment towards India. Our goal is to see that we Indians do everything within our reach to preserve dignity of our motherland and create sense of national pride among fellow brothers and sisters. At CWC, we help you realize that it is our responsibility to bring back our lost moral. Every small effort towards this goal can make a difference and all it takes to help is few minutes of time spent on social issues supported by us.

At CWC we do not work for financial or any other benefit. It is selfless dedication towards our Bharat which makes us work for.

We invite you to be an active part of this movement by Joining 'CWC Email Action Network'.

...........Mahendra Joshi, Founder - 'Cause We Care'