Date: 3/29/2002


How else can ISLAM proclaim to the world MORE CLEARLY, "Mohammed is above all the other Messiahs, Prophets, Gurus, Avatara and Messengers of God!", except by declaring, "There can be NO church, mandir, gurdwara, synagogue or any other place of worship for the non Muslims in SAUDI ARABIA."?

What was the meaning of blowing up those two Buddha statues by tank fire in Afghanistan by the ISLAMIC State a year ago? It was to demonstrate OPEN CONTEMPT for anything on earth that is not Mohammedan "moron and slave".


A sociologist in PARTITIONED India made the following observation-

Muslim GIRLS are confined indoors or married off young, even in early teens. If seen talking to an unrelated male, they run the risk of being punished severely, in some cased even being KILLED.

Thus the Muslim youths visit public places, pubs, discos, social events and fairs, etc., without any Muslim female in company nor do they see many at places of work to talk to.

Thus they PREY on non Muslim girls, seduce them, sleep with them, often to produce more "Mohammeds and Alis" and then go for NEW "CONQUESTS".

Thus they are a serious menace to OUR secular and free society.

There is another calamity for the Hindus. Their youth move about with their own HINDU friends and sisters and cousins and thus pose no threat to Muslims. Furthermore they also do not see any Muslim girl to speak to or flirt with at any social gathering or public place.

There is no RELIGIOUS zeal or sanction to seduce Muslim girls to produce more Hindu children like the "DOG'S DESIRE" among the Muslims to produce more and more MOHAMMEDANS in order to CONQUER the secular / non Muslim world through sheer numbers.

Governments, that do not publish figures regularly on rise of Muslim numbers in their countries, are committing HIGH TREASON. They ought to keep their non Muslim citizens INFORMED of the growing Muslim MENACE in their societies. They need not wait till the two World Trade Centre towers are OBLITERATED from earth, or the country HIT BY BLOODY PARTITION, or CIVIL WAR.

It was through numbers alone that they were given ONE THIRD OF THE INDIAN TERRITORY in 1947. Wherever there were more Mohammedans than the non Muslims, the TERRITORY went to ISLAM, the religion of WAR and VIOLENCE.

India is too embarrassed to erect a HOLOCAUST MUSEUM for the year of Partition since it will show ONE THOUSAND HINDUS SLAUGHTERED FOR EVERY ONE MUSLIM killed in that year (1947).

Beware of the Muslim predator. He is after your sister, daughter, cousin or granddaughter. He is fulfilling a dirty "holy" mission by setting more Muslims on earth, while dreaming of paradise as defined in the Koran.

FIND OUT, in 100 mixed marriages, how many MUSLIM grooms embraced the religion of their brides, girl friends or female friends who bore them children. FIND OUT first before chanting, "Cuckoo" Gandhi style, "Hindu and Muslim are the same thing".