Date: 3/30/2002



To see the social and political context of life in Hindustan under the jackboot of ISLAM, one has to recall the brutal rule of TALIBAN in Afghanistan that could only be eliminated by the Allies aerial BOMBING and land INVASION of Afghanistan last year.

If they were so callous to their own FELLOW MUSLIMS, how savage and BLOODTHIRSTY would these descendants of those MOGULS of India have been towards the HINDUS, can be seen from historical records of the time. They DO NEED TO BE picked up and gone through to understand the ISLAM IN OUR MIDST. The nature of Islam like the wording of Koran IS THE SAME, WILL BE THE SAME, WAS THE SAME.

The slightest whisper of freedom brought swift retribution and meant death of whole neighbourhoods and destruction of Hindu temples and businesses.

Seeing the whole nation crushed into pulp, Guru Nanak had to chant the preposterous, "HINDU AND MUSLIM are the same".

What he meant was a message to the MOHAMMEDAN RULERS that we are all the same mankind. The message could never touch the hearts and minds of the followers of Mohammed but it did bring about a stir at the grassroots level. It brought together the Hindus in small congregations and thus finally unified them, evolving the Sikh Faith.

While Guru Nanak HAD TO chant this line, there was NO need for Mahatma Gandhi to do so in, and before, 1940's.

Under the BRITISH jackboot all the natives were EQUAL and there was no need to give any concession or accommodation to the MOHAMMEDANS through such appeasement.

That is where Mr Gandhi went totally WRONG and led his nation into the Himalayan SURRENDER OF 1947.

That HUMILIATING SURRENDER before the "Islamic beasts" meant permanent loss of ONE THIRD OF INDIA'S SECULAR TERRITORY to Islam, massacre of a million innocent people, the prompt invasion of Kashmir and the permanent climate of hostility between the Hindus and the Muslims in PARTITIONED India.

It also opened doors of the leaderless, headless, confused country to the new predators like ALBANIAN BORN nun TERESA and the ITALIAN BORN "brat" (worthless White Elephant) SONIA.

One overshadowed all the native divinity & spirituality and the other eclipsed all the native (Hindu) females.

That chant of "HINDU-MUSLIM BHAI BHAI" is now totally out of time, out of place, and, in fact, deadly lethal for the Hindus who do not have a single HINDU Republic on earth as opposed to 42 ISLAMIC republics!