Date: 3/30/2002



..................By S.P. Attri (USA)


1. At this point in time, the construction of Ram Temple in the city of Ayodhya ( in the state of Uttar Pradesh), is the biggest Hot-Potato in India, this temple has completely altered the course of politics in India. This is because Lord Ram's Temple-Site, is a bone of contention between Hindus and Moslems in India. The city of Ayodhya, in which the temple is located, is very closely-connected with the life-story of Lord Ram. Lord Ram's story is described in the timeless Indian Epic "Ramayana." Amongst the seven Muktistalams identified by the Hindus, the city of Ayodhya is at the top of this list.

2. Acknowledged as one of the holiest cities of India, the city of Ayodhya has been venerated since times immemorial. Because of its recognition as Ram Janam-Bhoomi (Birth-Place of Ram), the city of Ayodhya is also known as "The Holy Land," Lord Ram is believed by Hindus to be the Seventh Incarnation of Vishnu. At the present time, the Hindus are planning to construct a temple in honor of Bhagwan (Lord) Ram. Though Ayodhya has at least 55 other Hindu Temples, none of them has the esteem of Ram Temple, we seldom hear a word about them. The attention of Indian and Western Media is focussed on Ayodhya and Ram Temple alone, the milestones on Ayodhya and on Ram-Temple unfold themselves, almost on a daily basis. Many experts have shared their opinions and investigations on this subject. However, inspite of plenteous information on the subject, there is no shortage of controversial-issues on the topic of Lord Ram's Temple.

3. Who is Bhagwan (Lord) Ram?

Lord Ram is believed by Hindus, to be the Seventh-Incarnation of Vishnu (Vishnu is the Preserver and Maintainer of this Universe). Ramayan, which describes the story of Bhagwan (Lord) Ram, also includes teachings of Lord Ram as practical solutions to the problems of life. Festivals of Ram-Navami, Dewali, and Dussehra, are all related to the life of Lord Ram. In the entire Hindu spiritual literature, Bhagwan (Lord) Ram stands out as an outstanding and most glorious of all persons. No other person has been described with such perfection in all phases, and in all aspects of life, as Lord Ram has been.

The famous sage Valmiki describes Lord Ram, as an Ideal Of Perfection, as Maryada-Purshottam (the Most Perfect Man Who Has Ever Walked On This Earth). In India, Lord Ram is spoken about, every day of the week, as Maryada-Purshottam. To symbolize properly, the emotional attachment of Hindus to the name Ram is intense. So perfect is Lord Ram, and so perfect is his system of government, that virtually every political party in India swears by the name of Lord Ram, they declare openly that they are working to bring about the system of Ram-Raaj (the reign of Lord Ram/the ideal government) into India.

4. Another description of Lord Ram appears in Ramacharitamanas, written by Tulsidas. Tulsidas describes Lord Ram as the Universal Spirit, as the Creator (Brahma), Sustainer/Maintainer (Vishnu), and Destroyer (Mahesh/Shiva), all rolled into one, besides being Maryada-Purshottam (the Most Perfect Man Who Has Ever Walked On This Earth). Says Tulsidas, "Lord Ram is the Compassionate-Lord of Beauty, Power, and Virtue. The true nature and being of Ram, transcends anybody's capacity to visualize, it transcends all utterance, wisdom, and knowledge. He is beginningless, endless, limitless, changeless, and beyond all description. He is pure consciousness, pure bliss, the very light untouched by illusion."

5. Lord Ram is also the slayer of the evil (demon) king Ravan, who held his wife Sita as captive. Lord Ram is regarded by millions of Hindus as an example of Moral Excellence. He has become an integral part of the culture not only of India, but also beyond the frontiers of India, in the Far East, where he is regarded as the Universal Spirit as well as a Personal God, who manifests himself in human form, for the well-being and guidance of his devotees on earth. No other person has been associated with so many characteristics of idealistic perfection, throughout his entire life-time, from infancy onwards up through all ages, and in all aspects of his life, in a single individual. Only Lord Ram fills this bill, that is why he is labelled as Maryada-Purshottam, which translates as "The Most Perfect Man Who Has Ever Walked On This Earth."

6. In addition to these qualities of Moral Excellence, Lord Ram is also the World's First Democrat, and the Inventor Of Democracy. Lord Ram Invented the concept of Raj-Dharam (generally known as Ram-Raaj or the Reign of Ram). The unique feat of Lord Ram's Democracy is, that in Lord Ram's Democracy, even the poorest and the humblest person has an effective voice in the government. Lord Ram also recognized, that people have a right to make mistakes, and learn from them. To determine people's opinions, Lord Ram and his agents used to go out in disguise, at night-time, and listened to what people were talking about. Lord Ram was a superb keeper of tabs on public opinions.

As a practical example of Lord Ram's Democracy, a humble Dhobi's (Washerman) opinion went against Lord Ram (the ruler). The opinion of the Dhobi was looked upon as more-momentous, and Lord Ram had to banish his own wife Sita, to the forests to uphold the principle of his Democracy. It was pointed out to Lord Ram that Sita was totally-innocent, and that people can make mistakes. Lord Ram replied that he is aware that Sita is totally innocent, and also that people can make mistakes, but insisted that people have a right to make mistakes, and to learn from them.

Says Lord Ram," The job of a king is not to use his ruler's position, for his own pleasure and comfort. The first duty of a king is to his subjects ( and not to his own personal needs and desires), to protect their welfare, pleasure, and comfort. The king should subordinate his own desires and wishes, to those of his subjects."

Lord Ram never ceased and desisted, from making personal sacrifices to uphold his principles, regardless of how heavy the price is. To characterize honorably and in a fair manner, Lord Ram is Hinduism and Democracy at its Excellence-Best.

7. Throughout his life-time, Lord Ram carried his bow and arrows "At All Times." Continuous-Wearing of this Armed-Attire symbolises Lord Ram's ever-present-alertness, and eternal-readiness to fight against Adharma (Un-Righteousness), to assure justice and peace. Lord Ram insisted that Adharma and Evil will always be there in this world, and they shall continue appearing in terrifying new forms.

By his own example, Lord Ram gives mankind a code of fortitude, moral strength, and steadfastness of conviction to fight Unrighteousness (Adharma), for the well-being of society as a whole. Man "ought not" to be weak and accept Unrighteousness Passively. He has to rise actively and forcefully, against anything that is contrary to Dharma (Righteousness). That is Lord Ram's Approach of "Aggressive Goodness" and "Aggressive Righteousness."

To put it simply and succintly, Lord Ram stands for Dharma (Righteousness), he opposes and destroys, all that is Adharma. Throughout the epic of Ramayan, there are many many examples of Lord Ram's fights against Adharma, that demonstrate irrefutably, the divine brilliance of Lord Ram's ideal personality, and Lord Ram takes his place in the history of the Noble-Land of Bharat-Varsha (India) as Maryada-Purshottam.

NOTE: A thousand years of peace followed the reign of Lord Ram( known to every Hindu as Ram-Raaj).


a. At least 95% of the Hindus when they meet each other, they greet each other by saying "Jai Shri Ram" and "Jai Sita Ram"

b. At funeral times, when the dead body is being carried to the crematory-grounds, every body in the funeral procession chants again and again "Bolo Ram (that is Speak Ram)," "Ram Nam Sat Hai (Ram's Name Is Truth)," and so on.

c. Every year, for a period of approximately three weeks, between the holidays of Dussehra and Dewali, Ram Lilas (dramas on the story of Lord Ram's life) are played in every city of India.

d. Amongst the seven sacred places of pilgrimage in India, the birth-place of Lord Ram is the Absolute-First.

e. Beyond the frontiers of India, in the cultures of Thailand, Cambodia, and even in Indonesia, the stories of Ramayana, are displayed in art and in folk-dramas.

f. The Hindu Societies world-wide, including the Hindu Diospora, read and practise the rituals described in Tulsi-Ramayana.

g. A few years ago, the Indian Television serialized the epic story of Lord Ram. People stopped on roads and elsewhere to watch Lord Ram's Story. Normal social activities of the Hindu Society came to a grinding halt, during the display of Lord Ram's Story. (There is no equivalent of this observation in either the Bible or the Quran.

h. No matter how you look at it, and no matter which standard you employ, Lord Ram plays much more momentous, and much more imperative role in the Hindu Civilization, than Jesus does in Christianity, or Mohammad does in Islam. This is even more distinctive, when it is realized that Hinduism is not an organized religion at all. It has no Pope nor any Ayatolla, but the collective Hindu Culture is symbolized by the name of Lord Ram. There is no Christian or Moslem equivalent, and not on such a massive scale.

i. Inside the villages of India, where the majority of Indians live, the story and folk-tales of Lord Ram, are recited more often than any other personality.

j. The three great saints of India, Guru Nanak (the founder of Sikh Religion), Kabir, and Tulsidas, refer extensively to the name of Lord Ram, they also write devotional poems, honoring and glorifying the name of Lord Ram.

k. In the villages of India, the couplets of Guru Nanak, Kabir, and Tulsidas, refering to the name of Lord Ram, are used as standards of excellence, as bench-marks of morality and spirituality.

NOTE: Can you imagine Chrisitanity without the name of Bethlehem? Can you imagine Islam without the name of Mecca/Kaaba? So how can you imagine Hinduism without Ayodhya, and without Ram's Temple in Ayodhya?

l. When Gandhi was hit by the assassin's bullets, his dying words were "Hey Ram (Oh Ram)"

9. Ram Navmi (The Birth-Date of Rama):

Navmi means the number 9. Tusidas (The Author of the Ram-Charit- Manas- Ramayan), tells us that Shri Ram was born on this day. He goes on to state that he who sings Shri Ram's praise on this day, has all the Pilgrimage Centres come to his door-step.

Shri Ram is connected with the number 9. The No 9 is the Highest number. After the number 9, comes the 0. Shri Morari Bapu tells us that in order to truly worship Shri Ram, either become complete like the number 9, or empty like the 0.

Also the Number 9, if you multiply it with any number, and total the sum, it will always be 9.

First Example: 3 x 9 = 27. 2 + 7 =9

Second Example: 9 X 11 = 99. 9+9 = 18. 8+1 = 9

TRY IT WITH ANY NUMBER, and Multiply by 9, and you will get the same result.

Therefore, it is also said that the perfect time to remember Lord Ram, is either at 9 AM or 9 PM.




By S.P. Attri (USA)


10. What is the nature of controversy/conflict relative to the site of the Ram-Temple at Ayodhya? The conflict arises because the site is claimed both by Hindus and Muslims. Hindus say the disputed site is the Birth-Place of their Bhagwan (Lord) Ram. Moslems say that it belongs to them, since a mosque built by the Mughal Emperor Babar in the 16th century stood at this site.

Hindus believe that Lord Ram was born in Ayodhya, as described in the Holy Book of Ramayan, and had a Ram Temple built in Ayodhya. Babur was the first Moghul Emperor, who invaded India and soon after destroyed this temple, and built a mosque in its place (known as the Babri-Masjid ), in the year of 1528. But Hindus never forgot the site of Lord Ram's Temple, they continued their efforts to regain this site. After trying un-successfully for centuries, the Hindus finally destroyed Babar's Mosque in 1992, and now want to re-build Lord Ram's Temple at this site. This is not acceptable to the Moslems who want to re-build the mosque of Babur, whom they regard as their hero, because he defeated and destroyed the Kafir (Infidel) Hindus and their examplars. The situation is much more intense than any one can anticipate, strong emotions are involved.

Just ask yourself a simple question: How would the Christians feel if the mosque in Mecca had been contructed after destroying a Christian Shrine at this site, or if the Wailing-Wall had been constructed right where Mohammad had been born?

The Hindu's Wounds run deep, because Ram Temple is not the only site of Islamic Destruction of Hindu Temples. Tens of thousands of other Hindu Temples have been demolised, and mosques built on top of them, by the Moslem Rulers of India. This action was part and parcel of " Conversion By The Sword" policy that the Moslem Rulers of India followed. Any recollection of these events, re-opens these wounds of the past, in the mind of the Hindus.

European Historians can further support the Hindu Argument, by provding examples of Christian Churches, that were converted into mosques, in Turkey, Spain, and in other European countries, in fact in every European country where the Moslem Invaders went. The Moslem Invaders were sustained by their intense sense of Islamic Triumph, convinced as they were, that they would eliminate the Christian Kafirs (Christian Infidels) from Europe.

11. Is this a matter of faith?

You decide this for yourself, but notice this that: Christians believe that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Moslems believe that Mohammad was born in the city of Mecca. Similarly, Hindus believe that Lord Ram was born in the city of Ayodhya. Commonsense, therefore, dictates that we should respect each other's beliefs, in the interest of peace. Hindus have accepted Bethlehem as the site of Christ's birth-place. Hindus have also accepted Mecca as the site of Mohammad's birth-place. But the peace is not on the mind of the Moslems. They have decided that they are not going to respect the beliefs of the Kafir-Hindu, and would build Babar's Mosque, in place of Lord Ram's Temple, in order to show to the Hindu, the inferiority of his Hindu-Faith. Hindus cannot accept this Moslem Belief, they do not buy the argument that Moslems have special rights against the Kafir-Hindus, Hindus are willing to fight for their own rights, their Hindu Rights.

Because the sites of the birth-places of Jesus Christ and of Hazrat Mohammad, are not questioned, even though they have not been proven, by any scientific evidence, same rights apply to the Hindus as well, if we believe in decency and democracy, and if we adhere to the rules of precedence and commonsense.

Hindus never gave up their demand to regain the Holy Land ( the birth-place of Lord Ram). Historians record that since 1528 (the date of destruction of Lord Ram's Temple by Babar), there have been at least 76 armed conflicts, and well over 300,000 Hindus have sacrificed their lives, to restore the Ram Janama Bhoomi Temple. These demands continued even during the British Regime in India. After independence, a request was made to Prime Mininster Jawahar Lal Nehru, to officially and legally turn over the site of Lord Ram's Birth-Place to the Hindus. Instead of making a decision, Nehru dumped this Hot-Potato on the Indian Supreme Court. In the meantime, the Hindus continued to worship at the site.

Because of the Conflicting and Secular-Signals from the Indian Government, the Indian Courts were not interested in resolving this issue. The Indian Government wanted to stay out, because they wanted to demonstrate, that they were committed to Secularism, and did not want to interfere in religious affairs. The courts unduly prolonged their decision, and even after 46 years, there has not been any decision. Several rounds of negotiations have also taken place between the warring parties, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the All-India Babri Masjid Committee, without coming to any mutual understanding.

12. Who was Babar?

Babur was a Moghul Ruler, who invaded India in the 1500s. Babar had a fierce army, and he came to India, with new weaponary, his new weapon was his cannon (artillery). Indians had never seen artillery-projectiles before, and were totally confused at the sight of artillery shells falling on the battle-fields of India. Artillery was a powerful fire-arm and a deadly weapon. Indians who did not know what hit them, and had never seen Artillery before, referred to it as the Fire From The Sky. Babar's Artillery-Projectiles punched large holes in the Indian Army. It created a lot of fright in the Indian troops, also created fright in the Indian Elephants who ran backwards, and trampled a lot of their own soldiers.

Even though Babar had only a small army, his victory was relatively easy, because of the fierceness and brutality of his soldiers, and because of his relentless usage of the extra and massive power of his artillery. Babar's Brutality and the Iron-Fist of his Tyranny, is well documented in the history books, and especially noted in the observations of Guru Nanak (the founder of the Sikh Religion), who was totally shocked and startled at the hideous-barbarism and brutality of Babar's Soldiers..

Like other Moslem Invaders before him, Babar had an urge to destroy temples and idols, as the works of the Devil. Any temple that drew Babar's attention, Babar ordered its destruction. Besides, these temples were immensely rich, they attracted Babar's Greed to amass wealth, to finance and conduct his violent operations, in the conquered-land of the Kafir-Hindu (Infidel-Hindu).

13. Babar was a religious fanatic, he saw himself as a Ghazi, an Islamic Warrior, on a Jihad to uproot Kufr and Infidelity. In his memoirs (Babar-Nama), Babar says that Hindustan was in the grip of Kafirs (Non-Moslem Infidels), he took it by the force of arms, he massacred the Kafir (Infidel) Hindus, and also brought them into the bosom of Islam. This was the real Babar, who even composed the following poem, after becoming a Ghazi:

For the sake of Islam, I became a wanderer, I battled Infidels and Hindus. I determined to become a martyr Thank God I became a Holy warrior.

This was the same Butcher-Babar who used to build towers, with the usage of decapitated Kafir-Hindu heads. This was the same Babar who gave India the Babri-Masjid, at the spot where a Ram-Mandir (Ram-Temple) stood, a spot held sacred by Hindus. He and his successors did not care for the spot of Ram-Mandir, a place of worship and a spot held sacred by the Hindus, they saw the Replacing Babri-Mosque, as a mark of Islamic Conquest. To put it in the simplest of terms, Ram Janambhumi (the Birth-Place Of Lord Ram) is a Hindu Symbol, it is also a national symbol, the Babri-Masjid is an imposition and a barbaric imperialism of Butcher-Babar. To a Hindu, the Babri-Masjid is a structure of shame, it is an edifice of the greatest disgrace, the greatest dishonor, and ultimate humiliation of the Hindu.

14. Ask yourself a simple question: How can we Hindus allow the construction of Babri Mosque on the site of Ram Janambhoomi? Would the Americans permit the construction of Osama Bin Laden's Moslem Mosque on top of a demolished Statue Of Liberty? Would the English allow the construction of a Moslem-Mosque after demolishing the Westminster Abbey in London? Statue Of Liberty is tied in with American Nation, the Westminster Abbey is tied in with English Nationalism. Similary, Ram Janambhoomi is tied in with Hinduism and with Indian Nationalism, it is a National-Symbol. Don't the Hindus of India have the same rights, that the Americans and the British have?

Babri Mosque is no national symbol, it is a Mark Of Disgrace, it is a Structure Of Shame located in the Heart-Land Of The Hindu, it is an edifice of Babar's Barbarism. Hindus regard it as awful stupid to give it the respectability that it does not deserve.

15. Facts about Ram Temple in Ayodhya:

To separate fact from fiction, is there any archaeological evidence to support the Hindu Contention, on the site of Lord Ram's Birth-Place? Yes, there is.

There is incontrovertible archaeological evidence, which proves that there did exist at the very spot of the Ram Janama-Bhoomi, a magnificent temple from at least the 12th Century A.D. onwards, which was destroyed to build a mosque like structure over it, in the 16th Century A.D (in 1528 A.D., after the arrival of Babar in Ayodhya).

There may have existed at this site, one or more temples also, of still greater antiquity, which were rebuilt or renovated later on.

Following is the gist of "Some" of the archaeological evidence on the site of Lord Ram's Temple:

a. The Babri-Masjid had 14 pillars made of "Kasauti" black stone with Hindu images. Inside the compound of the Babri-Masjid, was a piece of a door jamb with images of "Mukut-Dhari Dwarpal" and "Devakanyas". Scientific evaluation of these pillars, and the door jamb by Dr. S. P. Gupta (former Director of Allahabad Museum), showed that these belonged to a Hindu temple, of the 11th Century A.D. period, when the Garhwal Kings of Kanauj ruled Ayodhya.

b. Between the years of 1975 and 1980, Prof. B. B. Lal (the then Director General of Archaeological Survey of India) carried out an excavation, right behind the Babri structure. Prof. Lal's excavation revealed that the bases of the pillars were made of burnt bricks, that belonged to a pre-existing temple. Prof. Lal also found most exquisite pottery, that belonged to the period between the 8th and 9th century BC.

c. On 18th of June 1992, when the ground near the Ram Janma Bhoomi was being levelled, at a depth of 12 ft, several beautifully carved buff sandstone objects were found. Amongst these objects were images of Vaishnav divinities. One sculpture showed "Parashuram," "Balram," also showed an image of "Shiv-Parvati (largely broken)." Many other sacred stones were found, these contained the Hindu Images of the Kushan Period (1st to 3rd Century A.D.).

d. During subsequent excavations at this site in July 1992, objects were found that belonged to a Hindu temple complex of about 11 th Century A.D. This observation was made by a team of 8 eminent archaeologists and historians. This team included Dr. Y. D. Sharma, former Deputy Director General of Archaeological Survey of India, and Prof. B. R. Grover, Director of Indian Council for Historical Research.

e. The destruction of Babri structure on Dec. 6, 1992, revealed many archaeological remains which irrefutably prove, that Babar's general Mir Baqi, who had supervised the destruction of Lord Ram's Temple and the subsequent construction of Babri-Masjid in its place, had utilized parts of the pre-existing Ram-Temple, in the construction of the Babri-Masjid. The remains of the Babri-Masjid include a temple bell, several intricate and detailed carvings, an image of Vishnu, and several other Hindu images.

f. The principal finding amongst the remains of the Babri-Masjid, is a 2 ft wide by 4.5 ft long buff sandstone tablet "SHILA LEKH" which bears an inscription in the Devanagri Script and in Sanskrit Language. The "Shila lekh" describes that an ancient Ram Mandir, existed at the site of "Ram Janma Bhoomi," at least dating back to the 12 th Century A.D. This temple was built by a Garhwal king named Raja Govindachandra.

g. The 4th line of this " Shila Lekh" specifically states that a temple of Lord Vishnu, exists at the "Janma Bhoomi Sthal". The 15th line of this "Shila Lekh" states that a massive, magnificent temple exists that dominates the landscape, it has steeples adorned with gold. The 17th line of the "Shila Lekh" specifically mentions the location as Ayodhya, the 19th line mentions "Vaman Avatar," and then specifically identifies Ram as the destroyer of evil Ravan.

16. Is there more archaeological evidence in support of Ram Janam Bhoomi? Yes, there certainly is. However, a description of additional evidence is beyond the scope of this message (I am omitting this evidence in order to keep this message from becoming too long).

17. Is there any other evidence in support of the Hindu Contention?

Yes, there is. The District Gazetteer of Faizabad, checked all the records accumulated by the British Regime in India, on this issue, and published its findings in 1960, this was during the regime of the Secular Congress Government in India. All the contributors to the District Gazetteer, declare with one voice, that the so-called Babri-Masjid, is standing at the site of the debris of a Ram-Janam-sthan temple, that was demolished by the order of Babur, in the year of 1528.

But the Moslems are hotly contesting the demolition of the Hindu Temple, saying that Islam would never do such a thing, that neither Babur, nor any other Moslem, would take into his head, to erect a mosque by displacing a temple. Some of the Moslems even go so far as to state, that such a mosque would not be a mosque, in the eyes of the Sharia (the Moslem Law), and the Moslems would themselves demolish it.

Inspite of the history and copious-evidence of the destruction of tens of thousands of Hindu Temples by the Moslem Rulers of India, the Moslems would not be convinced nor do they want to believe that Islam is Un-Civilized, nor do they accept that Islam does this kind of Barbarism. They are convinced that Islam is a religion of peace, and this kind of wanton destruction is alien to Islam, which is a religion of peace ( Islam, a Religion Of Peace. What A Joke? Islam's Lies are multiplying like Bunnies/Rabbits. It is time the Moslems embrace the reality of their religion).

If Islam is indeed a religion of peace, as its adherents claim, then why are they identifying themselves with a marauder, butcher, and invader like Babar. Yes, it is the same Babar who in his memoirs (Babar-Nama) says, "For Islam's Sake, I wandered in the wilds, I prepared for war with the Pagans and the Hindus, I resolved myself to meet the Martyr's Death. Thanks be to Allah, for Ghazi I became."

18. Was the Babri-Masjid deliberately built over the ruins of a Demolished Ram Temple?

An eminent historian, Sita Ram Goel, in his book "Hindu Temples," says "Undoubtedly Yes." Sita Ram Goel lists detailed proofs about the Hindu, Buddhists, and Jain temples that were destroyed by the Moslems, and the Mosques that were built on top of them, at the very same site. This was considered a sacred duty of the Moslem, as per the edicts of Quran. The concepts of Jihad, Kafirs, and Ghazis in the Quran, gave the Moslems the ultimate sanction, to carry out such destruction of the Kafir Places Of Worship. The constructiom of Mosques on top of these Kafir Places, was designed to proclaim the Supremacy Of Islam over the Hindus, Buddhists, and the Jains. The destruction of Ram Temple and the construction of Babri-Masjid on top of it, was no exception. Babar's own statement in his memoirs (Babar-Nama) confirms the mind-set of Babar.

19. Is there a secular solution to the dispute over the Ram-Temple?

Unfortunately, there is none. First, real secularism has never been practised in India. Secularism in India has always meant the appeasement of the minorities (an euphemism for Moslems and Christians). Secularism has also meant the adoption of Anti-Hindu policies, regardless of which party or which government is in power in India. The word "Secularism" in India is "As Phoney As A Three Dollar Bill."

20. Let no body in the world forget that Hindus have made serious attempts, for several centuries, to get back their sacred site by peaceful means. All these attempts have been frustrated, for no fault of the Hindus. Hindus have not insisted on getting back the tens of thousands of Hindu Temples, that were demolished by the Moslems and Mosques built on top of them. This Hindu Attitude is in itself a big enough, and generous enough gesture and concession, to the Moslems of India. If the Moslems do not appreciate this Great and Glorious Gesture, and expect the Hindus of India, to give up their claim on the temple of Lord Ram, then they are expecting a lot. It would amount to Hindus conceding to hideous-barbarism of Babar, it would mean conceding to barbarism at its worst.

21. Moslems and Apologists For Moslems, often say that Islam does not sanction the breaking of temples. Is there any truth in this conclusion?

None whatsoever. God alone knows what kind of pot these Hill-Billies are smoking. The truth is exactly the opposite. Islam is a monostrosity that entered India, and started raising its hell and havoc all across the length and breadth of India. Any body who says that Islam does not sanction the destruction of temples, ought to read the history of the world. He should also read the Quran. He should also read the statements of Moslem Kings, as well as the accounts of Moslem Historians, who accompanied the Moslem Kings on their military-campaigns, who have boastfully written about the destruction of tens of thousands of temples that each Moslem King brought down.

In the city of Mecca itself, Hazrat Mohammad himself ordered the wholesale destruction of all idols, except one, which was the Black Stone of Kaaba. Every Islamic Invader, Looter, and Murderer who came to India, followed the example of Hazrat Mohammad. They destroyed the Hindu Temples, drawing their inspiration from the divine sanction of Quran.

22. A Simple Question:

Let us ask ourselves a simple question: The Moslems of India want to build a mosque in honor of a Murderous Marauder like Babar. Would the Moslems of India or of Saudi Arabia, allow a Hindu Invader of Saudi Arabia, to build a temple at the site of, or close to the site if Kaaba? The answer is a FLAT-OUT NO.

Ram is as much meanigful to the Hindus as Allah is to Moslems. Babri-Masjid was built by Babar to tell the Hindus who the rulers were. By insisting on re-building the Babar-Masjid in our own time, the Moslems are trying to tell the Hindus, who the rulers are (that is the Moslems are the rulers and Hindus better accept the inferiority of their Hindu-Faith). This argument is bogus and totally un-acceptable to the Hindus.

However, the implications of this argument continue to resonate throughout the length and breadth of India.

Butcher-Babar gave a message to the Hindus, by constructing a Mosque on top of Lord Ram's Temple in the Holy City of Ayodhya. Hindus so far have not replied to this message, but are beginning to tell their Moslem Neighbors, to adjust their Fanatic-Attitude, or else the Tolerant Hindu Attitude could change, even if the adversary is a Fanatic-Moslem.

23. Is there any other historical example of the re-claim of a religious site?

Yes, there are plenty of similar examples.

When the Moors occupied Spain in the twelfth century, they not only demolished all the Churches, but also forcibly converted the entire population to Islam. However, when the Spaniards won back freedom in the sixteenth century, they not only demolished all the Mosques and erected Churches, but also forcibly de-converted / re-converted the entire population back to Christianity. No historian has ever commented adversely on either of these two reversal-episodes, still less called it wrong. When the Polish people won freedom in 1915 after about a hundred years of Russian slavery, they (even though they themselves were Christians) promptly demolished the massive Gothic Cathedral, that was built by the Russians in the Square of Warsaw. The Poles looked upon it as a monument of Russian victory, as a site of Polish Dishonor, and not as a worship place.




By S.P. Attri (USA)


24. Did the Hindus offer any option or flexibility to the Moslems, by way of compromise?

Yes, they certainly did. Following is a description of Hindu Options, offered to the Moslems, all these options had been offered by the Hindus, prior to the date of 6 Dec 1992, the date of destruction of the Babri-Masjid by the Hindus:

Muslims should hand over the Babri structure as a goodwill gesture to Hindus. The Babri-Masjid is un-used, it has no religious significance to the Moslems whatsoever. In fact, of the 26 Mosques that exist in the city of Ayodhya, only half are in use for offering Namaz (Moslem Prayer), the rest are un-used, and are in bad shape. Hence this is not an un-reasonable request. If this is not acceptable, then this Non-Functional Mosque (that is, the Babri-Masjid) should be re-located. The religious urges of the Moslems can just as well be fulfilled, if the Mosque has been built elsewhere, there are all kinds of empty grounds in the city of Ayodhya, and all these are available to the Moslems for their site of a Mosque, at no cost to the Moslems (the Hindus are willing to pay the cost).

Are there any precedents of re-location, especially precedents of re-location in Islamic-Countries themselves?

Yes, there certainly are. There are plenty of historical precedents for this kind of re-location, in Islamic-Countries. Hundreds of mosques in other Islamic countries, have been relocated for minor reasons, such as road expansion. So there is ample precedent for this kind of re-location. Since the location of Ram Janam-Bhoomi (Birth-Place Of Lord Ram) cannot be changed, the temple cannot be moved. But the Mosque can certainly be moved, as it has no special religious significance to the Moslems. It can be relocated to another site, the same way as Abu Simbel temple in Egypt, was moved out of the way of the Aswan Dam. Hindus offered to the Moslems, that they shall bear all the re-location expenses.

Some Shia (one of the two branches of Islam) Leaders had agreed to this re-location plan. But the most important Moslem Leaders did not, and stated that all such re-locations proposals were futile. About the only concession they were willing to make, was to allow a Ram-Temple next to the Babri-Masjid. The message implicit in this reply, is that they would not give up the sign of Moslem-Conquest, and would want to look down upon the Hindu and his Hindu Temple, as an insult to the Hindus. This is what Islam requires them to do. According to numerous Islamic Fatwas, any Moslem who does not degrade or disgrace a Kafir (Non-Moslem Infidel), his Islam is counterfeit, and highly-suspect.

However, the Hindus of today refuse to buy the concept, that Moslems have any special rights over the Non-Moslems, including the right to insult a Kafir-Hindu.

25. Is Hindu Demand Unique and only "One Of A Kind," or have Vandalized Sites, in other parts of the world, been sought to be recovered?

Answer: Hindu Demand is neither unique, nor off-beat. Hindu Demand is well-represented in the history of the world.

When Spaniards re-took Spain in the sixteenth century after 400 years of Moors slavery, they not only demolished all the Mosques, specially those that had been built on the foundations of their Churches, but had also de-converted/re-converted all the Muslims of Spain back to Christianity. The Russian-Built Oriental Orthodox Cathedral, in the Square of Warsaw, was pulled down by the Poles in 1915 (even though the Poles themselves were Christians), when the Poles won their country back, after 100 years of Russian rule in their country.

No historian has ever commented adversely on these, still less called them wrong.

If we look further at the history of the world, for analogical situations, we would observe that for a period of over 300 years, Christian crusaders from Europe invaded Jerusalem. They did this to reclaim the land and birth-place (Bethlehem) of Jesus Christ from the clutches of Muslims. The Christian Crusaders launched this campaign, in spite of the fact that Muslims honor Jesus Christ as one of the Holy-Prophets, and Moslems never threatened nor violated the sanctity of Bethlehem, they did not even demolish anything of Jesus's birth place.

26. Is the demand for the return of Ram Janam-Bhoomi, a forerunner to the demand for the return of tens of thousands of Hindu Temples, that were vandalized by the Moslems, in centuries gone by?

The answer is an Emphatic No. The reason is very simple, the Hindus are not looking for revenge, they are looking for justice. The Hindus want only the return of three religious sites that have been sacred to the Hindus for ages. The VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad ) has stated clearly that they (Hindus) are not looking for revenge.

Moslems should realize and understand, what kind of message they are sending, by insisting upon the occupation of our sacred places.

This is an occupation that was started by Fanatics and Murderers like Butcher-Babar and Nasty-Tyrant Aurangzeb. We Hindus do not like to think of our Moslem Compatriots, as heirs and followers of such Barbaric-Invaders and Barbaric-Butchers. But it is upto the Moslems to make a reciprocal-gesture of goodwill, that will signify a formal break with the past, the past that is so painful.

27. What is the rationale of those who state (mischievously) that no destruction of Ram-Temple ever took place at Ayodhya? What are they trying to accomplish?

What these people are trying to do, is to create confusion in the mind of the Hindus.

Mr. Shahabuddin, who is the most vocal spokesman of the Babri-Masjid, stated that he would be the first person, to lay the first brick for constructing the Ram Temple, if it can be proved that Babri-Masjid stands on the remains of Ram Temple.

But when indisputable evidence was provided to Shahabuddin, that Babri-Masjid was constructed on top of Demolished Ram-Temple, then he wiggled out of his commitment, he started demanding that it should be established beyond doubt that, Ram actually took birth at that place. He conveniently over-looked the fact, that Lord Ram has been celebrated at exactly that very place, for thousands of years, even during the harshest Moslem Rule in India.

Of course, the arguments of Shahabuddin and of other Moslems Leaders, keep changing as per the needs of the situation of the moment.

First, the historicity of Lord Ram is questioned. When that is proved, then the concept of Lord Ram as Maryada-Purshottam is questioned. When that is proved, then they deny that Lord Ram was ever born in Ayodhya. When that is proved, then the Moslems start saying that Ayodhya where Lord Ram was born, is not the Ayodhya where present day Ayodhya is located. And so on and on.

28. The great Hindu Writer and Scholar, Dr. N.S. Rajaram asks the following question, which is very fitting to the understanding of the Dispute Over Ram-Temple In Ayodhya:

Who gave Babar the Right ( that is the right to destroy Ram-Temple and build a Babri-Masjid on top of it)?

The answer to Dr. Rajaram's Question exposes not only the Illegality, but also the False-Hood of Moslems-Claim to the site of Ram-Temple.

Butcher-Babar violated the UN (United Nations) Charter 475 years ago. No body gave Babar the right to demolish Ram Temple. It is the power of his conquering-army that enabled him to desecrate the sacred examplars of Hinduism, to violate the UN Charter, and to get away with his High-Crime with impunity. Babar was no civilized dude, he was a Barbarian, a Fanatic-Moslem, and by his own admission a Ghazi (murderer of Non-Moslem Infidels/Kafirs.

According to Islamic theology, a "Momin (that is a Believer)" becomes a "Mujahid (Holy Warrior)" when he wages wars against the "Kafirs (Non-Moslem Infidels)," he becomes a "Ghazi" when he kills the Kafirs. Babar considered himself a Ghazi. There can be no doubt, that Babar regarded the substitution of the temple by a Mosque as a dutiful and worthy action". By conducting his barbaric slaughter and wanton destruction, he was out to prove that Moslem-God is superior to the Hindu-God.

Whereas Ram Janam-Bhoomi is sacred to the Hindus, it is of no consequence to the Moslems, they have nothing but contempt for this Kafir-Site, and no self-respecting Moslem can tolerate the existence of a Kafir-Site at or near a Moslem Mosque.

Does it mean that Hindus should accept the legitimacy of Babri-Masjid at the site of Ram Janam-Bhoomi? Not at all. Hindus have no reason to either accept or tolerate the usurpation of their Sacred-Site, by an Invading Barbarian. Hindus want justice and peace, but cannot surrender to Babar's Imperialism.

29. Would the Americans accept the building of a mosque on top of the Statue Of Liberty, by some one like Osama Bin Laden? Would the British accept the building of a mosque on top of the Westminster Abbey? The answer is an Emphatic No. Have the French preserved or tolerated the Nazi monuments at Versailles? No, they have not.

Then how can the Hindus be expected to accept/tolerate the existence of Babri-Masjid on top of Lord Ram's Janam-Bhoomi, the site that is so sacred to the Hindus. It is a matter of common observation that self-respecting nations or self-respecting groups of people, do not allow the symbols of national humiliation or national shame to stand. If Hindus accept this Structure Of Shame (the Babri-Masjid), then it would mean that Hindus Have No Self-Respect.

30. It is also worth observing that the birth-places of lesser mortals, such as Gandhi, Nehru, Sardar Patel, and Jai Prakash Narain, have been converted into National Monuments. Then what logic can any one use to question the legitimacy and validity, of constructing a Ram-Temple at the site of his Birth-Place?

In addition to this outrage against the Hindus, innocent Ram-Bhakts (Followers Of Lord Ram) are being prevented from going to Ayodhya, which the Hindus regard as their Holy-Land. Ayodhya is under a security-blanket.

But the Moslems of India are Not being prevented from visiting Mecca, which the Moslems regard as their Holy-Land. Nor are the Christians of India, being prevented from visiting Jerusalem, which the Christians regard as their Holy-Land. Then why are the Hindus being given a Step-Motherly Treatment, by the government of India. What kind of secularism is being practised in India?

31. Some experts on the subject are proposing that it is time for the Supreme Court to take a position on the issue. What they fail to realize is that courts can decide on matters of property and on title suits, they cannot decide on matters of faith. So why are these so-called secular-experts deluding themselves, that the courts can resolve this 475-year old dispute. Have they lost their minds?

Relative to the role of the courts, the former Law Minister Ram Jethamalani says, the courts are unlikely to make a dramatic judgement. He says that the Supreme Court is most likely to ask the government to maintain the status quo and ensure law and order. In the meantime, tempers are rising in the political circles of India.

Besides, does any body really believe that the Supreme Court would rule in favor of the Hindus? If any Hindu Judge awards the title of the disputed site to the Hindus, then he will face being branded as a "Hindu Fundamentalist." Or if there is a Moslem Judge who decides this case, then would he ever award the title to the Hindus? The answer is a Flat-No.

For the Moslem Community, it is a win-win situation. If it wins the case in the court, then it can have the last laugh. If it loses the case in the courts, it can always say that the BJP government has bought the judges.

32. What is the Role Of Secularism in the resolution of the Ram-Temple Dispute? True Secularism has never been practiced in India. What is practised in India is Pseudo-Secularism (or Phoney-Liberalism) and its role in the resolution of the Ram-Temple Dispute, is entirely negative. Secularism of India has succeeded in reducing Hindus to second-class citizens in their own land. In the land of India, where two aggressive major world religions ( Islam and Christianity), having access to billions of dollars, are avowedly bent upon converting all the Hindus of India into their respective religious folds, what chance do the non-aggressive Hindu religionists have for their survival?

The way things are being run in India, Secularism has come to mean, protecting the rights of minorities (euphemism for Moslems and Christians) at the cost of the majority (the Hindus). To all intents and purposes, Secularism means Minoritism. However, this attitude of favoring the Moslems, and of opposing the Hindus, is not without its consequences, it is bound to fuel the anger of the Hindu.

Secularism smells of hypocrisy, it is an attitude of cowardice, and of ignorance of history and of the lessons of history. Was any of these Secularists or Pseudo-Secularists around when Mohammad Ghazni invaded India at least thirteen times, smashed the idols inside the temple of Somnath, took the pieces of idols to his home town in Arabia, to trample over them, for the glory of Islam? Was there any Pseudo-Secularist around to observe the long barbaric rule of Moslem Kings in India, when 63000 plus of our sacred Hindu Shrines were demolished by the Moslems, for the glory of Islam?

But these episodes of history mean nothing to the Pseudo-Secularists, they are not convinced by this evidence, they would rather see the country reduced to ashes than submit to the arguments of reason. For these Pseudos, bashing the Hindu has become an end in itself. There seems to be no limit to their pig-headedness. It has not caught their imagination, that their Pig-Headedness is driving the frustrated Hindus to desperation.

33. Regardless of what Phoney-Image of the Hindus the Sullas (Moslems) and the Phoney-Liberals concoct, it is an established fact of life that Hindus cannot forget Lord Ram. For Sullas (Moslems), Ayodhya is not about religion, it is about power. For Hindus, Ram-Temple is not about Power at all, for Hindus Ram-Temple is a place of Innate Spiritual Power, it is a site of Dharma (Righteousness), it is the greatest symbol of Hinduism, it is the site of our Greatest King, Maryada-Purshottam Bhagwan (Lord) Ram.

For the Sullas (Babar Ki Aulad/Descendents Of Babar), it is a question of supplanting a Kafir-Hindu Site by a memorial to Butcher-Babar. Hindus can never accept that, Hindus will never accept that, and Hindus will Never submit to the barbarism of Butcher-Babar...Never, Never, Never.

The temple of Bhagwan Ram is the symbol of Hindu Identity, of Hindu Optimism, of Hindu Power, of Hindu Future, and of Hindu Rashtra. No Self-Respecting Hindu can forget Ayodhya, nor can he lose sight of the Temple Of Lord Ram over there. The enemies of Hinduism can keep throwing Monkey-Wrenches in the way of Ram Temple construction, but they cannot make the Hindu forget either Bhagwan (Lord) Ram or his Temple. In fact, the more the enemies of Hinduism, try to stop the construction of Ram-Temple, the more determined it will make the Hindus, to go ahead with the completion of this temple.

As a matter of fact as time marches on, more and more Hindus are concluding that they can get their Holy Site of Ram-Temple, only through armed struggle. Many Hindus are openly saying that no peace can come without war. They are reciting tell-tale instances of history, that it took a world war to reign in Germany. It took much bloodshed to carve out a pakistan, and east pakistan (present-day Bangladesh) out of India. Similarly, Ram-Temple Site shall not be re-gained without a resolute action of the same magnitude.

It is reasonable to conclude, therefore, that denial of justice to the Hindus cannot but harden the stand of the Hindu, it shall only strengthen his resolve to fight it out, with his enemies.

34. To sum up: Hindus have a very strong case with respect to Ram-Temple in Ayodhya. Moslems have no case at all, all that they are doing is, carrying on their hideous vindictiveness and hatred against us Kafir-Hindus, asserting their customary position, that theirs is the only true religion, all other religions (Hindus included) are going to hell, and shall be roasted in the terrible fires of Islamic-Hell.

Since Sullas (Moslems) go by the Perverse Standards Of Islam, they are giving more importance to the memorial of a Barbarian-Invader (Butcher-Babar) than to the Temple of Maryada-Purshottam Lord Ram. For the Hindus, to construct Ram-Temple is to assert Dharma (Righteousness). Not to construct Ram-Temple, is to assert Adharma (Un-Righteousness), it is akin to worshipping Ravan in place of Maryada-Purshottam Shri Ram, it is highly insulting to our Hinduism. For a Self-Respecting Hindu, therefore, the issue of Ram-Temple in Ayodhya, is Not Negotiable.

Self-Respecting Hindus should know that for centuries, the Sullas (who are Savage-Brutes) have reserved for themselves, the right to do anything that they damn-please, against the Non-Moslem Infidels (whom they refer to as the Kafirs), to lie, cheat, kill, murder, pillage, plunder, destroy and demolish their sacred examplars. Moslems still have the same Jehadic-Passion to strike us Kafir-Hindus with Ferocity. Let it be understood clearly by every Hindu in the world, that we Hindus have absolutely no other choice, but to confront the Sullas, and retaliate with suitable aggressiveness. If we don't take this kind of resolute retaliatory-action, then you can be sure that Sullas will soon be sitting with their pistols, aimed directly at our Hindu-Heads.