Article 465

Date: 4/5/2002


MOHAMMEDANS have put the world on tenterhooks.

The PLO ought to be settled in ARAB lands. There should be NO refugee, the cause of strife. Palestinian Partition is as final as that of INDIA.

Where is the world about the right of HINDUS returning to West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal?

It is amazing that not a word about the HINDU refugees from West Punjab but there is all the talk about the Palestinian refugees.

How much area of the earth is under the foot of MOAHMMEDANS? Why is this so?

What is the area under the foot of the JEWS in comparison? Why is this area so little?

Through centuries the Jews have been persecuted while the Mohammedans have only been advancing on earth in glory and victory. Should they not be made to SHRINK?

To be fair, the land under Jewish control should be the same SIZE as the land under the Mohammedans?

How is that for fairness and justice, all you "sons" of Mohammed?

Hopefully the dead Hindu will come back to life- not only in AYODHYA but also in LAHORE and DHAKA