Date: 4/5/2002


MOHAMMEDANS have put the world on tenterhooks. Having conquered and occupied nearly one quarter of the earth's surface, having MASSACRED, raped and FORCIBLY CONVERTED millions upon millions of human beings, having DEGRADED the natives in five continents, alienating them from their own MOTHER TONGUES, separating them from their own gods, scriptures and history, they still want MORE LAND. They still want to reduce the tiny State of Israel in size.

Mohammedans are like the BEASTS with insatiable appetite for LAND, land and more land.

Look at them, locked horns with the Hindus in 1947. The latter bought peace from the "bastar**" only after SURRENDERING FIVE PROVINCES. Did the Hindus get peace? Ask all those killed in North and South Kashmir. Ask those 58 burnt to death on train by the Mohammedan gangsters in Gujarat last month.

Look at them, locked horns with the tiny Jewish State of Israel and shamelessly threatening the Jewish State with extinction and offering peace for land.

Perhaps they think of the FREE, DEMOCRATIC and SECULAR world, as DAMN FOOLS who have still not learnt their lesson.

What peace from those who do not know the meaning of peace? Everyone is the ENEMY of Mohammed. Peace is always one step away, never attained, never attainable.

What peace has India got from Pakistan? What peace have the Hindus bought from the Mohamedans who should not even be seen in PARTITIONED India?

As soon as a country is "killed" or DESTROYED, the "halaal" way, state of war returns before real peace has a chance to appear.

In MISCHIEF the whole world of Islam is united. The EAST Bengali road sweeper joined the Taliban in Afghanistan, became a Jehadi in South Kashmir and he is also willing to go on Jehad against Israel.

So is the drug addict in Pakistan for want of a better idea on how to spend time. The poor farmer in Syria, fed up with three wives and eleven children, too, is ready for Jehad agsint Isreal. So is the loafer in Paris high on dope. The Brotherhood of Islam in North America is ready to go out of their way to help PLO and so are the Mohammedans on the dole in England.

The whole lot are one nation sans frontiers. Yet none is on hand to accommodate a PLO refugee in his own country not even in Pakistan where every Mohammedan rascal could occupy ten homes vacated by the Hindus in 1947.

How they wiped out the HINDUS from Pakistan! And they were not just two million like the PLO lot. They were TENS OF MILLIONS in number. But neither America nor Europe stood up on their behalf.

Why is this so? Is the world terrified of Mohammedan bullies, gangsters and Jehadis? How much of land is the World of Islam willing to concede to the Jews, to the Hindus, the Buddhists?

How much of freedom are the MOHAMMEDANS willing to concede to the HINDUS in East Bengal, Iran and Sindh?

When will they vacate LAHORE in favour of the Sikhs?

The PLO ought to be taken out of Israel and settled down in ARAB lands. There are vast ARAB countries that must be forced by the UNO to open up their doors to their FELLOW MUSLIMS. But it appears that in the world of Islam fellow Muslims can go to hell, stay in mud huts or refugee camps for generations and live in squalor and misery for ever, or so long as they are willing to FIGHT and get killed or blow themselves up killing the others. KILLING is a Mohammedan's most favourite pastime. Seducing, abducting and raping non Muslim girls come next.

How is it that the world does not hear of a HINDU refugee from North Kashmir, West Punjab and EAST Bengal? Let us find them out. Let us take up their cause, too, to RETURN TO THEIR HOMES where they had lived for centuries before the Devil of ISLAM STRUCK.

Was NO Hindu thrown out of Lahore? If the rest of India still lives in the TERROR OF ISLAM, is it not for the world to encourage the HINDUS to speak up for their own LAND, too?

Land is sacred to all, not only to PLO. So GET UP you partisan America and Europe. Speak up for the HINDU refugees of 1947 as much as you speak up for the Palestinian refugees of 1948.

May God give ISRAEL the determination to tell this PARTISAN world to "GET LOST!" or "GO TO HELL!"

There should be NO PLO refugee on earth. Mohammedans produce and produce and then THROW THEIR OFFSPRING AT THE DOOR OF THE WORLD TO FEED. How many million Afghans are there to be fed by the tax payers in America and Europe?

How many Albanian Mohammedans are on the run in E.U.?

How many millions of BOGUSdeshi MOHAMMEDANS are on the run or at large in PARTITIONED India today? ANY COUNT?

The PLO refugees are NOT being settled down elsewhere despite the misery and suffering of the Palestinians which does not move any Arab heart, but being kept alive ONLY as the cause of perpetual strife in Middle East.

Palestinian Partition should be as final as that of INDIA. To highlight MUSLIM refugees, be they Arabs or Mohammed's whiskers, is to INSULT all the HINDU refugees from Pakistan which was born in bloodshed in 1947.

Where is the world about the right of HINDUS returning to West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal? Why don't the BBC World and CNN televisions reporting on them?

It is amazing that not a word about the HINDU refugees from West Punjab but there is all the talk about the Palestinian refugees.

How much area of the earth is under the foot of MOHAMMEDANS? Why is this so?

What is the area under the JEWS in comparison? Why is this area so little?

Through centuries the Jews have been persecuted while the Mohammedans have only been advancing on earth in glory and victory. Should they not be made to SHRINK on earth, too?

To be fair, the land under Jewish control should be the same in SIZE as the land under the Mohammedans?

How is THAT for fairness and justice, all you "sons" of Mohammed and the Rest of the World?

Hopefully the dead Hindu will come back to life- not only in AYODHYA but also in LAHORE and DHAKA.