Date: 4/5/2002


......Husband has right to beat wife: Dubai court

..................Dubai, March 31

A Dubai court has ruled that a husband has the right to beat his wife "in order to discipline her" -- provided that the beating is not so severe as to damage her bones or deform her body.

The Dubai Court of Cassation also said that a wife may ask her husband for a divorce if he injures her, either by word or action, Gulf News reported.

The court allowed a married woman, who was beaten up by her husband, to divorce him. The court also ordered the man to pay a monthly maintenance of 2,000 Dhirhams, besides the remaining amount of her dowry - 5,000 Dhirhams. She has also been granted custody of their two sons.

The woman, in her lawsuit, asked that she be permitted to divorce her husband because he often beat her in front of her children and the maid.

She claimed her husband beat her on different parts of her body and used an electric cable, or a piece of wood. Sometimes he would hit her head against the wall and slap her.