Date: 4/7/2002


Look, a section of Talibanised media in PARRTITIONED BLEEDING INDIA is sending him threats of "Giving Farewell".



"First I thought they were corrupt -later in the next step I observe they have most probably become Pimps [remember teh...e...lka]

Dear All Countrymen

Just now I had an small gufta-goo [small tarkshasthra] giving me farwell.

These people should think they can only criticise every body, write editorials, write anti Hindu articles, make cartoons-but nobody should critricise them. They are Holy Angels and all are Devils. They think it is their birth right.

For a letter from me their thinking is so voilant and words so harsh-it tells their character and small mentality.

Is the Nation safe in their hands? will be a question that will come in ones mind.

If one thinks he can criticise the other, then he should accept criticism in turn, too.

This group ends up with a message, saying farwell to me- God knows what they are hinting at- may be planning "to eliminate me".

a] People say it is all history. If in the following cases - same peoples logic is applicable saying it is history-on the grounds of History -why not plan to close the following pending cases resulting is savings in addition to other costs involved.

Pendind cases: 31.12.1997=31,81,613. Cses pending will take 365 yrs to settle!!!!!!!

Cost saved => Rs 7954,03,25,000.00 plus other costs, time.

If Ayodha is historical case.

Three cases classic examples

a] One prisnor was let off after several years- most probably after more than 20 years who refuse to go out saying he has no place to go [CALCUTTA]

b] There was case registered in 1958 for a paltry amount of Rs 500/- kept under suspension till 1980 [most probably] the court went against the prosecution- for Rs 500/- no work was done by the suspended employee for over 20 years =without work got all the benifits [psu case].

c] i} Mujko math dubaiye- Hum garv se kahthe hain HUM HINDU HAIN-Humari ekh Itihas hai,ekh Sanskrithi hai-Humne Kisi par Gandi Nazar nahin dala-magar humare vasool par koi Hath RAKTHA HAI THO Hum Parshuram ka Roop Dharan Karlethe hain.=Shri Mujkun Dubey j- REF your article in the Hindu "-every word is insulting every Hindu. - the last refuge and for survival- abuse the Hindus indirectly by abusing The RSS etc- when people are in hey day they donot contribute and the Paper The Hindu gives them refuge[ref 22.3.2002 editorial].

ii} Report about Minorities agreeing All India Muslim Backward Morcha suggests handing over the Ayodhya to Hindus- the suggestion gets a small coverage but a statement by RSS supremo gets prominant news coverage-People should understand who does not want the problem to be solved.

If the suggestion happens = The editorial will be Minorities were magnanimus-all said and done problem will get solved.

iii] Surpreme court judgement saying nothing wrong in handing over the Sacred Carved Stones outside the dispute area gets coloured coverage with different heading where as the earlier judgement gets a front page coverage.

iv] Price of Hindu one report says that to beat the competition of Another paper the price is being charged at Rs 3.25-at the cost of Chennaites [further checking in process].Why should people of Chennai suffer.

It is like Robbing Paul to pay Peter. Why this discrimination ?

Why should the people get descriminated and pay Rs0.95 more.Print more quality news instead of Hindu Bashing-circulation will increase.

This price descrimination should be fully checked and help the people of Chennai.

This should be raised in all the forums.People of Chennai should not be exploited.

v] Finally- Has nice institution JNU become a Kitchdi Pot of Pseduo seculars and Talibanised Media to cook anti Hindu propoganda forum. It is observed all the or most of the Editorials published By "The Hindu" are the writers from JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University).

The Institution should be saved from this pseudo secular onslaught and Anti Hindu Propoganda churning machine.

The Vice Chanclor should realise this and see that the educational Institutions is misused for Anti-Hindu Missile Launching pad.

vi ] The Minority pampering and too much Minoritism and pseudo Secularism has made even the Hindu Priests to come out who are Great Parshuramas.

Therefore my dear sister and brothers think about the above.Who knows time may force them to act?

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history"