Date: 4/7/2002



She was created through HIGH TREASON and rests on the foundation of BLOOD & BONES of the innocent HINDUS massacred on its territory in 1947. Her profane and FILTHY birth was accompanied by the wails and cries of the innocent Hindu and SIKH girls being gang raped by FILTHY Mohnammedan gangsters in towns and villages across the land in 1947.

She has had a rotten manner of growth and life since her illegimitate birth. She has been ruled and misruled by Army and Feudalistic MAFIA style parties and gangsters.

Pakistan is now dissolving under the weight of its own stupidity and SIN. Bharat should be there to RECOVER it and herself become AKHAND BHARAT once again. UNITED India must once again stretch from KHYBER to CHITTAGONG after wiping out the MUSLIM MISCHIEF and the MOHAMMEDAN HIGH TREASON from history.

Having a new Afghanistan BUT PUTTING HER BACK UNDER THE SAME ISLAMIC CONSTITUTION is hardly a good news for the Hindu India.

America is not insisting on SECULAR constitution in their case as they are in the case of India- as they were in the case of JAPAN in 1945. We must understand their motivation and their reason for this.

These ISLAMIC seeds are meant to grow into POISONOUS TREES once again.

So when Pakistan falls, a virile HINDU WORLD TO THE EAST ought to snatch it quickly rather than let Uncle Sam recreate another kind of monster with a view to finish off the Hindus later.

Another point of danger is the Mohammedan beast called BANGLADESH, an artificially created enemy of Secularism and Decency, in order to tackle India from the EAST.

Myanmar and Hindustan ought to unite in order to smash the Mohammedan citadel standing between them. The damn thing is "Made By West".

But for such strategic thinking we need men. At present we see none in the crushed world of the Hindu THAT IS ITSELF DISSOLVING UNDER THE WEIGHT OF ITALY & ISLAM. What a SHAME! What an irony!

Who will prevent the eventual DEATH OF HINDU IN DELHI? He has already died in North Kashmir and EAST Bengal. The Sikh has died in LAHORE, GUJRANWALA AND RAWALPINDI.

The PAGANS are PERISHING and the DAMN FOOLS are not aware of it. It is time to spread AWARENESS among them rapidly before it is too late.