Date: 4/7/2002


Here is a comment on the anti RSS outburst by one Dr. Rao, whose attack is one of the countless attacks on the Hindus (by Hindus themselves) these days. The writer speaks for himself and not for the RSS:

First thing is that the RSS carries the responsibility of giving as much weightage to the Hindu feelings as possible. What the US or US press would think is a secondary consideration. I do concede that this may be more important for our diaspora. But the priority is that RSS cannot neglect the anger of Gujarati Hindus at the deliberate, well planned horrible outrage on innocent women, children and men at Godhra. If RSS had condemned Hindus or the subsequent riots in Gujarat, it would have been equating the torchers of Godhra with the people who were enraged en masse from Vanavasis to City dwellers. [Everyone seems to forget that there would have been no reaction had it not been for Godhra]

Secular press might do it, but RSS cannot condemn Hindus. They have to show that they care for the feelings of Hindus of Gujarat and understand their righteous indignation. Otherwise, it would amount to leaving the Hindus in the lurch at the crucial time. RSS has done just the right thing.

Second thing is actually quite crude but important and downright necessary to understand the meaning behind the resolution. For that one has to delve in the history of communal riots in India. I do not know about Dr. Rao, but we have seen those days when about 2 million Hindus were massacred and many more displaced. All were unsuspecting innocent victims. Well, the riots stopped magically after the assassination of M. Gandhi. Whatever gullible people may say, the reason was a bit different. The reason was the riots in Bihar and Delhi.

I remember at the time of Delhi riots, almost all Congress leaders most probably were disgusted with Gandhiji's attitude even after the holocaust and partition out of Delhi, and left Delhi wisely. Later Gandhiji's fast ended with an agreement reached between Muslims represented by Abdul Kalam Azad and Hindus but resulted in his assassination. One should study the conditions which were put by Gandhiji in the agreement which he forced Hindus to sign. In the Delhi riots thousands of Mulsims were killed and his subsequent assassination signalled one thing that Hindus can resist and stand by it - in spite of whatever Hindu resurgence had to suffer.

We have the history of how Bengalis suffered at the Muslims onslaught in those times (and even now). As against Punjab, where Muslims met a stiff resistance by RSS, I repeat, RSS swayamsevaks, who saved countless Hindus.

In recent times, we know why Bhiwandi, Mumbai and Surat are calm inspite of sizeable population of Muslims in these cities. Because Hindus had retorted to the Muslim affronts and killings in much higher proportion.

This actually proves the claim of Natenyahu - Ex Prime Minister of Israel which he voiced in his last interview with BBC - The only remedy to overcome the terrorism is to make the terrorists realise that they have to pay a very high price for their acts. [sulekha poster adds - I might add that this is the same threat that the Indian Army is now using against Pakistan -- the threat of a much larger retaliation by India and the heavy price Pakistan would have to pay for an act of terrorism in India. The low-cost proxy war would now be no longer a low-cost war nor a proxy war.]

There is no other alternative for this drastic remedy. Netanyahu had pointed out that the Madarassas are indoctrinating Muslim children right from KG class and those who graduate from them think that they have full spiritual backing for what they are doing. [sulekha poster adds - This is exactly what is happening in remote parts of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bengal, UP, Assam, not to mention J&K. A recent issue of India Today, Indian edition, had an article on this phenomenon of mushrooming madarssas. And the fact that even the BJP govt wasn't doing anything against it led to people taking matters into their own hands by destroying many madarassas/mosques which had had fiery visiting mullahs -- mullahs coming from outside Gujarat]

Prof. Rao has also referred to the RSS being not the representative of Hindus. This is a typical secularist argument. One objection is "Then why they are so much worried about RSS and are writing about RSS day in day out?" The answer is they themselves know that RSS is voicing the suppressed feelings of Hindu society if not in entirety at least a very major part of it. This chunk of soceity accepts and supports the leadership of whoever understands their mind and represents it PUBLICLY and BOLDLY. Shivsena did it and it headed the Hindus who had come down to streets in 1993 (Mumbai) to protect themselves from torching and killing Muslims and the Police who were forced into apathy by the policy of the Congress. In the same way Hindus had supported Gandhiji during freedom struggle and now they follow RSS, Shivsena, and other like-minded organisations.

When I say feelings, I must also include the anguish and rage at being treated like a spineless sheep which has no importance in the eyes of Muslims or the media.

So, Muslims think, Hindus are to be killed, burnt and still must sing the song of peace and brotherhood for those people who will repeat the same thing shortly at another place. Now my question, who will say this looking straight in the eye of the hypocrites. RSS did it. In fact, they must have had all the first hand reports of the riots. RSS had no other go. They had spoken the truth.

Remember, condemnation of Hindus i.e. of the riots in rest of Gujarat would have written off RSS from the eyes of those angry Hindus as a secularist organization. It may not be very political in the eyes of our media or many scholars but it was necessary.

Do you remember any condemnation of Godhra or real regret by any Muslim leader or for that matter the very people who are raising hue and cry? They give the matter the same consolation which they give to everyday news of Hindus being killed in Kashmir - a shortest lip service & that too not by everybody.

We should really take a look at the American media which is giving wide publicity to the riots. I do not ever remember when American media was really fair to Hindus - I speak the truth - Hindus and their feelings. The popular supposition spread by British that the real Indian History began with Muslims has not been dislodged from the American mind. If one follows closely the BBC, one would know how British people are spreading poison against Hindus and Hindu organisations. Same line is being toed in the New World. The recent changes in their policies are due to the economic reasons and due to our diaspora working hard there for it.

One must also get a good perspective of international contemporary politics. Bush was repeating that his war was not against Muslims. Then why is it that Muslims across the world, including those in Malegaon and places in India, Malaysia and Indonesia were protesting strongly against America's so called War on terrorism. This is one side.

Just compare America with Hindus. You will find Hindus have not reacted as strongly as US has done. Godhra was an attack on Hindus and Hindu psyche, humiliating it just as US was attacked. I am sure, hardly anybody except perhaps NY times would have said it was wrong on the part of US to react the way it did. Were innocent Afghan citizens the culprits? This is the price of terrorism the world is paying for its TOLERANCE. [sulekha poster adds -- how do you think American citizens and the American media would have acted if some Muslims had burnt an Amtrak bogie-load of white Americans?]

Most important point is, it had to be told to Muslims by somebody firmly that it was their doing that is making them to suffer the Hindu wrath and their best interests lie in the goodwill of the majority which they must take care to maintain. Now who would do it? All other parties are treating them with a gossamer touch and pandering to their every fanatical whim spoiling them to the utmost. There is no one voice to represent Hindus like Christians who have Pope or Muslims on whose behalf extremist leaders like Imam talk. For Hindus, it had to be RSS.

Paradoxically, US support to Israel's recent aggression really speaks volumes. On the same principles on which our friends rejects R.No.3, US should have advised Israel to be peaceful and condemned their attack.

How come such a double standard against India?

We must drop this self-flagellating mentality and boldly speak out. We must also write how the Islam is teaching violence from which Muslims cannot, rather do not, distance themselves. Particularly those commands which teach violence against non-Muslims and promise them extremely sensual pleasures in the other world. In this connection the study of Koran by Hindu scholars is necessary. It will also enlighten one's mind about the Muslims - what do they do and why so and for generations. One could find enough material in Anwar Shaikh's books. Or Ibn Warraq's in USA.

In the end, let me point out that the blitzkrieg of propaganda against BJP/RSS/VHP has been unleashed by English Media for the last more than one month. On TV channels they are mentioning only Muslims as the victims, which is incorrect. The riots have claimed victims from both sides. A number of Hindus have been killed by Muslims and in the Police firing. The figures are carefully avoided. The media in India is totally sold out. Our protest letters are not published by anybody.