Date: 4/10/2002


At a banquet in some TRULY DEMOCRATIC land in Europe, a few NRI'S were enjoying whisky/soda and appreciating each other's cars and palaces.

All was well till one NRI, spotting a new arrival from BHARAT MATA, tactlessly remarked, "I wish you guys noticed a few things over there, things like having an ITALIAN BORN female of BOFORS CHOR as the next prime minister."

At this the Indian visitor flared up. "We are all right. We care a damn whether the President is a bhangi, his wife from Myanmar, Ayodhya temple remains a disputed ruin or the Governor is a Mohammedan. All is well. It is only YOU guys out here who are stirring up the trouble,"

Then he concluded his outburst by saying, "Why don't YOU go and apeak up OVER THERE? By the way the dual nationality has been sanctioned and also restrictions on remittance of money either way by NRI's lifted. Jai Hind!"

At this point some NRI's took the 'man from PARTITIONED Insia to the bar for more whisky. That was the end of dialogue on Bharat.

The rebuked NRI came home and posted this mail on the web. He hopes to reach the whole of India, if not the world, by the miracle of computer which are the price of diamonds in Hindustan where the ruling establishment HATES 'ease of communication' lest the people become aware and throw the "GANDHIS" into the cesspit of history. Instead, the ruling establishment wish to keep the PEOPLE OF INDIA in the cesspit for ever.

The NRI does want to go back but what constituency does he have there? Any speech against Sonia, Italy, Islam or KHAN will be heckled and shouted down, and in the ensuing commotion some "BANDIT NEHRU'S BRAINWASHED AULAAD" will simply jump on the stage and stab him to death and then vanish in thin air like those miscreants who set fire to the train in Gujarat or those who blew up the Mumbai Stock Exchange.

It was in the same India, to which our disturbed visitor from Bharat was coaxing me to return that a serving officer, who said something agasint the Islamic invaders at KARGIL was soudnly beaen up. He was so badly injured in the fracas that he needed hospital treatment. Perhaps the friend from India wishes the same for the outspoken NRI at the banquet.

The NRI is not a damn fool. So he wil not enter the EMPIRE of KHANS AND ITALIANSIn Indiaor about