Date: 4/10/2002


When the Hindus are killed anywhere, the whole world keeps quiet. But when there is retaliation by the Hindus anywhere the whole world of Islam and Christianity shamefully gang up to condemn the Hindus from rooftops.

To the Muslims we say simply this, "What the Hell are YOU doing in PARTITIONED INDIA that was broken up to give YOU SEPARATIST LOT your Pakistan? You cannot rape your so-called "mother India" from front and back, too.

So, GET OUT OF BHARAT which will now go under SAFFRON colour flag if your Pakistan and BOGUSdesh stay under Mohammedan GREEN.

To the Christians and all their manipulated and activated NGO's, our Chanakya has this to say,

........"Your sermons are like : Devil Reciting the Bible.

You and your people are talking big things. You all are so violant in every sphere many truth did not come out:

a] What about the Christian Priest making several Hindu weman run Naked in 1982 near Bhagawathi amman Koil Kanyakumari?

Even during British raj this did not happen. Do those people carrying candles know.Every fact is going to come and the attrocities committed will be brought out in the open.

b] What about the several riots caused by foreign based minorities?

c] what were you all doing when those innocent children and women were being burnt- where were those candles. When Shabana AZMI can be brought by helicopter for one Vote in Parliament- the same helicopter could have used for this for atleast aeriel survey.

We have suffered enough in those 1295 years. In that period the entire culture was ruined.

d] What about Pope confessing of Christian Missionaries using nuns for sexual matters/sexuak harrassment.

e] What about the Fact of Shri Bhagwan Jesus grave in Shrinagar?

f] What about Albuquerques killing of five thousand Hindu women in 1856-7

You talk of peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Daily you consume so many chicken,Pork and beef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.........."Sau to chuha kha kar billi haj ko Challi"

Why don't you hold your meeting in Shrinagar or the Pak border.

We all know that these meets are organised by your friends accross the border.

What about the Partition created by the Communists-now they claim to be secular- what about the drug peddler?

What about plot to Finish Shri Netaji Subhash- ask those Pseudo Seculars.

Coversion is the first step towards Terrorism.

Go an ask Congress who started the Killing In Gujarat and who financed it from accross the Border?