Date: 4/10/2002


..............LETTER IN THE PRESS (25 Feb 02)


..................BARBARIC JIHADIS

Daniel Pearl was brutally murdered by the Islamic terrorists of Pakistan, by slitting his throat, the whole macabre act was video taped and cassette was handed over to USA. In Kashmir, the Muslim terrorists have killed in cold blood, some two dozen Hindu children recently. What drives these terrorists' mind is the strange religion which permits killing of non-muslims. Pakistani president Mushrraf on 16th February in Karachi said about the Muslims which of course included him, as "Most illiterate, the most backward, the most unhealthy, the most unenlightened, the most deprived and weakest of all human race," (The Times of UK dt 18-2-02). Only the weakest will turn to terrorism.

Arms' training in mosque was going on even in UK, as reported in 'The Observer' (dt17-2-02). The Finsbury Park mosque in north London was training Muslim youths in AK47, and was sending scores of young men from the mosque for training at camps in Afghanistan. India which has some one lakh Madrasas (Registered 31857t rest unofficial) and the government is paying salary to many of these Madrasa teachers, should wake up to the dangers they pose to the nation which became evident recently with the attack on USIS in Kolkota. Pakistani RDX was recovered from the ground near a madrasa in Muzaffarnagar, few days back. Many mosques are also involved in inciting communal hatred.

In Hyderabad, DJS had trained some 20,000 Muslim Jihadis and 1200 women Jihadis.

The women Jihadis were seen throwing petrol bombs at the police from the Mecca masjid, during the protest when the American attack on Terrorism had started.

As there may be more such trained jihadis throughout India, the government should release a white paper on the role of Indian Mosques and Madrasas in the Pakistan sponsored terrorism. Recently newspapers reported that many Indian youths were sent to terrorists training camps via Dubai, and the government should investigate this further...


We must laugh. Will the Indian government dare? Their head in caught in the vice- one side being tightened by Italy, the other by ISLAM.

(Name of writer withheld to ensure his safety in PARTITIONED India where any outspoken Hindu is liable to be assassinated by the "Jihadis".)