Date: 4/10/2002



What a cheek of the PLO fighters, ALL MOHAMMEDAN, to take refuge in the Christians' holiest church in Jerusalem!

What respect do the Muslims have for a Church, was demonstrated in Armenia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and even CYPRUS. The very phrase ISLAMIC REPUBLIC means total contempt of Church and what it stands for.

We believe the Israelis ought to take the same action what Indira KHAN did to Golden Temple in 1984.

She sent her mercenary army to kill the defenders mercilessly and all those who had taken refuge in there including women and children. Her troops did not take any prisoners.

She also imposed a six day long curfew on the entire State of EAST Punjab. Not only that, she also banned the press from entering the territories under curfew and fire.

Bodies of those killed were not handed over to the relatives but carted away in lorries and carts and then cremated, all together.

No record was prepared of those killed and NO COMPENSATION was ever paid to the bereaved families. Not one PLO chief or man condemned that attack. Yasser Arafat remained a close friend of the Congress Party, and Indira Khanum and Dynasty.

Israel should order her troops to ENTER the Church of Nativity and flush out every terrorist HIDING inside.

Israel should do the same to Church of Nativity what INDIA did to SRI AKAL TAKHT SAHIB in Amritsar. We did not see any Catholic or Christian perturbed. There was no protest from the President of the United States nor from the EU or the UNO.

The world cannot have two standards- one for the MOHAMMEDANS and the other for the Hindus, Sikhs and the Jews.

Anyone in doubt about the outcome of that attack on Golden Temple in 1984 should enter a Gurdwara and see the pictures stuck on the walls.

The PLO men should be flushed out and then warned, "NEVER HIDE IN A CHURCH AGAIN!"

As per the precedence set by the wrold renowned daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira KHANUM, it is perfectly legal for ISRAEL to KILL THE PLO MEN AND DESTROY THE CHURCH.