Date: 4/10/2002


Earth is God's gift to all. It was not created by MOHAMMED.

To occupy such a large chumk of earth by exterminating the peaceful and mostly civilised NON Muslim nations and communities living there for millennia before, and then to designate the territory as "ISLAMIC" is obscene, vulgar, uncouth, uncivilised and most offensive to the NON Muslims who are then slowly crushed in Islamic republics and have no voice.

Elsewhere, too, as in PARTITIONED India, the intimidated and the defeated do not speak up against Mohammed and his Islam, fearing assassination or arson.

The terror of Islam has penetrated the defeated so much that a large country like India was bullied into surrendering ONE THIRD of her vast territory to Islam in 1947 without any challenge or plebiscite. She even exonerated the Muslims who stayed back after PARTITION.

The world seems much concerned with the return of PLO refugees to their pre-1948 homes without sparing a thought for all the refugees ousted from the so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Bangladesh whose numbers run into TENS OF MILLIONS.

India absorbed the Hindu refugees in 1947 within days and deleted the word "PARTITION" from her dictionaries. That was in marked contrast to the PLO reugees and all the other refugees from MUSLIM countries including AFGHANISTAN who are thrown at the door of the world to feed, house and then to enable them to return to their own lands and Islamic mischief and jehad.

It is really preposterous if the world only knows of Mohammedan refugees and none else on earth. And these Mohammedans then wish to recreate Islamic republics once again.

With regarfd to violence in India the media seem to be busy blaming the Indian government, the State government and all the Hindus whose only fault is not to have accepted the Islamic flag over Red Fort in 1947.

It is no use keeping the Hindus ignornat and crushed and treat India as the concubine of Islam. To encourage the Muslim bully is to ensure your own death eventually.