Date: 4/12/2002


Fired by GREED for gold, silver and LAND, the followers of Jesus and MOHAMMED committed savage invasions, desecration, exploitation and plunder of much of God's earth.

In the end God's earth, forests, rivers, seas and oceans ran out but not their BEASTLY ISLAMIC and CHRISTIAN savagery or their insatieable instinct for LAND GRAB.

By now, not one country is left that has a PAGAN or HINDU or SIKH Constitution. It is Mohammed or Christ ALL OVER.

The latest attacks are on the only one JEWISH State of Israel and the former HINDU State of Nepal. One can see the Christian world including the USA gang up against Israel while going TOTALLY DEAF & SILENT in the case of Nepal and PARTITIONED India.

How is it that they created such a huge ISLAMIC State of Pakistan (that cannot absorb the PLO), yet not conceding a small area to Israel?

So, given the backgroundof HOLOCAUST and given the environment of hostile ISLAM, the State of Israel deserves our full support.

PARTITIONED India had to be VISIBLY sitting beside Israel in this hour of need. Yes, India is as good as dead.

Who is supplying arms to the so-called Naxalite rebels in Nepal who are reducing HINDU territory and numbers constantly till Nepal either becomes ISLAMIC or gets PARTIITONED.

The bull terrier has dug its teeth into the soft flesh of Nepal. It cannot let Nepal go. Gurkhas, who could fight for England and defend her Royal family, cannot even defend their own wives and children at home from the (PAKISTANI SUPPORTED) NAXALITES.

The two religions of the Book are insecure in their souls. They want the whole earth to convert to THEIR own Faith. Then what? A mouse cannot become a lion by simply sleeping in the latter's den.

Sad and amazing, to see the Jewish world under attack like the Hindu world.


Israel ought to demand that all the PLO are settled in one of the umpteen ISLAMIC republics across the globe and let her live in peace.

United Nations ought to declare that every ISLAMIC REPUBLIC is in violation of human dignity and equality. Those "Excellencies" should not avoid the issue like thieves and robbers.

Every ISLAMIC can degenerate in one of these two ways:-

1. Either go the way of TALIBAN.

2. Or declare everything in it "ISLAMIC". Not only the people but animals, too, ought to be declared ISLAMIC. Thus in Pakistan you have ISLAMIC dogs, ISLAMIC pigs, ISLAMIC fish, ISLAMIC bread, ISLAMIC fungus, ISLAMIC toilets, and even ISLAMIC virus. Quite a divine piety to please MOHAMME. Isn't it? Legend has it that afer seding his LAST and FINAL Rasul Allah to Arabia to kill the JEWS, CHRISTIANS AND THE PAGANS right up to JERUSALEM, God died.

...So there can be no more Rasul Allahs descending upon our earth, according to Muslims.