Date: 4/12/2002


Mohammed Ali Jinnah wore British tailored suits, drank whisky and ate pork. None knows if he ever entered a mosque.

Yet he demanded a SEPARATE state for the Indian Muslims carved out of India. So, what was his vision?

Luckily before he could declare that "Allah asked him in a dream to demand Pakistan," he died within a few weeks of birth of his Pakistan and he has taken his vision and idea with him to Hell and we shall know no more and no better.

Now someone has asked, "What is/was Jinnah's vision of Pak? And how an Islamic (Muslim) nation could be tolerant? ... tolerant of what ?????"


......................COMMENT ON ABOVE:

What was Mohammed Ali's vision of Pakistan?

Extremely shallow and useless like the rude and provocative cry of "Allah Hu Akbar" on the HINDU soil of Bengal and the SIKH soil of PUNJAB.

After the British announced the date of their final departure from India, they quickly put the Indians in a big rush. In that rush, cool thinking on the part of the natives was lost. One can only THINK with a cool head.

When the natives were told, "HURRY UP. Time is very short. Do everything quickly, or we are gone, leaving you to slit each others' throats," great panic broke out everywhere. We were used to serving the British and now the masters, who had protected us from the Afghans and the Russians were suddenly leaving. A big power vacuum developed overnight.

Thus there was no cool head to be seen anywhere.

While the whole of India was suddenly "charged, excited, terribly uncertain and insecure, and on fire", the only cool head was in LONDON that watched and controlled the scenario unfolding- as planned.

Time was short and everything moved very fast due to the imminent departure of the British. Whatever the natives wanted at that time, that was the moment in history.

Muslims could get their Pakistan (a more preposterous idea could not be imagined), the Sihks could get their Khalistan, the Marathas and the Tamils could stand up for their own respective countries, and Hyderabad and Kashmir could go sovereign, and sit at the United Nations like EAST Bengal (Bangladesh) and Kuwait today. Everything was possible, hence the mad rush and scramble AMONG THE NATIVES. But time was running out fast for them all.

TheBritish also played a clever psychological trick by suddenly ADVANCING the date of their departure by nearly a whole year thus throwing all the Indians in utmost confusion. It was like a driver slamming down hard on brakes and then curving wildly and finally pressing the gas pedal fully down. It was a free for all and all wanted to get whatever they had on mind, not to look the poor losers at the end of the day.

Native rivalries were acute. The prospect of a Hindu becoming Prime Minister seemed like death sentence to Mr. Jinnah. And the British were on hand to raise his deadly awareness, as well as to promise sympathy, understanding and accommodation. That was enough for Jinnah to encourage him to run away from all.

In such panic state into which the cool and visionary British, who were in full control of the situation as well as India, threw the native leaders, demanding their decisions within hours that should normally be debated and discussed over MONTHS, if not years.

Just take the Channel Tunnel Project in France and Britain, and reflect how long it was under consultation and planning stages before the first spade dug up a piece of earth near Calais.

Nehru wanted top position for himself, being afraid of Sardar Patel and Bholabhai Desai, and Jinnah was too eager to get his Pakistan.

Baldev Singh, the third puppet invited to the sham Independence talks, was mesmerised by Nehru so much that he even forgot to demand five rupees for Lahore and ask for free travel to NANKANA SAHIB.

In the midst of all this political chaos, there came the news of the bloody massacres breaking out in RAWALPINDI DISTRICT when the whole landscape was covered in blood of Sikhs and Hindus. People were panic stricken and started fleeing in all directions.

The only 'political' experience the Hindus had, apart from puja, was to be good slaves and what the Sikhs had imbibed, apart from marathon akhand paths and "langar sewa", was to be most loyal servants of ANY master. However the Indian Muslims were already dreaming of recreating their old grand Moghul Empire and went passionately for LAND GRAB.

What vision could any NATIVE have under such circumstances and in the climate of tremendous uncertainty and abject slavery?

India was still a SLAVE COLONY and the top leaders could be thrown in jail or in detention at a minute's notice.

One need not give any credit to Jinnah's intelligence. All the natives were morons. It is amazing that barristers like Nehru and Gandhi did not propose referendum or insist on exchange of populations after the break up of our United India.

Pakistan was not the brainchild of the Muslims but a bad egg laid by the British hen.

One can also call it a bastard, born out of the quick and illicit rape of Hindu India by the separatist Muslim BULLY, facilitated by the British who held 'Lady India' down, to be raped, and then left mutilated.

The strategic reasoning behind Pakistan was to weaken India by producing a zone of conflict and perpetual warfare, ensuring immense wastage of wealth and resources on defence and armaments at the cost of economic development and progress.

The British FEARED that after freeing their lucrative colony they would become poor, and a rich India could pose a serious economic threat to them, even to the whole of Europe.

If we see the rapid progress of Japan and Germany after World War 2, we can imagine to what economic heights a free and united India could have soared within 10 years of her independence.

Jinnah, the barrister, was as dull and duffer with regard to implications of Independence or Pakistan, and about the vision of post independence India, as the Hindu leaders on our side were.

Surely from the mess that we see South Asia in today, all of them deserve the verdict of being incompetent, duffer and damn fools.

Jinnah's vision of Pakistan was as shallow as the shout of "Allah Hu Akbar" after which the Taliban raped a defenceless girl. Or in other words as "solid and lasting" as the FART, a puff of stinking air that is gone in a few seconds.

Thus Pakistan, the nasty gust of political stink, is bound to vanish soon, leaving a permanent historic legacy of MUSLIM TREACHERY TOWARDS THEIR OWN LAND OF BIRTH.