Date: 4/13/2002




That Mr. Gandhi represented me at PARTITION talks, blasts the theory for me that he was a mahatma.

A million good secular souls, including the UNO, were wiped out then, and none can stand up in Ayodhya even today.

I know the Indians are totally delinked from territory as a result of thousand years of slavery, but if you wish to DISEMBOWEL someone, you do not call him mahatma or bapu. I wished to do the same to him what Mahatma Godse did.

I wish one billion more were shouting abuse at him, who was sent to negotiate independence but returned with the slavery of Sindh, East Bengal and the imminent delivery of 15 million Hindus to the ISLAMIC BUTCHERS on the other side of border, to meet their death and degradation.

"Chootiya" in inverted commas means a COWARD and no more. In a nation that has swung to the other extreme, only shock treatment by words can work, or finally, the Sword of Islam will do the job for us, as in Lahore and Chittagong.

No word of abuse is good enough for those "traitors and swine" whom we call by decent titles like mahatma, pandit, sardar and so on.

If those TRAITORS are now honoured in the Constitutin or in a thousand various ways, it only tells the world that the Indians are still like the animals who can be driven from pillar to post or transferred from one master to another. Soon they all will be going under the foot of Sonia KHAN, and quite effortlessly, too.

It is time to start abusing her, too, so that she thinks of packing her bags to return to Italy, or applying for the job of a bus conductor. The semi-literate brat who wouldn't touch Hinduism with a barge pole, was imported by BOFORS CHOR who has yet to be tried properly in Bharat, the COOLIE Colony under terror of Congress and Islam.

Sorry, the writer relates to the Hindus of Pakistan and Bogusdesh as well as to those in Fiji and Uganda, and he relates to TERRITORY like no one else.

To him one suare inch of DHARTI is worth a thousand copies of Gita and Granth. But he can see what the nation has dumped and what they adore, "to suit the enemy".

The earlier posting on this site, abusing Gandhi, was an understatement since Gandhi adoration has frozen the Hindus in Ayodhya, wiped them out in North Kashmir, given them a bamboo up ours in East Bengal and so on.

...............If we don't relate, we don't feel.

So many Indians feel the abuse of one man while none seems to feel the vulgarity of rape of India in 1947 or mutilation of her limbs in that year.

That is why I wish to "skin the Indians alive" who do not say categorically, "Partition, what for? We will push the frontier back to Khyber or the treacherous 'Indian' Muslims back to MECCA."

THEY will be the Hindus of MY kind. Do I see any in Lok Sabha?

The entire Lok Sabha wouldn't like to hear a word against any Gandhi, nor would they wish to recall Partiton. "In that," says the patriot, "I AM THEIR ENEMY and I use the language fit for the enemy."

"AKHAND BHARAT" was not a dirty rag for me. Many, including Jinnah, Nehru and Gandhi had sworn loyalty to it, and for whole life.

I shall try to be careful with the language I use for the cowards and the rascals who did not (and do not) stand by Akhand Bharat.

To retain South Kashmir we have to CAPTURE North Kashmir. To retain Srinagar we have to demand the return of Lahore. And finally to impose Secularism in Delhi, it has to be made valid in Lahore.

....That's all what all the Indians ought to stand up for.