Date: 4/19/2002


................"Come here, ALLAH!"

So Allah ran to Mohammed and did a deep salaam. "Command my Master what you want," He begged.

"Firstly, I want that every FOLLOWER of mine will pray in MY language so that I understand whether he is praying to YOU or conspiring against ME. I don't know French. So French is HARAAM for namaz.

"Secondly I hate pigs and so you should declare it an unclean enemy of mankind. Even to utter the word "pig" is to invite 100 lashes in Paradise so that all the virgins and the 'almond eyed young boys' present there can see the flogging of the Disobedient.

"Thirdly, I fancy that young bride and see her in my dreams. So EMPOWER me to grab her, and tell her husband, "It is Allah's wish."

"Fourthly I wish to see no rival on earth. The only place of worship allowed to mankind will be a mosque. Declare a blanket ban on churches and mandirs, not to speak of a synagogues."

"All thy wishes are granted. O Great Prophet, you can have one more."

"OK, then I want to be eternally young, and VIGOROUS like a BULL in bed. So declare that all my followers can have up to FOUR wives while I could command several more to bed."

"Granted," said Allah and "bought" his peace from Mohammed.

In the same way both NEHRU and GANDHI, and all the natives of India, "bought" their peace from Mohammed while signing the unconditional surrender of Lahore in 1947.


There are some 20,000 TEMPLES, big and small in India where NATIVE (Hindu, Buddhist and SIKH) congretations wept and cried and cursed both Mohammed and his servant ALLAH, when the holy places were demolished and mosques erected on the very spot. Ayodhya is not the only one devilishly destroyed.