ALL THE PLO OUT of Israel just as all the HINDUS are out of WEST Punjab and NORTH Kashmir.

Date: 4/20/2002


The sympathies of all the people of PARTITIONED India are with the Jewish State of ISRAEL.

The Jews have suffered untold persecution for centuries on the most illogical, absurd and ludicrous charge that they killed Jesus.

If the followers of every Faith were to do the same, then imagine the plight of the Muslims who destroyed countless temples, churches, shrines, mandirs and gurdwaras.

In desecreation of holy places belonging to OTHER Faiths, the Mohammedans hold the world record in heaping 'dirt and filth' on God.

Those persecuting the Jews on that charge need to recall the murders of HOLY MEN by the MUSLIMS, e.g., the murder of Guru Arjan Dev, Guru Tegh Bahadur and COUNTLESS other Hindu Holy men, women, children and divine figures in India over the centuries.

How ought the Mohammedans be dealt with if the barbaric treatment of the Jews over centuries stands justified in the eyes of the rest of the world, even by the Popes and all the Imams on earth?

The next obscene thing about the Muslims is their INTOLERANCE of the others. Wherever in majority, they refuse to accept the Secular Law, but promptly put the dark glasses of Islam to deal with the NON Muslims and their own women.

Secularism to the Muslims is what a piglet is to a hungry tiger. Hence they demanded PAKISTAN to live away and separately from the Hindus. To the INDIAN

They faced little or no challenge to them over the centuries and thus they have covered much of globe with their ISLAMIC regimes. What a pity that never did the FREE WORLD unite to smash the expanding Mohammedan realms across the globe.

Perhaps the WORST example of Muslim INTOLERANCE is of the tiny State of Israel. The best and the fairest solution would be to let the Jews live in peace to develop their culture and way of life. Israel is on the same earth as Saudi Arabia and therefore we shall expect it to be secular when Saudi Arabia dumps her Constitution and follows the example of any country in Europe, or even of India.

The FREE world should not be seen to be examing the ruins of Jenin refugee camp, brick by brick, but EVACUATE all the PLO and SETTLE THEM IN ONE OF THE ISLAMIC Republics for the sake of world peace.

But look at the dance and drama of top US envoys, special UN representatives and all the media spokesmen who want Israel to be punished for retaliation and also to accept all the Palestinian Arabs from anywhere.

The UN must insist that for every Hindu returned to West Punjab and EAST Bengal, Israel will accept one PLO man or Arab fellow.

That is justice and equality. But it appears that the Muslims have an extra long, thick and strong LIMB which is scaring the wits out of the Christian West that is supposed to be tolerance aand sensible.

Undo INDIA'S PARTITION and India will take in all the rufugee PLO. How is THAT for a settlement. The Muslims must not have the license to scatter the Hindu refugees from Kashmir and the Christian refugees from Northern Europe but demand to go back to their own home.

Is there an authority "longer and stronger" than the Muslim cock?