Date: 4/20/2002


If any bit of this web site or a posting anywhere appears to be beyond 'nettiquette', then we ask the whole world, "What nettiquette on earth is acceptable for a web site dedicated to all those KILLED, RAPED and FORCED OUT of their homes in 1947 at the time of that VULGAR, OBSCENE, ABSURD AND PROVOCATIVE Partition of India, that satisfied only the Muslims of India but caused GRIEVOUS HURT to TENS OF MILLIONS OF HINDUS AND SIKHS, and smashed all hopes of peace on the sub continent for ever?

The world either ought to see PARTITION OF INDIA as a good thing, in which case, ALL THE MUSLIMS OUT OF PARTITIONED INDIA, or see it as a bad thing, in which case the whole world should ATTACK Islam as the whole world attacked NAZISM in 1940's.

The world cannot have it BOTH ways. Either all Muslims in, or all Muslims OUT.

Having it BOTH ways is not the law of God, Nature or Biology. It is vulgar, obscene, indecent and degrading to a person as to a country and nation.


In her hour of trial if Israel collapses, she will become reduced and vulnerable like Broken Bharat. Terms like "Indian COOLIE", "Indian NIGGER" or "SMASHED HINDU" (lying under the foot of Sonia KHAN) will also apply to the JEWS around the world.

The LAND GRABBING Muslim BULLY and KILLER will come out brilliantly, and dance over the dead body of ISRAEL. They are already doing the macabre dance of death & vulgarity in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Dhaka and Chittagong.

All these cities fell like dominos before the MOHAMMEDAN onslaught in 1947. The world ought to know what to do about such ISLAM that is PAKISTANI and TALIBAN in India and PLO in Israel.

........The shrinking cowardly world ought to know . . . .