Date: 4/21/2002



In the Gulf countries is every Muslim ruler, has usurped the power from his father, brother or uncle, either by blinding or killing or imprisoning the original ruler. Naturally present rulers are afraid of his own relatives who are the decendents of the original ruler. So they carry out elaborate schemes to make sure that they don't pose a threat to them.

In Hyderabad, one notices that Chandrababu Naidu had usurped the power from his charismatic father-in-law, who founded the Telugu Desam Party, the film actor turned politician, N.T. Rama Rao. Another aspect of TDP was that there is no second in command for TDP as Naidu does not allow any one to come up in stature to become a competition and threat for him. This can be called the Gulf syndrome,and what we see the second level of TDP leaders are persons like Yeran Naidu, and the less said about the others the better. Congress has alleged that there are two criminals in the TDP government of Naidu (DC 19-3-02), Ramasubba Reddy against whom there is a double murder case and Kodela Sivaprasada Rao, in whose house there was a bomb explosion during the 1999 elections. It is not safe to travel to the interior of the state due to Naxal problems. Periodically police kill the Naxals in what is called encounters, and the Naxals react with more killings. It is police raj in AP and custodial death and false case registration is a regular affair. Most of the politicians are rowdies, land grabbers etc in AP. TDP is jinxed with the regular death of its leaders, like K. Madhava Reddy, who was the home minister, Devineni Ramana, the Technical Education Minister and of late G.M.C. Balayogi, the lok sabha speaker.

Naidu does everything to improve his chance for his stay in power. 'Janmabhoomi', programme is a good example where with the help of public contributions development work is taken up and this way the gram panchayats are bypassed, and this can be compared to a parellel government bypassing the Panchayat Raj system. The low literacy rate helps Naidu to do all these gimmicks. The state is the most corrupt state of India, and also one of the most polluted and backedward. A UNISEF study had found that there are 3.5 lakh street children in the state which gives an indication of social backwardness. Hunger death and suicides are regularly reported, yet Naidu is sending 250 MLAs at a cost of Rs 4 crore of an entertainment overseas trip and call it a study tour of five nations. This reminds me the way the Kerala government send a delegation to Dubai in the early eighties, to study about the co-operative movement in Dubai, where not a single co-op establishment existed at that time. All they wanted was to get items from the NRIs and smuggle it back to India without paying customs duty. This tour is a way of spreading the butter when the leaders are making real money. The AP government is afraid to take measures to restrict the air pollution in cities like, Hyderabad. They did not ban more than 15 year old vehicles, as these are mostly driven by Muslims, and instead banned the registration of new autorickshaws. Water pollution is very high in the state and the state PCB is very ineffective.. In addition the water table in AP has a very high level of fluride which varies between 2 to 25 ppm, and many areas like Nalgonda, the public is suffering from flurosis. 8000 villages in the state are badly affected by the fluride and brakish water problems.

Any food item manufactured in AP including beer, is not suitable for consumption as the fluoride levels and not brought down to less than 1 ppm. The Musi river bed is highly contaminated as all the process industries located near it, and the entire area is affected as the vegetables and foder for cattle is grown in the Musi bed, and goes in to the food chain (Times of India 30-3-02). Genetic damage in the general population is alredy obsereved in the 40 Km radius of the river.

In spite of having very good resources, the World Bank loan for the state is around 50,000 crores. which due to corruption and bad implimentation of projects will drive the state to collapse financially. Joseph Stiglitz who was with the world bank till 1999 says that the reform package that accompany these loans, always begins with privatisation and leaders is given 10% commission paid in to swiss bank for undervaluing the sale price of national assests. Some 200 crore worth of Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam property is encroached.(Times of India 17-3-02). This is some 584.33 acres of land. The AP government has now withdrawn some 1000 cases which were filed against it, and even some 30 cases even won by the government. Times of India, Hyderabad (dt 14-3-02) published a photo of Chandra Babu Naidu, accepting one crore rupee donation for CM's relief fund, from the minister for endowments D.Sivaramaju. The money came from the Tirupati kitty in which lakhs of Hindu devotees are putting their money for Hindu establishments and Hindu temples. This is shocking misuse of money we give to our temples and nothing short of day light robbery. Not only that more than 30% of the temple income is spent on the salaries of the government staff of the Endowment Department.(DC 16-1-02). In the name of development some 20,000 acres of temple land is in the pipeline for commercialisation which naturally means will end up in encroachment and will not be available for the Hindu community. 917 acres of Bharachalam Devastanam land was encroached and sold by the politically influential persons. This land was recovered after litigation. Again the land was encroached and now only 80 acres are left for the temple. The state government is not only incompetent, they are party to these land grabbings. Not only temple land, but the Municipal corporation of Hyderabad park is also encroached by the TDP leaders. (DC 4-4-02). There is an organised loot of Hindu temple properties are going on in Andhra Pradesh under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu.

State Chief Minister, Chandra Babu Naidu, hosted iftar party on 13th December 2001, the same evening when there was a dastardly attack on Indian Parliament by suicide Muslim terrorists in the morning . President and Prime Minister canceled their iftar party as a mark of respect to the security personnel who were killed in this terrorist attack. After the attack on Parliament, most of the Hyderabdi Muslims are happy and were heard on phone, promising to distribute sweets if Advani is killed. Hyderabadi Muslims were very happy when the attack had happened on World Trade Centre in USA. Naidu sent Eid greetings to the two families of persons held by USA, after the 11/9 WTC terrorists attacks. These Hyderabadis were issued false passport in Hyderabad. These two Muslims are still in jail for credit card fraud in USA. They are criminals in India,for the false passport yet Naidu's secularism prompted him to send greetings to these Muslim criminals. The credit card fraud is to the tune of some $4,40.000.

Haj travel is already subsidized for Muslims and the AP government spend Rs. 10 crore for a Haj house. On the contrary, 30% of the amount what Hindus donate to the temples is taken by the government. Indirectly what Hindus donate to temples is given to Muslims and Christians for their nefarious activities in AP. Chandra Babu Naidu is trying to woo voters on the basis of religion. This politics of religion will lead our country to street wars in due course. It is in Hyderabad that the Darasgah Jehad-o-shadat or school for holy war and martyrdom (DC 5-11-01) is located. They have trained some 20,000 Jihadis including some 1200 women Jihadis, and they were seen throwing petrol bombs during the Osama bin Ladin support day from the Mecca Masjid, in which some senior police officials were injured, but on orders from Naidu, police had to stop enquiries further.

Towards the end of Nizam's rule in Hyderabad, one Ghazni Sirjuddin Munir of Azamgarh has organised Fidai Razakar (Death defiance squad) withe the assistance of Lt. col Ghulam Mohiuddin. ridal Razakar's squad was an integral part of the Razakar organisation of the Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen or MIM, which is very active in politics in Hyderabad. Naturally now Hyderabad is an ISI centre and a dumping ground for the fake currency. The leader of the MIM calls for a stoppage of the Ganesh immersion procession. About a decade back, there were no mike and speakers in the mosques in Hyderabad, but now they blast the neighbourhood in earsplitting noise level at 5AM onwards and the Naidu's police is afraid to enforce the noise pollution orders on Muslims.

Naidu, had nominated the Dawood Bai's card holder Sajjad Hussain Aga, with police records going back to 30 years, to the AP Wakf Board, which has properties worth Rs. 35,000 crore, under the government quota. Aga's name was revealed by the Kolkata USIS attack prime accused Aftab Ansari, and this information reached Naidu and converninetly Aga was killed by a bullet inside his car and police ruled that it was a suicide. This was at a time Naidu had promoted his men to the DGP and Hyd Police Commissioner's post. Aga who was the chairman of the Charmar bank, cheated the public some 400 crore by running the Charminar Bank. TDP member Lal jan Basha who recommended Aga is now elected to the Rajya Sabha. Aga was known to collect 20% bribe of loan amount santioned and this way he had amassed Rs 60 crore. With 8 wives he was a typical mafia contact of Chandrababu Naidu. Dawood Ibrahim was running ISD racket in Hyderabad, which was making crores of rupees, the son-in-law of the Congress leader the Christian, Rajesekhar Reddy was the front man and Naidu had stalled the enquiry now. . TDP is trying to regularise (Editorial-Deccan Chronicle 17-4-02), the Rs one crore worth of land grabbed by the Congress leader Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, to neutralise the open criticism of Congress on TDP policies.

Naidu had made some four trips to Dubai and had given contracts for gardening work to a Dubai based firm. The Dubai firm can never have experience in rock garden as in Dubai there are no rock for these firms to get experience. Naidu gave the Emirates airlines a profitable route to Hyderabad. With accusations like Jet Airways are funded by Dawood Ibrahim and some says that the money for the airways has come from Indian politicians, the public does not know which activity in India is not controlled by the Muslim Mafia located in Dubai and which politicians these Mafia dons are controlling. Even Rajeev Ghandhi was seen visiting M.R. Chabria, in Dubai secretly, before his death, at his Jumbo office at 10 PM, while in transit, when Chabria was wanted in India, by the Indian police, raises questions of the integrity of politicians. Every politician visiting the Terrorist and money laundering centre called Dubai is involved in illegal activities as per the experience we had.

Hyderabad is now a favourite centre for ISI, jihadi training. Recently a filmstar Pratyusha, was raped and murdered as per the postmartum report, and sons of 3 ministers are involved in it as per congress opposition leader, but it is being hushed up. The Care hospital where the actress was admitted destroyed her dresses, and is misguiding the public. AP is now the land of Mafiosi, and is a good centre for the Pakistanis. Whatever arrests are made of spies or ISI agents, is due to the information from other states.

Chandra Babu Naidu spends the government money to please Christians by conducting party for the Christian priests for Christmas on 21-12-01.. A Rs. 50 lakh grant from the Government funds to Christians, and promised land for their cemetery during this party. Naidu supports the conversion machinery of the Christians. Hyderabad is the only Indian city where the Christians are coming to each house trying to convert Hindus on a regular basis. This conversion effort is mostly done by the Christian employees of the State government. A stage has come that for jobs in Multinational companies in Hyderabad, the Hindus have to write their religion as Christianity. Christians wont dare to go to Muslim houses, but Hindus are sitting ducks for them. On a sunday two christian ladies landed in my house asking us to join Christianity. This violation of our way of life and privacy, is being encouraged by Naidu who attends Christian functions and promise to pay government money to these criminals. In AP hundreds of children had to convert to Christianity to get a BEd admission in the minority colleges (Times of India 27-8-01). It is a shame on a nation we call secular, which is bogus.

India can be called as state controlled by Christians and Muslims. India has mainly minority educational institutions and 50% of the seats are reserved for these minorities. So even without writing or passing some entrance exam, the Christians and Muslims can get admissions to these minority racket institutions, and rest of the seat is sold to the Hindus, who had to compete each other to get in to any professional colleage. It is a real farce in a nation where Hindus are in majority, but are at the mercy of these minorities and at the mercy of the leaders like Naidu who steal from our donation to temples and give it to the Muslims and Christians.

Chandrababu Naidu, met the Christian preacher K.A. Paul, on 2nd March in Hyderabad along with the Arkansas governer, Mike Huckabee and the CEO of King Pharmaceuticals John Greagory when the christians brought 10,000 widows, in lorries, to the Gymkhana grounds, which is a football stadium in Secunderabad, and gave sarees to those unfortunate widows to attract them to christianity.

Balayogi in 1999 during the cofidence voting in the Parliament allowed the Orissa Chief Minister Mr. G. Gamang to be present in the Parliament against rules and allowed him to vote resulting in the fall of BJP government may be well planned and approved by Naidu. Balayogi also visited the Christian preachers before his death, because his wife is a christian.


..Atrophied limbs of Bharat, that is "mata" to all the INDIANS. Is this the way the "sons" kill and defame their own MOTEHR? All are perishing along the route set and determined for them by BANDIT Nehru and his "haraami aulaad", the Dynasty who spend more on MILITARY and armaments than EDUCATION.