Date: 4/22/2002


........France has swung strongly to the far RIGHT. Why?

Because its Socialist Governments had tilted the French State too much to the LEFT. There was large scale influx of Mohammedans, they in turn have produced TOO MANY children, legitimate and ILLEGITIMATE, who all bear the surname of MOHAMMED. Being Muslim, they live in an alien CHRISTIAN environment and thus endeavour to destroy the State through drug import, crime, seduction, illegal immigration, and everything else to undermine the foundation of a Christian society.

The Muslim male, entering a mosque for namaz, fancies himself transported back in time to 7th century, and imagines himself walking ahead of four wives and 15 children with the power to slay a Pagan on sight.

It's a world of great delight where paradise after death provides virgins standing in an endless long queue and no worries of doing shift work in a factory to earn his family's bread.

When the Ghazi, or a good Muslim, steps out of the mosque in a French street or an Indian bazar, he is shocked at the disparity.

Women without chador, film music on radio and pictures on TV and, to cap all affrontry, PORK on sale at the butcher's.

Would he not like to set fire to the world OUTSIDE his mosque that plunges him straight into 21st. century?

Now that all the "secular" forces are gathering to counter the Right Wing success, France needs to heed a WARNING.

.............."DON'T BE FOOLS LIKE THE SIKHS!"

...........Why compare the French with the Sikhs?

The Sikh religion started in the Era of Taliban in Hindustan. The terror unleashed by the AFGHAN rulers (Moguls) is beyond imagination.

Hindu brides being compelled to sleep with the MOHAMMEDAN rulers during the first night after wedding, women being abducted and raped commonly, and Hindus barred from riding a horse or wearing a clean white shirt. Some were even asked to open their mouths wide to enable a KHAN or PATHAN to spit.

No wonder the Hindu nation was so emaciated, gutless, disunited and crushed that there was NO resistance to PARTITION.

Not one Mohammedan crying "Pakistan Zindabad" in 1945 or 1946 anywhere in India was killed on the spot. Later, when the Muslims got THEIR chance, they not only broke up SECULAR India but also massacred ONE MILLION Hindus in just one year.

In those terrible ISLAMIC days, the Sikh Faith began as a gentle movement under Guru Nanak. Slowly and gradually it won adherents and became strong. In order to survive, the Tenth Guru called a big gathering and asked them all to carry swords in order to challenge any follower of Mohammed who was misbehaving towards their women.

In historic terms one can say that Guru Nanak's was a primary school while Guru Gobind Singh's mission was the graduation. But the Sikhs foolishly went back to Guru Nanak and found the inspiration to "Love all, Serve all," of Mahatma "Gandu" very attractive. Many still do.

Thus in 1947 the Sikhs were totally OFF GUARD and totally INCAPABLE of wielding the sword or gun to defend LAHORE and SECULARISM in West Punjab. Their rout was the worst in history, watched by the whole world.

The world does not know this since the Sikhs are still a "Gandhian" crowd, that means, they do not wish to follow Guru Gobind Singh apart from the MEANINGLESS ritual of keeping long hair and carrying a symbolic kirpan but never linking the two in significance. They have reverted BACK to Guru Nanak and his chants of "Love all, serve all."

Now that the French have come this far, they should not retreat or revert back.

If the French people had not corrected the course, the ship of state would have capsized like INDIA that broke up in 1947 due to total absence of any corrective mechanism in the nation's psyche.

India paid a huge price for the cowardice, treachery and immorality of her TOP LEADERS. That top leadership remains the same to this day. Clueless, powerless. helpless native "donkeys" now under the skirt of an Italian born Catholic SERPENT. The Hindus are feeding and fattening this serpent and offering their own souls and children as its staple food.

The media shouting "French Shocked at La Penn's victory," foolishly equate the INDIAN "COOLIE COLONY" with SOVEREIGN FRANCE.


A Muslim on BBC: "Church of Nativity is supposed to be a place of peace but now the Israelis have made it zone of war."

Well, tell him, "It is zone of war due to MOHAMMEDAN presence. Evacuate the Mohammedans of Israel like the mass evacuation of the HINDUS OF WEST PUNJAB, you will get the Peace as in Islam.

We hope Israel can stand up ALONE since post-partition HINDU India still lies collapsed under the skirt of Rashtramata Sonia KHAN.




Perhaps the first 2 or 3 generations of Muslims were voluntary converts to Islam, lured by the license to pile riches by banditry & to give free rein to their violent instincts. All other generations of muslims else where were from forceful conversions-"Islam or death". Today the pure stock of muslims from the tribe of Quraysh, would be less than 1%. Certainly all the Muslims in India, Pakistan & Bangla are descendants of Hindus forcibly converted to Islam.

For 14 centuries Muslims have been grilled by the instigations of the Koran & the model of your bandit Prophet. There is nothing of spirituality in the whole Koran. Islam is not a religion, but a cult of aggression and a license to loot, rape and murder of non-Muslims, which the Mujahideen have been carrying out to this day.


"The whole world belongs to allah " [Koran: 11-255,284]- a fictitious character, created by Muhammad. So Muslims have followed a fiction these 14 centuries in their jehads of genocides.

So Muslims are thieves and and usurpers of lands and monuments in every part of the world, including Mecca and Medina and even the Kabba- a polytheistic shrine seized and desecrated by Muhammad.

As thieves you cannot live in peace even among fellow-Muslims, let alone among human beings. Chief after Chief in Pakistan needs to work himself to a frenzy of hatred against India, to maintain your Dar-Ul-Islam. What are you carping about Kashmir, when you are thieves even in Pakistan, and in every so called Muslim country in the world, whose original inhabitants had a culture much older than 'Islam '-born yesterday? Your laws about blasphemy and apostasy are the clearest proofs that Islam is a cult of criminals and not a religion.

The Kashmir problem will never be solved as long as you are in the vice -grip of Islam. It is the Koranic injunction that drives you to acts of crime and violence all the time, all over the world. If Osama-bin-Laden is eliminated there will be a dozen more like him to follow, just as you are in the long line from Ghazni, Ghori, Tughlaq, Aurangzeb, Ayub, Yahya, Zia---till you too are eliminated and duplicated. This is the singular story of Islam, initiated by a masterminded Shaitan called Muhammad.

Islam came to India riding the slogan"Islam or Death". That slogan must now be reversed to "Quit Islam or Death". This is the only solution to THE MUSLIM PROBLEM . There are no "native Muslims" anywhere, as there are Hindus of more than 5000 years direct ancestry. You must reconvert to your own Hindu Dharma from which your ancestor were converted, by the sword! You can then start rebuilding the Hindu temples you have destroyed by the thousands, and live as civilized Hindu citizens, even in Kashmir.

ALTERNATIVE-The law of Karma is inexorable, sparing no one. In four or five decades .we shall see the final extinction of Islam, with not a single Muslim living!

Long liveJenny.Waldo,Qutbudine Mehar,Jai Virgupt,Jai Abhay Sepru,long liveHaleem,S.P.Atri,Jai Hindu World.Please ALL.Kindly send it to many sites for many to read it and spread further