Date: 4/24/2002


There is no love lost between Islam and Christianity as demonstrated by two facts:

In Saudi Arabia where KORAN is the CONSTITUTION, no church or temple can be built. A church is BANNED. Is that love or HATRED of Church?

India's own ISLAMIC grip eased on May 21, 1991, a landmark date in her history, when RASCAL RAJIV, son of a MUSALMAN Feroze KHAN of Allahabad and later convert to CHRISTIANITY on marrying Sonia Maino from a fundamentalist orthodox CATHOLIC family, was blown up by a brave Tamil mother.

The climax of ISLAMIC brutality over the HINDUS came in June 1984 when the Sikh outlaws took refuge in Golden Temple which is NO LESS SACRED than Church of Nativity in Betlehem.

Now the siege of Church in Jerusalem has entered its THIRD WEEK, how long did the siege of Golden Temple last? Barely three days. And how did it end? It ended when all the militants as well as hundreds of those attending an important religious anniversary, were SHOT DEAD. No wounded were taken. That was ISLAM at its "best". The political "WITCH" of PARTITIONED INDIA WAS A MOHAMMEDAN, MASQUERADING AS A HINDU!

The siege at Golden Temple ended as all the sieges of thousands of Hindu temples across India had ended previously. Were any survivors taken at the sieges of the grand temples in MATHURA, AYODHYA, VARANASI and SOMNATH? NO, NOT ONE. The Hindus, short on knowledge of history but big on service, boot polish and free "langars" do not know.