Date: 4/25/2002



Today when the Muslim beasts are showing their true colours, not one Hindu in PARTITIONED India is calling for "death sentence" on Mrs. Indira Gandhi, MOTHER OF BANGLADESH.

While her father conceded the sovereignty of ISLAM over EAST PAKISTAN (EAST Bengal plus district of Sylhet in Assam), his daughter captured the territory in 1972 but then promptly returned it to the MOHAMMEDANS without ensuring the safety of the HINDUS TRAPPED there.

Yet no one, no one, in Bharat "SPITS" on that obscene sign board, "Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi."


Suffer, perish and die, and be raped and gang raped, YOU HINDUS, who put your destiny in the hands of HINDU HATERS and HINDU KILLERS."

The following despicable report is from a source in West Bengal.

While the Hindus in BOGUSDESH (Bangladesh) are treated like dogs, next door Land of Hindus, PARTITIONED INDIA, is licking her wounds and is totally UNABLE to do anything about the situation in EAST Bengal and SOUTH Kashmir.

Sorry, we cannot reproduce the photos but the text makes it clear where the photos were.


"People in Bangladesh have to realize that sexual violence against women and seven year olds cannot be wished off as political vendetta, or law and order problem, they are engineered to terrorize women in general and religious minorities in particular. And that sexual violence will not have a dividing line, once the perpetrators 'taste blood'. If you stay silent today because the victims are Hindu women, tomorrow it will be Roshanara begum and the next day.... You have to bring back the strong taboos against sexual violence, make society condemn and impose severe punishments on the criminals.

Recent incidents of the continuing atrocities committed by the right wing Islamic reactionary groups on the religious minorities in Bangladesh, reported by Mayer Dak correspondents based there, are listed below: -

A Hindu being beaten by Islamic religious fanatics in a mosque in Bangladesh. He was captured outside the mosque while going home. After Friday prayers were over, the Muslim devotees came out and grabbed the first Hindu they could locate. Mr. Bimal Patak a Bangladeshi born Hindu was beaten to death with sticks as the Muslim preachers (mollahs) chanted "kill the Kafir!" (non-muslim). With folded hands he begged for his life and died a brutal death. This is an example which clearly shows the cruelty of the Islamic supremacist movement in Bangladesh.

( 1 ) 24th March, 2002, at night, in the Charagasti village of the Galachipara sub-district situated in the Patakhali district, villager Shudhir Majumdar's wife Laxmirani Majumdar prevented herself from being raped for the second time. She injured the male-sex-organ of the rapist, a known Muslim fanatic and a Hindu hater named Gaji. Gaji previously raped Laxmirani, thus when he again made an attempt for the second time, he was punished. But, as a result, Laxmirani's house was ransacked and all valuable furniture and household goods were looted. Laxmirani was violently beaten up by a gang of Muslim fanatics. At present, Laxmirani has been hospitalized and is under treatment. The local Police Station has not taken any step against those miscreants because of the affiliation of the local police with known Islamic extremists gangs.

( 2 ) 21st March 2002, 11 o'clock at morning the Christian locality of Ichakathi region situated in the Kashipur area of Barishal district faced terrible assault from a group of right wing Muslim fundamentalists. Several houses were ransacked and a person named Liton has been brutally injured by sharp weapons.

( 3 ) 6th March 2002, Muslim supremacists ransacked the houses of several Hindu families situated in the village of Puthiakaba of Rajarhat sub-district of Kurigram district. The houses were gutted by fire and the furniture, along with other valuable things were looted. They also attacked a youth named Naresh who wanted to stop the religious bigots from their activities. They threw a burning matchstick into his eyes and he has become blind.

Purnima Rani, a teenage daughter of Mr. Anil Shil and Mrs. Basona Shil of Sirajganj was cruely gang-raped by at least 15 BNP (Bangladesh's right wing ruling party) Islamic activists.

The civil and the human rights of the ethnic and religious minorities of Bangladesh have systematically been violated for the last 53 years, it continues under the current of Begum Khaleda Zia. They are not only being discriminated against in every sphere of social life, but also continually subjected to unprovoked communal violence involving murder, rape, arson, arrest on fictitious charges and the like which has forced them to leave the country in the millions. The Hindu women are even afraid of wearing their traditional dress. Thus, they live like prisoners in their motherland.

( 4 ) Right wing Muslims fanatics looted Tk. 50,000 (U.S.$1,000) as Jizia-tax (tax imposed by Muslims on non-Muslims) from a Hindu businessman named Sambhu Shil of the Baharichur police station situated at Manikgunge district. Three months have passed away; the reluctant and biased Police have not being able to find out the zealots yet.

( 5 ) Recently, in Digha village of Bakha sub-district situated at Rajshahi district, the Muslim fundamentalists have demanded a ransom of 1 lakh rupees as Jizia-tax (tax imposed by Muslims on non-Muslims) from Anil Kumar Sarkar. Otherwise, the Sarkar family have been threatened of death.

( 6 ) 12th February 2002, at the Kandra market of the Puthia sub-district situated at Rajshahi district a shop owned by businessman Kartick Chandra Dev has been captured by right wing Islamic supremacists.

Bashona of Sirajganj, a raped victims mother, displays her swollen arm and injury marks of inhuman torture on her body by BNP-Jamaat cadres while narrating stories of post-polls brutal attacks and repression on members of minority community at her village in Sirajganj at a press conference of Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee on Saturday in the city. Her young daughter Purnima Rani who was gang raped by BNP-Jaamat (Bangladesh's ruling Islamic reactionary coalition) activists after the election was also present at the press conference.

( 7 ) 17th March 2002, at the Keshabpur sub-district of Jashor district, a Hindu resident named Govinda Sarkar (55), a leader of the farmers has been kidnapped by a group of Muslim fundamentalists.

( 8 ) 15th March, 2002, at the Dhamrai sub-district of Dhaka district, Usharani, -a mother of two children of the Saitra village has been injured by Muslim fanatics, throwing acid into her face.

( 9 ) 10th March 2002, in the Harinchara village of the Domar sub-district situated at Nilfamari district, a noted Islamic fanatic, Mohammed Abdul Ajij raped and killed Milarani Roy (25), a Hindu woman. The victim's brother has complained against the culprit at the local police station. The police is yet to take any action against the rapist.

( 10 ) 11th March, 2002, at the Gopalgunge Hat of Parbatipur sub-district situated at Dinajpur district, a gang of armed right wing Muslim fundamentalists have looted materials costing over 1 lakh takas (U.S. $2,000).

Bhola: Fariduddin Khalifa, even if he was a member of the Muslim community, was beaten and his house was looted by the terrorists due to giving shelter to the minority Hindu women.

Liberal Muslims (ie. those who believe that Bangladesh should be cohabited by persons of all creeds and faiths, etc.) have also been targeted by the Islamic supremacist hate groups. These groups want to evacuate the Hindus to India, or forcibly convert them to Islam. Simultaneouly the suupremacists have a similar strategy for the secular Muslims, ie either force them to leave, exterminate them or turn them into Islamic racists.

Mayer Dak Salutes all liberal minded citizens of Bangladesh !

( 11 ) 24th March 2002, the police according to the article 54 have arrested the leader of the Bagerhat Puja Committee (Hindu religious organization), Mr. Subhas Das. He will be kept in the custody for seven days.

( 12 ) 6th February 2002, a gang of Muslim supremacists raped a young Hindu girl Babita who is the student of class ten. The incident took place, in the Bahadurpur village of the Niamatpur sub-district situated at Naugan district. Former Prime Minsiter Saikh Haseena visited the victim to give her mental support and demanded justice.

( 13 ) 3rd March 2002, at the Baniagunge sub-district of Habigunge district, the villagers of Deshmukhyapara-Prabin Das, Subid Das and Samir Das's houses were all gutted by fire by armed Muslim fundamentalists. The fanatics shouted slogans "Hindu joti banchte chao, Bangla chere Bharot jao", ie "Hindus, if you want to live, go live in India and leave Bangladesh".

( 14 ) 17th February 2002, at midnight, in the Debigunge sub-district of the Panchagar district, Mrs. Anita Rani and her two children who are the villagers from Sonahar Brahminpara have been deeply injured. Right wing Muslim fundamentalists burnt them by throwing sulphuric acid for refusing to convert to Islam.

( 15 ) 12th March 2002, in a city of Manickgunge district, Amulya Sarkar a Hindu teacher of Betila Bahumukhi Uchcha Vidyalaya (school) has been attacked by the Muslim supremacists. He is now suffering from a fracture in the rib cage and has been threatened of murder if he dares to complain against them at the police station.

Dr. Bijoy Dutta an internee doctor of Dhaka Medical College Hospital was beaten mercilessly by a group of Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal (JCD) on the DMCH premises on Thrusday.

The staunch bias against minorities (including Buddhists, Hindus and Christians) is evident in all walks of life in Bangladesh. Certain sections in Bangladeshi society want to insure that this bias remains intact and expands to all sections of Muslim society in that country. It is no wonder that oppression and repression of the Hindus and other minorities in that country continue without any break.

( 16 ) 10th March 2002, in the Bajitpur sub-district of the Kishoregunge district, a resident of Aynarkandi village-Rishi Das (70) died. When the arrangements were being made for the Hindu cremation rituals, local religious Muslim fundamentalists detained the dead body and demanded a ransom of 25,000 takas (U.S. $500) in exchange, as Jizia tax (tax levied Muslims on non-Muslims). As the local people assured the religious Islamic zealots to pay the tax within few days, they released the body. But, the relatives of Rishi Das refused to pay those ransom and filed a case against the miscreants at the Bajitpur Police Station. Thereafter, the fundamentalists destroyed the houses of Sunil Rishi Das, Surajit Rishi Das and Shubharanjan Rishi Das for complaining against them. But, the biased police have not taken any administrative steps to punish the criminals.

( 17 ) In the district of Barishal, at Agoilojhara a collection of Jizia taxes (tax levied Muslims on non-Muslims) from the villagers are being carried on by the Islamic radical forces currently ruling Bangladesh. As, Satya Baroi, a resident of Zoila village failed to pay a taxation of One lakh takas (U.S. $2,000), and his houses were ransacked by Muslim terrorists.

( 18 ) 12th March 2002, in the Swarupkathi sub-district of Barishal, a group of Islamic fanatics attacked the house of Prabir Byapari. Valuable articles that costs more the 1 lakh takas (U.S. $2,000) were looted by them.

Gopalganj: People of minority community under attack have taken shelter at the Ramshil bazar.

One of the most unfortunate human tragedies that have unfolded since the end of the Second World War is undoubtedly with the Bangladeshi minorities. Unlike the Tibetans, the Ethiopians, the Palestinians, the Jews, the Afghans, the Tamils, the Vietnamese, and the Gypsies, the migration of Bengalis have been quietly, almost unnoticed by the rest of the world community, but with no less pain, and no less suffering, with the pogroms being held at different intervals.

( 19 ) 17th March 2002, in the morning, near a bus-stand situated in the Mahadevpur sub-district of Naugan district, Islamic fundamentalists have severely beaten up a Hindu journalist named Barun Majumdar of the daily newspaper-'Kartoa'.

( 20 ) 10th March 2002, a Muslim extremist gang threatened the owner of Dhakeshwari Cotton Mill to capture his house at 7/1A R. K. Mission Road.

( 21 ) 19th March 2002, in a city of Tangail district near Masjid Road, a shop and storage-room of a Hindu businessman has been forcibly captured by armed Muslim fanatic gang led by Anwar Hussain. The victim, a Hindu named Naryan Chandra Pal filed a case against them at the local police station but justice is yet to be done.

( 22 ) 19th March 2002, at the Ali-Kadam sub-district of Bandarban, a woman named Kalpana Chakma (16) has been kidnapped by a reactionary Muslim gang.

( 23 ) 2nd March 2002, at the Jhalkathi region of Barishal the district correspondent of the 'Daily Ajker Kagaj' who is also the senior journalist of 'Daily Shatakantha', Shyamal Chandra Sarkar has been assaulted by a rabid Islamic fanatic gang. They attempted to murder him. Sarkar, a respected Hindu journalist is now deeply injured and under treatment in a hospital. Complaint has been lodged at the near by police station.

Sylhet: A Damaged deity without head at Kendrigram of Jaintapur Upazila.

It was expected that after the creation of Bangladesh in 1971 the Hindus, Buddhists and Christians would feel secure. That hope has been belied. The minorities in Bangladesh came under attack immediately after a caretaker government was installed on 15 July 2001.

( 24 ) 4th March 2002, at the Juraichari sub-district of Rangamati an inhuman incident took place in the village of Hatchara committed by Islamic supremacists. A person named Dhanmoy Chakma (25), his wife Prabina Chakma (20) and their son Brojen Chakma who is only a baby of 7 months has been hanged till death. The local police is yet to take any action against the fanatics who committed this crime.

( 25 ) 24th March 2002, evening, a Hindu businessman, Bashudev Kundu who is the resident of Tantipara of the Magura districts has been tortured by religious Muslim extremists for not paying the Jizia tax (tax levied on non-Muslims by Muslims). Being, deeply injured he has been hospitalized and is under treatment.

( 26 ) 24th March 2002, at night, in the Arapara Municipality area of the Savar sub-district at the district of Dhaka armed Muslim fundamentalists entered a birthday party. Not, getting their demanded ransom of 10,000 takas (U.S. $ 250), they indiscriminately fired at the people at the party. Mahadev and Ranjit, along with ten other people, all Hindus have been injured.

( 27 ) 4th March, 2002, at the Nidhirpur village situated in the Boalmari sub-district of Faridpur in a Hindu temple of Kalyan Dhar's family, the deity of Goddess Chandi has been destroyed by a group of right wing Muslim supremacists. The criminals chanted the Islamic religious chants while attacking the temple. A case has been filed at the local police station. The district magistrate and the superintendent of Police have visited the area of the incident.

Minority girls and women: they have been brutally violated, that is why they don't want their faces to be seen.

In the last fifty years, over than 25 million of the country's Hindus have fled to India in the face of sustained apartheid and periodic pogroms.

With its poverty and frequent cyclones, Bangladesh is major news each year. But the unfolding fate of Hindus in the country rarely makes headlines. The numbers tell the story. In 1872, 53% of the people in what is now Bangladesh were Hindus. In 1900, it was 32.7%, and by 1947, 22%. Today it has dropped to 10%. Conceivably, by 2050 Bangladesh will have achieved the status of Pakistan.

( 28 ) 14th March, 2002, at the Gopalgunge sub-district, the murthi (Hindu religious icon) of Goddess Durga has been destroyed in the Gobra Malopara Sarbojanin Durga temple, by a group of religious Muslim fanatics Terror prevails in that Hindu locality, caused by the reactionary Islamic attack. The Local Police have visited the area of occurrence.

....................MAYER DAK.