Date: 4/26/2002


The idea is strategic as well TOP SECRET. To destroy the Hindu nation of India by INTERNAL IMPLOSION like Partition, by Constitution that went SECULAR MONGREL "DOG" only after conceding ALL GLORY AND POWER to ISLAM in Lahore and Dhaka, and by placing NON HINDU "swine" on top of all, e.g., the PRESIDENT OF INDIA who is neither Hindu nor married to one.

As the worst INSULT to everything native, the PRESIDENT'S WIFE is a worthless (cheap) import from BURMA, who hates to touch Hinduism even with a barge pole, just like Sonia KHAN who is neither an Indian by birth nor a HINDU by Faith, who wants all the Hindu AND SIKH scum under her sway either dead or converted. She is from ITALY, the land where in the past MUSSOLINI held sway and where today MAFIA is the boss. She wants to subvert the culture of Lords Rama and Krishna and wouldn't say a word agains the provocative MOHAMMEDAN FLAG over NANKANA SAHIB. Would she ever say a word in favour of Sri Ram Temple? Yet MOST OF HINDUSTAN is so keen to wash her feet and drink the "charan- amrit". Some even suggest SONIA JAL ("jal" = water) as national drink (She commends Shri Morarji Desai with regard to her "Jal").

Besides IMPLOSION (Partition) there is a drive to SUBVERT the whole region surrounding PARTITIONED India. This is being achieved by BLASTING THE HINDU CONSTITUTION OF NEPAL and now by increasing pressures to CONVERT the Hindus in the North East and beyond in SIKKIM. That is why all the enemies of India do recognise the illegitimate States of Pakistan and BOGUSDESH, created without referendum or challenge, but bitterly OPPOSE Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Here is a letter with regard to sinking SIKKIM. What effect can it have if the ruler's secret account in a FOREIGN BANK is credited with a million dollar donation by some wealthy Christian church or group in America? Pandit Jawaharlal NEHRU, India's "Mr. Clean" sold his "Akhand Bharat" to the devils for a similar donation in 1947. The poor even sell their own children for money. Hence all the pressures in India herself to keep the natives IMPOVERISHED. None can equal the financial muscle and clout of the Italian born Rashtramata of HINDU slaves and coolies nor match the wealth in BOFORS CHOR FOUNDATION.

Does anyone know just when a nationalist government will order an enquiry into all the wealth of this BANDIT DYNASTY, both at home and abroad? Surprisingly there is a "RAJIV GANDHI FOUNDATION" branch even in LONDON. What is THAT for?



His Excellency Hon’ble Shri Kedar Nath Sahniji, Governor of Sikkim, Gangtok, Sikkim.

(By the way, Shri Kedar Nath Sahniji is most welcome to POST ON THIS SITE the number of MOHAMMEDANS and CHRISTIANS alive in his State in 1960, and alive and KICKING today in 2002. We hope he has a clue, or is even bothered like "Chacha" NEHRU and Bapu" Gandhi about the future of his State and People!)

..........Sub : Religious conversion in Sikkim

Mananiya Kedar Nath Sahniji,

Jai Shriram.

I enclose herewith a copy of email dated 20-4-2002 received by us regarding the conversion of innocent, illiterate and poor natives of Sikkim by offering financial bribe, allurement, adopting fraudulent and illegal methods. It will not be out of place to bring to your kind notice that Pastor Diwakaran is presented to the crowd of illiterate and innocent poors as godly man and an all cure man.

This conversion disturbs the social tranquility and harmony of the area and creating law and order problem.

Your highness is fully aware that this area is touching the boarder of China and is highly sensitive and inflammable. It might cause problem of the national security in long run and could cause another situation like Nagaland, Mizoram and other northeast states.

We, therefore, request your immediate kind intervention into the matter.

Yours in Dharma