Date: 4/27/2002


NEWS ITEM: Jalandhar April 26. In a repeat of the Malta boat tragedy, about 25 youths from Punjab who had gone to Lebanon illegally in search of jobs, were feared drowned after their boat capsized on its way from Turkey to Greece.


YOUTHS FROM "PUNJAB" PERISH. (Sorry for the inverted commas since there is NO "Punjab" anywhere now.)


As everyone knows, there is a big row over illegal immigration in Europe, especially FRANCE and the UK.

The unfortunate victims, whose incompetent RULERS back home care two hoots for anyone's EDUCATION or ADVANCEMENT in life (often on the contrary . . .), then pay huge sums to the agents (pimps, dallaas or dalaals) to see them through into European Union, preferably the UK.

They are taken across the seas and straits in rickety boats, often unlicensed, which frequently capsize, sometimes accidentally, sometimes scuttled deliberately.

Having received, say $20,000, from their precious human cargo, they load them up on cheap boats worth just $20 and give a push into the dark sea.

Will there be a day when we RELATE to these wretched people who are not so lucky as the well settled NRIs from the same "Punjab"?

And above all, will there be a few EDUCATIONAL scholarships for them out of "Indira Gandhi Foundation" and "Rajiv Gandhi Foundation" or any other Foundation? Collectively, we could provide 200 educational scholarships for studies in Europe and America.

Many of these young men have left their young wives, even with infants in lap behind. Many have sold land and even the jewellery of their brides.

Will Rashtramata Sonia KHAN, aspiring to be Prime Minister of Hindustan, get their names and stories published? Will any INDIAN journalist? They all have as much interest in the citizens of Jalandhar as Bandit Nehru had in his subjects in Lahore.

If we don't RELATE, we don't care. It is just like WEST Punjab and EAST Bengal that we pushed out into the Islamic dark waters in 1947. Have we ever recalled?

Same rulers, same callousness towards the NATIVE human stock which is PERISHING before our eyes since it is perceived to be INFERIOR.

Were they "Ram Bhaktas"? Were they children of Lord Krishna? Were they Guru kay Laal"? If we adore Sonia KHAN, then we dump all our Gurus, leave aside their "Laals". Same old story: We dumped Gobind and followed a Gandhi.

.......One million slaughtered, one billion silenced.

That's what we COLLECTIVELY are- though INDIVIDUALLY very handsome or beautiful, and highly qualified.

Their Punjab was once the size of FRANCE when the "native" genius took over from the departing British.

Ironically it is easy to SEE them drown and go, but quite impossible to perceive the "slow drowning" of their BHARAT itself.

Living in the United Kingdom and the United States, we cannot even imagine 25 impoverished British youths drowning in the same manner in some distant straits of Malaysia or Panama.