Date: 4/27/2002




Today there are numerous sites on Internet that broadcast HINDU and SIKH religious music day and night.

These are most wonderful sites and show the competence, commitment and devotion to religion by our young computer experts, especially in the United States WHICH LEADS THE WORLD IN COMPUTER OWNERSHIP.

But there were VERY DARK times spiritually when the whole HINDU/SIKH "jagat" was yearning and pining for devotional music broadcasts (in and) from Bharat.

Though most HINDUS were and still are, CRUSHED under the HAMMER OF BOGUS SECULARISM OF BANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU that was only meant to HIT THE HINDU HEAD HARD after conceding full sovereignty to the INDIAN MUSLIMS to establish their Pakistan, the brave SIKH community worldwide were continuously begging of Mrs. Indira KHAN (alias Gandhi) to allow "kirtan" broadcasts from Sri Darbar Sahib (GOLDEN TEMPLE) in Amritsar but she persistently REFUSED.

The political "WITCH" Indira of Hindustan (A convert to ISLAM since her marriage to Feroze KHAN of Allahabad, but still under deceptive HINDU name) KNEW perfectly well that her beloved MUSLIM subjects could listen to 20 ISLAMIC radios from Pakistan, BOGUSdesh (that was her own illegitimate child) and the Middle East, and her favoured CHRISTIAN subjects could listen to Bible Radios and Radio Vatican direct 24 hours a day but to the HATED HINDUS and Sikhs she always said "NO," if not "GET LOST, YOU INFERIOR SCUM OF MANKIND!"

Hence now "BHAJANS and SHABAD KIRTAN" on Internet is a very dynamic, vigorous and befitting response of NATIVE SPIRITUALITY OF BHARAT to the ENEMY who ruled Hindustan, crushed the Hindus, smashed the Sikhs, impoverished them both through rampant CULTURE OF CORRUPTION and still terrifies the Vajpayee Government which has only a semblance of being Hindu.

The TERROR of Sonia KHAN & her GANGSTERS is such that if five Hindu cabinet ministers or MP's showed up together at Ramjanmabhumi site, the entire Government of India could be toppled by these "bitches and bastards" in a day.

But the native communities are only partially enjoying the facility provided by these patriotic sites since the computer ownership is abysmally low in Bharat, and we do not see any "drive" on the part of any chief minister, organisation, mandir, gurdwara or philanthropist there, to give a call for "CRUSADE FOR COMPUTERS".

Until that (CRUSADE) comes about, we shall be a backward nation and a backward country with regard to AWARENESS of the world, India's PARTITION, HIGH TREASON OF MOHAMMEDANS, and India's divisions & infighting, and lack of good EDUCATION, despite individual millionaires and billionaires among us.

So let us have the ID's of all these sites that broadcast "bhajans" and "kirtan" on Internet, defying the Will of ALLAH, BANDIT NEHRU, and the political "WITCH" INDIRA KHAN who denied us this joy and thrill AS LONG AS SHE LIVED.

Let Hindu glory be seen by raising the Grand Temple in Ayodhya in all splendour with its own Short, Long and Medium Wave Broadcasting, and SATELLITE TELEVISION.

Let Sri Amritsar be a similar centre of SIKH BROADCASTING. Let each Hindu and Sikh child, man and woman contemptuously "DUMP" Congress and all their statues and "samadhis" for accepting the unconditinal surrender of one third of Hindustan to the ENEMY in 1947 and for depriving the native HINDUS & SIKHS of the joys of our own SPIRITUALITY and DHARMA on our own TERRITORY (HINDUSTAN).