Date: 5/3/2002



To Mr John Dayal

This refers to "The Hindu's" Bold Headline on page 11, May 3, 2002.

................."BAN RSS, VHP, BAJARANG"

If any one does this/if this happens [ which will never] then India will be converted into a big Brothel.

No Hindu woman will be able to walk peacefully on the road. All this "Save India" Front is nothing but Divide and Loot India like the Invaders between 895 and 1947.

(India had to be saved from Partition in 1947. Now this slogan is only to FOOL the people of India.)

The Christian world is responsible for the Killing of over Six million jews in one war and put together the entire 1900-2000 witnessed killings of over 30 million human Beings.You talk about peace and social work? Shameless people.

I remember that day when A chrisitan Missionary called me Hindu Bastard at a tender age of 7.

-To tell You blatantly what the Christian Missionaries did in 1982 at Mandaikadu near Kanyakumari-They took away the clothes of Bathing Hindu women at Bhagawathi Amman Kovil near Kanyakumari and making several of them had to run Naked to save their Honor.-Do you remember this?

-What about Albuquerque beheading over 5000 innocent Hindu women in 1856?

Please note there is no such thing as dalit or schedule caste- and you people are the extension of Colonialism- the british left their mischief army behind.The Christian Missionaries are spoiling the name of Christ who is A Hindu by origin. Gradually every one will come to know and now the pace is faster. You people are unnecessarily humiliating the Hindus and trying to divide them and you are responsible for this Backlash.You are Scarred of Muslims because you will get it back. But Hindus are Shri Parshurams.

- What about the Pope confessing that Christian Missionary are using nuns for sexual purpose- refer 24.11.2002 and published in a daily on 14.12.2002- He may slowly confess the existance of Grave of Jesus in Kashmir[one of the reasons for all this turmoil] as Truth is more Powerful.That crowd which is Photographed is nothing but to exhibit the open Militancy and Mr udit has played into your hands.

All the Hindus are coming to know of your mischief and it is spreading fast.


Remember what the African leader had said

'" When they came they had the Bible and we had the land Today they have the land and we have the Bible" Conversion is nothing but land grabbing technique.We also know your links with Arms Dealers/manufacturers of the West whose interest is affected because India is emerging as a Global Player in the Market.

You even tried to fool the Father of Nation: Read Below. Now you are playing the Muslim Card against the Hindus and in the process they are becoming "Bali Ka Bakra".Same British Policy of Divide and rule.If it had been those you may have succeeded - but now Hindus have realized your Mischief.Everyone knows that one Political party has been taken over-through which the war is being Waged against Hindus.

Stop your Anti Hindu anti India Activity.You are trying to play the so called Dalits against another person in Hinduism thus trying to divide and rule. Pseudo seculars and anti Hindu Media which swear by the Mahatma are fooling the Nation.

Read Below what the Mahatma said=


Shri Gandhi ji- Father of the Nation Challenged- the missionaries "This Ashram programme will not succeed in urban areas where people are more aware of what Christianity is all about. In his objection to conversions of the poor people, Mahatma Gandhi challenged the missionaries to convert him first. Of course, they knew that Gandhiji had made a detailed study of Christianity and there was no possibility that he could be sold the system. Similar was the case with the Brahmins in the past.

My creed of non-violence is an extremely active force. It has no room for cowardice or even weakness. There is hope for a violent man to be some day non-violent, but there is none for a coward. I have, therefore, said more than once.....that if we do not know how to defend ourselves, our women and our places of worship by the force of sufferings, i.e., non-violence, we must, if we are men, be at least able to defend all these by fighting. Mahatma Gandhi, Young India, 16 June 1927.

It is very unfortunate that the whole concept of the evil Brahmin, propagated by the Christian missionaries for their own sinister objective, is being authenticated by the so-called intellectuals in this country. Great Hindu reformers, including Swami Vivekanand and Mahatma Gandhi, have recognized the role of the Brahmins in the preservation and propagation of the Hindu culture. Some of the greatest of the Hindu reformers have been, and are, Brahmins. Their contribution to the society in all fields is legendary".

Many Christian researchers have documented the cause of the antipathy of the missionaries towards the Brahmins. Elizabeth Susan Alexander wrote,

“For the missionaries Brahmans (sic) had been in the forefront of the staunch Hindu opposition to missionary endeavors in Madras Presidency. They had also been the vanguard of the Indian nationalist movement that had taken alarmingly extremist turns.” (The Attitudes of British Protestant Missionaries Towards Nationalism in India, Konark Publishers, Delhi, 1994, p 67.)

Only when they could not make a dent with the Brahmins that the missionaries turned to the lower castes. The conversions were obtained through inducements and not through any spiritual conviction. They were somewhat successful only when the temporal power was with the invading Christians and the area was effectively a colony. The missionaries could project themselves to be the benefactors of the lower castes, and ensure that government largesse would flow to them. That it did nothing for them in terms of social upward mobility is clear from the fact that there is a class of dalit Christians.

A few of the Christian missionaries did have some success with the Brahmins. But, the change took place for secular reasons. This was also the experience in Europe.

As Judaism was strongly fought and persecuted (by the Roman Catholic Church) in a large part of Europe, many Jews tried to defend themselves by embracing the religion of the country where they lived, and in this way to keep their property and prosper in business. (Jorge de Abreu Noronha, A New Dimension to the Inquisition, Goa Today, Dec 94.)

It was only when a Brahmin converted to Christianity, would he be employed in the government services. It was only when a member of the higher caste converted to Christianity, would he be permitted to continue with his profitable economic activity. But the success rate in such cases was small, and the rest of the community did not emulate their example. If anything, the converts were treated as outcastes at the social level, and endured more than accepted.

Some of the Christian missionaries noticed that the whole community held the Brahmins in high esteem in spiritual matters. So they decided to pretend to be Brahmins to attract the people to come to them. The classic example was that of Robert de Nobili, a Jesuit from France, who came to India in the early 17th century. He adopted the saffron robe, started to live in a hut, squatted on the floor for conducting his discourses, became a vegetarian and gave up liquor, projected that he was a Brahmin from Rome and that the Bible was one of the lost vedas, and generally tried to pass himself as another Hindu sanyasi. He was successful, and many Hindus came to him for spiritual reasons.

But, de Nobili’s objective was not to merge himself with the Hindu culture or civilisation. M N Pearson wrote:

The career of the well-born Italian Jesuit Roberto de Nobili seems to illustrate this change, this decline in cold hard certainty. He is well known for trying to convert Brahmins by using their own arguments. To this end he studied Sanskrit texts, and dressed as a Brahmin. While this may be admirable, as an example of tolerance and open inquiry, it should be remembered first that de Nobili’s aim was still, and always, to make converts, and second that his methods got him into hot water with his superiors. (The Portuguese in India, Orient Longman, Hyderabad, 1990, p 123.)

The same was also the conclusion arrived at by Abbe Dubois, whom we have encountered earlier. The following comment is relevant:

(T)he chief cause (of Abbe Dubois’ disillusionment with the lack of success of his missionary effort) undoubtedly was the invincible barrier of what we may call nowadays intellectual Hinduism, but which the Abbe called Brahmanical prejudice. He refers regretfully to the collapse of the Church, with its hundreds of thousands of converts, many of them of high caste, established by the Jesuits Beschi and de Nobili in Madura; but at the same time he made no concealment of the real causes of their failure. ‘The Hindus soon found that those missionaries whom their Colour, their talents, and other qualities had induced them to regard as such extraordinary beings, as men coming from another world, were in fact nothing else but disguised Feringhis (Europeans), and that their country, their religion, and original education were the same as those of the evil, the contemptible Feringhis who had of late invaded their country. This event proved the last blow to the interests of the Christian religion. No more conversions were made. Apostasy became almost general in several quarters, and Christianity became more and more an object of contempt and aversion in proportion as European manners became better known to the Hindus.’ (Editor’s Introduction, Hindu Manners, Customs and Ceremonies, Abbe Dubois, Translated and Edited by Henry K Beauchamp, Rupa & Co., New Delhi, 1994, p xxvii.)

In spite of being exposed for the fraud that he was, de Nobili held as an icon of the so-called inculturation programme of the Christian churches. An English current affairs magazine, The Week (Oct 20, 1996), came out with a cover story on the subject of what are called Roman Catholic Ashrams. I corresponded with one of the proponent of the programme, a Spaniard priest who has adopted Shilananda as his name, and asked him if he thought that there is salvation outside Christianity. In reply I was told that I should repent and believe in Christ. The present practitioners of inculturation are carrying forward the tradition set by de Nobili of pretending to be a Brahmin.

While in a rural setting one sees Roman Catholic Ashrams, in urban areas Christianity is conducted in pomp and style. In The Week article, a priest in Mumbai, Fr Myron Pereira, is quoted as saying “(The Ashram) makes sense where Fr Shilananda lives, but not in Mumbai where I live. If all I Catholic priests were to adopt the ashram life-style, it would pose practical and emotional problems in big cities.” (Emphasis added) The objective of the Roman Catholic Ashrams is to try and fool the simple rural folks.

As said earlier, it is not our contention that the Hindu society has no faults. Blame for this state of affairs has to be with some Brahmins. But to damn the whole class is doing grave injustice. The missionaries had to project the Brahmins as evil because they were the ones who were coming in the way of their proselytisation programme. Today, it suits certain people to damn the community for their petty political games. But, if they were truly evil, would not there have been large conversions of the backward castes to both Christianity and Islam? After all, the clergy of both these systems had the power of the state in many places in India. If the Brahmins were the cause of the miseries faced by the lower castes, the latter would have willingly adopted another system to escape the ‘tyranny’.


What all tactics you people adopt everyone has realized - like visiting Government Hospitals and blessing people to win them emotionally-cheap way of capitalizing etc

Is it a fact that Blood samples of human beings are being checked to ascertain whether there is any superiority between two sets of people.

Your first step is create a set of people and create a vote bank and then capture political power- every thing is coming out.Minorities and secularism is nothing but a Trojan horse to invade other religions- You can never harm Hinduism-it it had it been so- two 1365 years was enough to destroy this religion- it is a Ocean- where rivers have to merge and rivers can never destroy ocean- if it does IT WILL MERGE WITH The FURY OF OCEAN.

Simple Instance- 1966-72 in Tamil Nadu Lord Rama and Lord Ganesha was insulted and made to wear Chappal Garland- look what happened- there are thousands Lord Ganeshas in every street.Never Play with this religion- you are playing with fire.

Stop your anti India anti Hindu Activities and respect the other religion.You have no business to encroach on others religion.Your criminal act of conversion is nothing but seccionist and terrorist activity and it is every Nationalists duty to protect its Motherlands Honor,respect,its religion culture ethos etc.You people have destroyed a beautiful culture and religion and definitely there will be backlash.You are solely responsible for all this.

Finally the Grave of Bhagwan shri Jesus will open in Shrinagar and whole will realize everything-Truth can never be Suppressed

Don't even imagine to harm RSS/VHP/BAJRANG DAL or any of its allied organizations.Even the combined army of the entire world cannot do anything otherwise half of India would have been occupied by Pakistan and other part by Europeans.

U all have done enough damage.In early 1950's Swami Ayyapans Idol was thrown into the Hills- look what has happened- there is a ocean of Desciples- unimaginable.

......................CHANAKYA, Freelance Journalist