Date: 5/5/2002



Had the ANDAMANS Airport been named after Sonia KHAN, or the BOFORS CHOR, or even the POPE of Rome, there would have been praises showered on India's Home Minister from all sides. NONE could find any flaw.

Even naming it after MOHAMMED A. JINN would have appeased the MUSLIM VOTE BANK of All-powerful All-India CONGRESS Party. Let us not forget that this All-India Congress Party became the Party of PISS (PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE) over night in 1947 after voluntarily surrendering INDIA'S five provinces. The map of India changed but the name of the Party never did, to FOOL the nation.

In this context also see the Sikh AQAL. The map of their PUNJAB has changed radically but they still call it "PUNJAB". Can you find bigger DAMN FOOLS on earth? If you can, let us know.

The lickspittle "nigger" media of BHARAT are crying in great agory, "But look at the cheek and audanity of the lowly Hindus who want to name it after Veer Savarkar!"

So all the scholars, richly funded by BOFORS CHOR FOUNDATION, went on the search in history to find a blemish on the life and character of the hero VEER SAVARKAR.

How delighted were they to discover an episode from Veer Savarkar's life way back in 1913 while they are unable to produce the birth certificate of FEROZE KHAN, the marriage certificate of Jawaharlal's daughter INDIRA NEHRU, and even the marriage certificate of Mr. Clean, the BOFORS CHOR to SONIA KHAN.



NEW DELHI: On Saturday (May 4, 2002), when Union home minister L K Advani names Andamans airport after Veer Savarkar, he will attempt to draw a line over an uncomfortable facet of the Hindutva icon's personality. For, unlike other patriots like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Ashfaqullah (sic) *** who refused to ask the British Raj for mercy even at the cost of their lives,

(And what about Bapu Gandhi who had declared, "India willl be cut upon my dead body." How big a blot that was, that has been totally overlooied by Sonia KHAN'S lickspittles realm erecting his statues all over?)

Savarkar, the father of the BJP's Hindutva ideology, had actually sought clemency while lodged in Andamans' Cellular Jail.

Savarkar's letter asking for forgiveness dated November 14, 1913 . . . . . .


(NB: *** ASHFAQULLAH had to be mentioned in the report above, for the downtrodden and intimidated Hindus to prove their "secularism" as well as to appease Sonia KHAN, the uncrowned Queen of Hindustan.

People of India, especially the HINDUS, must remember every second of day and night that after that bloody and brutal ISLAMIC "gang rape" and PARTITION of India, and the unconditional surrender of LAHORE and EAST Bengal, every Ashfaqullah, MOHAMMED, ALI, KHAN and JINN in our BROKEN BHARAT is a "bloody behencho_", and an unmentionable pig.)


It is part of Hindu BASHING media in Bandit Nehru's coolie colony where Italian born SONIA KHAN is immaculate sunshine in every respect, yet every Hindu patriot must have a cobweb somewhere that needs desperately to be exposed and blown to ELEPHANT size.

We would suggest to these "researchers" who found this blot in Veer Savarkar's life, to tell us the family tree of Indira Gandhi husband, FEROZE KHAN. Can they find out the names of both his parents, two uncles and aunts and at least five cousins to see whether anyone else was, or is, a GANDHI!

Instead of rejoicing over the patriotic choice of name, these lickspittles of BANDIT and his HINDU-KILLING IDEOLOGY are out to find fault with every Hindu glory.

Hindus have yet to DARE to name a Women's College after Mother Sita Devi and a university after Lord Rama.

At the time of naming New Delhi's international airport after the Political "Witch" of our time, NONE mentioned the flaw in her person, that is, hiding the fact that she converted to ISLAM prior to marrying Feroze KHAN of ALLAHABAD and committed another HIGH TREASON of returning our sacred TERRITORY of EAST BENGAL to savage alien ISLAM instead of bringing it under her own Secularism, et al.

When the Hindu HEAD is free to think for itself, all such critics, and KILL JOYS of the nation, will immediately go silent as they are over PARTITION that is the biggest black spot in BANDIT NEHRU'S personality. Also, not one native patriot has dared to set fire to JINNAH HOUSE in Mumbai, either.

So, the first thing for the one billion strong HINDU nation is to notice the Italian born Catholic SONIA's presence on the sacred HINDU soil and to shout "QUIT INDIA" loud enough for these critics of Veer Savarkat to hear.

When Sonia KHAN, the biggest national blemish, threat to national security, and a symbol of the DEGRADATION of all the Hindu WOMANHOOD is removed, Hindu glory will begin to shine and even that airport named after the "witch" who did not liberate North Kashmir but attacked Golden Temple, a national monumnet of great sanctity, could be re-named GURU TEGH BAHADUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT so that the PEOPLE of Delhi can find meaning in the slogan, "Gaurav se kaho, hum HINDU HAIN!". There will be NO blemish or shadow in the shining Hindu armour then.

While Sonia's Lord is immaculate in every way, our own Sita Devi's FOURTEEN YEARS' exile is overlooked when a Hindu bashing "maggot in secualr cesspit of Indira Khan" mentions her "affair with Ravana"!