Date: 5/12/2002


British newspapers toady (May 12, 2002) have all reported the anti Muslim remarks by Peter Hain, Minister for Europe.

We should not forget that Mr. Hain replaced the CORRUPT and NOTORIOUS INDIAN BORN "coolie" Keith Vaz, "SONIA KHAN'S MAN" and a great friend of the BOFORS CHOR, in the British Parliament. He was investigated for corruption. He was said to have taken loan to buy three different houses for his own living! He forgot that England is not the same thing as TERRORISED PARTITIONED HINDUSTAN. So he was OUT of office quickly.

Had Vaz been in office today, he would have joined the MUSLIMS in speaking volumes of praises of Islam. But Mr. Hain has a stake in the sovereignty of United Kingdom while Mr. VAZ had a stake in amassing family wealth. To the rotten Indian it was MONEY, MONEY, MONEY- BOFORS CHOR style.

A reader has forwarded a copy of his lietter to Mr. Hain as follows. Please read it carefully. Much of it that is with regard to ISLAM, also applies to INDIA.


Dear Mr. Hain,

Congratulations on your courage to speak out against ISLAMIC fundamentalism and the threat posed to Europe's internal security through the rapid increase in MUSLIM numbers.

Unlike the others, the Muslims once in, will stay put for ever, multiplying and converting even in "soft" areas such as prisons. They go on establishing mosques which are British TERRITORY lost for ever. Yet not one church can be seen in Saudi Arabia, the land of inspiration to GLOBAL Islam which is "on the march" across Europe.

In America while most Muslims were law abiding, at least 20 were prepared to destroy the Pentagon and the WTC towers. In the UNITED Kingdom, most Muslims are law abiding while some went out to KILL Britons, e.g., in Kashmir, Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Soon they will be killing Britons here, too.

The future projections are not only alarming but promise DEATH to secularism, democracy and (I regret to say,) monarchy. The holiest "jehad" is to replace CROWN BY KORAN.

Today it is ISLAM'S "Third Reich" stretching from Indonesia to Morocco over which "THE SUN NEVER SETS".

The Muslims perceive the rest of the (free) world as a legitimate hunting ground.