Date: 5/14/2002


Most ignorant, brainwashed and outright dishonest HINDUS think that 'It was not because of the Khilafat Movement that the Muslims were alienated against their land of birth but because of the activities of the Hindu Mahasabha and the RSS in creating instability among the Muslims...... '

But see the book, "Constitutional Law of India" , Third Edition, Reprint with Supplement, 1988, by H.M.Seervai?

Section IV of the book is based on secret documents finally made public by the British Government. That Section reveals that what Mohammed Ali Jinnah insisted on securing, in order to drop his treasonous demand for Partition, was "parity" between 90 million Muslims and the 200 million Hindus in government.

This PARITY proposal was not acceptable to the Congress as well as to the Hindu Mahasabha.

But what about Gandhi, who happened to be the TOP leader of Hindustan, having won the confidence of the entire nation with his patriotic "India will be cut upon my dead body!" declaration?

At that stage, Gandhi, too, seemed to think that the parity proposal "was worse than Pakistan."

Gandhi's association with the Khilafat movement was the beginning of introducing RELIGION in politics, and, was therefore a disaster for the future of India?

The brilliant son of India, Vinyak Damodar Sawarkar, did understand this really well. Read his, "Mazi Janmateep", wherein he emphasised that KHILAFAT would prove an 'AAFAT' (calamity).

Again, in August 1921, towards the end of Khilafat movement, in the Moplah rebellion, thousands of Hindus were butchered; women were subjected to shameful indignities. Thousands of Hindus were converted to Islam; entire Hindu families were burnt alive (the latest Godhara carnage, was a micro Moplah).

Women in their hundreds threw themselves into deep wells to avoid dishonour. YET MK GANDHI REGARDED THESE MURDERERS, LOOTERS AND RAVISHERS AS "GOD-FEARING MUSLIMS"!

Even after all this, the myth of "Hindu Muslim unity" became an obsession with Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to such an extent that he never checked the Muslim Khilafat leaders like Yakub Hussan, Mahomed Ali, and Shaukat Ali, who openly declared their devilish ambition to convert crores of Hindus to Islam, nor did he condemn the Muslim murderers and assassins like Abdul Rashid who murdered Swami Shraddhanand.

In "Young India" of 4th May 1921, supporting the invasion of Hindustan by Amir of Afghanistan (which had been hatched by Khilafatist leaders), Gandhi openly declared, " I would, in a sense, certainly assist the Amir of Afghanistan (the savage ancestor of Taliban!) if it waged war against British government".

Was that not a treacherous act on the part of Gandhi? History states that even Dr Babasaheb Amdedkar said that every sane Indian would dissociate himself from such a mad and dangerous project. Mohandas even had the audacity to describe Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj AND GURU GOVIND SINGH as a misguided patriots.

On 14th June 1947 at the All India Congress Committee (full report in "Times of India", dated 16th June 1947), it was the same Gandho who threw his whole weight in favour of the British plan on 3rd June 1947 making way for the final partition of India and sealign the fate of the much cherished national ideal of "AKHAND BHARAT".

It was like this: When the MOHAMMEDAN tiger attacked the INDIAN cow, the cowherd BOLTED from the scene!

This "truth seeker", this "great soul", really PRACTISED what he preached.

Ten years earlier Gandhi had openly declared, "Needless to say, the Congress can never seek the assistance of British forces to resist the vivisection of this country. It is the Muslims who will impose their will by force, singly or with British assistance, upon an unresisting India. If I can carry the Congress with me, I would not put the Muslims to the trouble of using force. I would be ruled by them, for it would be still the Indian rule".

(INDIAN RULE of "Cuckoo" Gandhi, not any more, with ITALY and ISLAM poised to push their BOOT UP THE CONCEDING LADY HINDUSTAN!)

What are we lumbered with in Gandhi's India today? ISI's agents, and South Kashmir a KILLING ground.

Hindus must rise and awake to the real danger ahead; else there will be many more Mohammedan Pakistans and Islamic BOGUSdeshes in today's left-over India. Thank Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi!

Finally, the above are the truths from history. We must seek the truth, just as the seeking of truth was the condition of Nathuram Godse in his letter dated 3rd June 1949 (from his prison cell), in reply to Ramdas Gandhi's (Editor of Hindustan Times at that time) letter of 17th May 1949.


The whole Hindu "jagat" (world) has never been allowed to see the light, think for ourselves, know the truth, or discover reality.

The whole defeated, hijacked and waylaid of one billion are brought up brainwashed and conditioned like the dogs into believing, "Gandhiji was a mahatma and Nathu Ram a murderer, 'HINDU MUSLIM BHA8I BHAI'. and, "PARTITION NEVER TOOK PLACE or IT IS UNMENTIONABLE SINCE IT WILL ANNOY THE MUSLIMS."

The Indian Army, inspired by the Coward is dying like flies in South Kashmir and Lok Sabha cannot repeal Article 370 to let the Indians go and settle down there.

Under whose terror must the State of Jammu & Kashmir remain a "Muslim majority State" FOR EVER?

This cowardice of India is in the nation's genes due to "goat fathers" like Gandhi.


Please send in more TRUE character pictures of MK Gandhi during the crucial year, 1947. Whether he was raping his wife in bed at the time of his father's death or doing puja in a mandir is now IRRELEVANT. Such trivia fill up the EIGHT volumes of his biography, commissioned and paid for the "GOVERNMENT OF DOGS" in New Delhi.

For India merely to sit up, all the GANDHI LORE and WORSHIP has to be dumped in the cesspit of history. If Partition cannot be challenged and SMASHED, if the separatist mischievous MOHAMMEDAN BULLY cannot be shown his corner, locked up, EXPELLED, or ethnically cleansed in the BLEEDING INTIMIDATED and PARTITIONED INDIA, then let the Hindus at least have a HINDU RASHTRA where the Catholic "mem" of BOFORS CHOR, the BURMESE BORN BRAT OF RASHTRAPATI AND BHANGI NARAYANAN WILL ALL KNOW THEIR PLACE.

...Don't let them degrade and RUIN the HINDU nation any more!



..........."36 Hindus slaughtered near JAMMU."

....................May 14, 2002.