Date: 5/19/2002


Folk tales and sayings are extreme generalisations but do have a core of truth in them.

Two come to mind readily:

1. Put a PAKISTANI Mohammedan in a class of 20 yoga female students and within a week you will find them ALL impregnated.

2. Give ten rupees each to a Muslim and a Hindu living in Allahabad in Bharat. After five years you will see the Hindu living in a nice house while the Muslim had died within a month of getting the money.

He went straight to a prostitute and "saw the paradise" for half an hour and then died of starvation and AIDS.

Now to the Muslim Mischief in the United Kingdom and elsewhere where they have given a "CALL TO SEDUCE HINDU AND SIKH GIRLS INTO ISLAM." The racially explosive leaflet is said to be "hawked in the streets of Britain."

There are FOUR ways out of this terrible (tightening) trap. (The fifth, that is, re-erecting Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, is OUT OF QUESTION!)

1. To increase our own zeal on LITERATURE and AWARENESS and so, to EDUCATE the Hindu/Sikh GIRLS on the pitfalls of degrading themselves by shedding their noble mother-tongues while praying, forsaking all the kith and kin, and being forced to stay at home while their 'Musalman Men' go "hunting" outdoors, or to mosques for their "namaz".

Each Hindu/Sikh girl lost today is ONE HUNDRED of the enemy in a couple of decades. We may not dare to recall, but we did not see a "friend" in West Punjab in 1947 when forced to FLEE.

2. The second way out is to join a MAIN STREAM POLITICAL PARTY (such as the BNP in the UK) for support- a party that is not "politically correct," linked to Sonia Khan, and in the lap of ISLAMIC dollars, lovers and donors, which sees a rival Parliament in London and foresees Partition.

3. Making a film in the U.K. or PARTITIONED INDIA, showing a whole class of MUSLIM COLLEGE girls from ALIGARH or ALLAHABAD, coming over to various cities in WEST Bengal or EAST Punjab (on some "host family" exchange programme) and there falling in love with Hindu/Sikh "jawans" (Smart Hindu/Sikh Scholars of a postgraduate seminar, NOT the emaciated "video generation" Hindu lads of PARTITIONED India at present, who have never ridden a horse, played polo, killed a sparrow, run a mile or climbed a mountain)!

The film can be hilarious while showing contrasts of cultures and mandir-gurdwara/masjid, and social customs, e.g., when a Muslim girl takes off her burqa in a HINDU lad's bedroom.

All the Bollywood films show only KHANS seducing, and eloping with, Hindu/SIKH girls and that encourages the ENEMY while demoralising our own ranks. Hindu/Sikh worlds "take it lying down".

Post partition generations of Hindus and Sikhs are an extremely DEMORALISED sub human specie.

4. Launching a massive publicity BLITZ across all university campuses with posters, "Be a gentleman Musalman, YOU (yes, YOU, Master MOHAMMED!) convert to the girl's religion. Don't force her to convert to YOURS!"

To start with, such posters can be put up inside mandirs / gurdwaras which cannot be threatening. Then these can be "inadvertently" left at bus stops, train/tube stations, supermarkets and so on.

O yes, don't forget to give HALF A MILLION COPIES to RSS, Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal in BROKEN BHARAT, for distribution, and to all the mandirs and gurdwaras in the U.K.

The Hindu world is as collapsed today under Sonia KHAN'S foot as then under Aurangzeb's thumb. They do not believe they will ever walk tall in Srinagar or appear in North Kashmir.

Obviously, a small phrase like, "Imran Khan ought to have converted to JEMIMA'S Faith," will ENDEAR the "much molested" HINDUS/Sikhs of the United Kingdom to the MAINSTREAM British, too. They do not want Christianity to vanish like the HINDUS in Rawalpindi and Sylhet!

By past record the Hindus will FAIL on ALL these counts but go on CRYING,

"Look, this film insults us!"

"Look, our girls are going!"

"Look, we are being clobbered!"


Now WHO will do something to prove us wrong?

By the way give support to BNP (British National Party) in Britain, if not one Hindu leader has done so yet out of TERROR.