Date: 5/19/2002



Common Sense is not very common specially in the Indian Politicians.

First of all they should ask why Pakistan was created in the first place???

Muslims as a result of their religion are becoming backward day by day while the rest of the world is surging ahead.

Inequality for women, marrying within a family, four wives, etc. As a result, they cannot compete with other religions and hence demand to live separately where they can live all together.

No technical, mechanical. medical or scientific innovations have ever taken place in Islamic world. Nor is there any democratic state in the Islamic world.

NO Islamic state allows freedom to other religions. There are always fights among different sects of Islam. Now please ask yourself why????

Therefore, Pakistan can never afford to have good relations will India and if that ever happened it would be the end of Pakistan as we know it.

As a result, Pakistan must create hatred for India among her people if she wants to stay alive. Sponsoring terrorism in India is one way and the other is to have regular wars with India to keep suspicion and hatred among her own people rekindled after every few years.

Do you think if Pakistan had good friendly relations with India, any Pakistani would ever buy a Pakistani film, music and other goods when they can buy superior Indian products at much lower prices???

Smart Indian businessmen with their modern businesses will dominate Pakistani people and their business in no time. Therefore, if Pakistanis have any sense they will keep the status quo and protect their existence in the world.

Solution? Open all Indian borders with Pakistan and make every effort to have good and friendly relationship with Pakistan. I am sure with friendly approach we can make the artificial state of Pakistan disappear.

We have more Muslims in India than there are in Pakistan. Given time, Pakistani Muslims will also become friendly, gentle and civilised like those in India. We must change perceptions within Pakistani and show them they have nothing to fear from India, a secular and democratic people and country.

.........................Mohan Sharma