Date: 5/21/2002


What we see now with regard to the push towards rapid multiculturalism in some European countries is highly suspect.

It may be sheer delight to the followers of Mohammed (Peace Be Upon his Victims!) but 'The Rest' can only tremble at the very thought of tomorrow.

One, therefore, needs to probe into the motivation of the RULERS and possibly their invisible financial backers or ideological "pushers" and "goaders".

In every country with a clear IDENTITY, there is one MAINSTREAM community like the STEM of a tree and several minorities like the branches.

For the whole structure to stand upright, the stem has to be mighty strong. But through some strategic long term goal, the ruling top starts feeding and nourishing the branches, instead.

Ordinary people are too naive to notice this gradual transformation of the nation, which is like a child's growth from day to day- invisible. The whole thing seems to be "politically correct" and morally upright.

But if we draw projections, then an alarming nightmare will emerge. Specifically, this pertains to the growth of ISLAM in Europe, especially in Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy.

We are completely ignorant with regard to the changing STATISTICS and thus cannot make projections as to WHEN and in which year there will be an attack or civil war.

The Governments, perhaps deliberately, or perhaps unwittingly, are committing High Treason.

When that nightmare materialises, none of these ministers will be around.

They are "cuckoos" if they think of "civilising" or "secularising" Islam. In the event it will be EUROPE That will go Islamic.