Date: 5/23/2002


The world of MOHAMMED, bursting on seams through multi-wives ideology, conversion of the unsuspecting and the ignorant, and rapid reproduction rate, has found a soft target.

Bypassing and AVOIDING all the lands of Mohammed including those where the KORAN is the very Constitution, they thrust forward relentlessly, day in and day out, on foot, by train, boat, lorry and plane, towards EUROPE and AMERICA, especially the United Kingdom where due to the earlier global empire and masterly role in the past, people's sense of security is totally blurred. They have no experience or idea of the "subservient and docile" Muslim servants and workers suddenly turning killers, abductors and rapists in their midst. This is yet to happen in England.

The surplus of Islam finally converge on the French coast facing Dover. Here they try to bribe the lorry drivers to smuggle them, jump on the trains going through the tunnel and even hide on boats and ferries sailing out to England.

On the average ONE HUNDRED MEN, nearly all MOHAMMEDAN, succeed in arriving in England. Here, where the police do not stop strangers in the streets to check passports and everyone minds his own business, they vanish easily, gradually adding to the number of criminals who are experts at bringing in drugs and indulging in street robbery, burglaries and car crime.

The Government of the United Kingdom wants this Red Cross camp at Sangatte in France to close down. But the French are not willing to do so since they are keen to get rid of this surplus human garbage arriving from the starving ISLAMIC world.

At last it seems that Britain will be prepared to take in THOUSANDS OF THESE people to persuade France to close down this camp.

"The Times", London, gave the HEADLINE on page 1 on May 23, 2002, "UK MUST TAKE MIGRANTS TO SHUT SANGATTE". (Sangatte is the name of the Red Cross Camp near Calais.)

This news is alarming for those who love the "Britisih way of life". It is about to be shattered since MOST of these MEN are MOHAMMEDAN and their way of life can be seen in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

We all know that the INDIAN WAY OF LIFE was shattered on August 15, 1947, and the American "way of life" was blasted on September 11 last.

We INDIANS quickly forgot the rape of Hindustan and her Secularism. Will they? Well, THAT is the difference between a man and an animal.

NB: The "animals" who might feel offended have the choice, either to sulk and moan, or to RAISE A MEMORIAL TO THEIR DEAD OF 1947, wear BLACK RIBONS OR BANDS on August 15 every year and even establish a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM allocating three fourth of the space to the SIKHS. While the Hindus hold world record in SLAVERY, the Sikhs hold world record in the number killed and slaughtered over the centuries. One lacks GUTS, the othe lacks "AQAL"!


A letter went to The Times, London, as follows:-


Please refer to the headline on page 1 of your esteemed paper today (May 23),

"UK must (sic) take migrants to shut Sarangatte."

I submit that if Britain MUST, then she is a banana republic."


Further comment came in from a British passport holder who came in LEGALLY and has been settled down here for decades. He has grown up daughters. So perhaps that is why he wrote this:

"I wish they had brought their own FEMALES at least.

Now with the reported first batch of 1,300 of them coming in from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Eritrea, Somalia and so on, VIA SARANGATTE, at least 2,600 WHITE BRITISH GIRLS are at risk of being impregnated, if each one of these "Mujahideen" manages to seduce and overwhelm at least two of the "soft and naive politically correct" British female stock!

Thus, their number will be pretty high in a few years' time. And since they all put the Koran ABOVE THE CROWN, that is another side to it!

When the Pakistani in Manchester was asked to go back home, he replied, "THIS IS MY HOME. I HAVE THROWN PAKISTAN OUT OF MIND."

But the Christian, who underpins Secularism in Europe, replied, "Then how is it that you have not thrown something that you brought with you?

"There is nothing I have now from Pakistan. I have thrown everything away. Everything I have is British. I am a patriot as good as you. My coming generations, too, will be pucca British."

.............O yes? What abhout the KORAN?

................There was silence.

"Therefore," he was reminded, "you ramain a PAKISTANI so long as you keep your Koran with you. That is hardly love of Britian if it tells you to spread the realm of Allah by destroying the Infidels. Is it?"

The governments in the West are not sending the FLEEING Muslims back to their countries, or even send them the bill for their upkeep. The unwilling but helpless European TAX PAYER is being fleeced for something he does NOT wish to buy or see.