Date: 5/24/2002


Kashmir's history is so distorted that the adage 'a lie if repeated a million times may become the truth' is applied time and again by Pakistan, world media and world governments. But a lie never becomes the truth. Hence the very real prospect of India making sure that Kashmir is no more used as a terrorist school for Pakistan to continue waging a proxy war.

The truth about Kashmir, briefly stated, is thus:

1. It has been the home of Hindus for thousands of years. The name Kashmir is derived from one of the most revered Hindu Saints KASHYAPU

2. It is also the birthplace of one of most important deities of Hindus, Goddess of Knowledge, Saraswati.

3. One of twelve Lord Shiva's most sacred pilgrimages in India is in Kashmir called AMARNATH. Terrorists have killed many pilgrims over the last 5 years visiting it for worship. Vaishnu Devi, another sacred pilgrimage place is also in the State but is under constant threat of Islamic terrorists. Again many Hindus have lost their lives through terrorist attacks.

4. Kashmir, like all other 540 princely states, was given the same right devised by the Imperial British Government during the process of Independence and the partition of the country. Like all other states, the same instrument of accession was applied for Kashmir and after dithering for a while, the Maharaja of Kashmir opted to accede to India under the given due process devised by the British. Both Nehru and Jinnah were a party to this instrument. Hence Kashmir became an integral part of the Union of India

5. However, Pakistan and its architects, not being satisfied with the booty they had been given by Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and Viceroy Mountbatten, decided to usurp Kashmir by sending in Mujaheedins from the Islamic Tribal Militia, armed and trained by it. Before the Maharaja could sign the treaty of Accession, the terrorists had occupied one third of Kashmir with brutal and violent force.

6. Sardar Patel was ready to send in the troops to evict the terrorists with force, but for Nehru and Lord Mountbatten, who forced the matter into the hands of UNO, where it still lies and is used time and again to perpetuate the lie that cannot become the truth.

7. The UNO passed several resolutions on this matter, but the most misquoted by world media and leaders to browbeat India with is the one that was in 2 parts. The 2nd one (mentioned first because it is the one used to propagate the canard) states that all parties concerned will agree to referendum to decide the future of Kashmir. It is said that India is not allowing the referendum to take place that was promised by Nehru. What everyone forgets is that the 1st part is more crucial for the 2nd to be implemented. The 1st part states that Pakistan must withdraw all the terrorist militia sent in by it and give back all the occupied part, before referendum can take place. Pakistan has succeeded, time and again to hoodwink all and sundry to place the blame on India. It has succeeded, to this day, to pull the wool over the eyes of international community and continues to occupy one third of Kashmir, but it is now testing the raw nerve of Indian tolerance by unleashing typical systematic and demographic Islamic jihad on innocent Hindu victims of Kashmir and Jammu. This is reminiscent of what had gone on over one thousand years in Afghanistan (that was Hindu & Buddhist then), Pakistan (there were over 15 million Hindus in 1947, today there are less than 1 million) and Bangladesh (over 20 million Hindus resided when India was the midwife during its birth, today just 10 million have remained). The demographic change is the result of Islamic intolerance of all other faiths. When in minority, all rights on this earth are sought and through slow influx of the same faith holders, they become the majority. When in majority, all rights of the minorities are denied. Through intolerance, harassment, and violence the minorities start emigrating until it becomes almost impossible for the very few whom are brave to stay.

8. Over the last 55 years Hindus of Kashmir became disenfranchised through terror and political bungling. Use of article 370 was made to ensure this. There were over a million Hindus in the 2/3rds of Kashmir that belonged to India. In 1989, after the start of the proxy war unleashed by Pakistan this population was reduced to just less than half a million. Since then, and through terrorist activities, more than 30,000 Hindus have been killed. Only less than 50,000 Hindus remain. They have been made refugees in their own country. Many families have fled as a result of constant rape of their women and girls. Men are hacked to death, children are made orphans and most have fled the valley and living in refugee camps in other parts of India. How many international leaders have called in to see Hindu refugee camps, how many have shed tears (even crocodile ones) for their pain and misery, how many pleas have the UNO listened to their lament? The answer is very simple - zero.

9. And the world leaders keep on pressing India to show restrain. America could not do so for more than 2 months and was supported by Britain to bombard Bin Laden and his Al Queda terrorists out of Afghanistan. America asked the world ‘whose side are you on in this fight against terrorism?' India was the first one to offer all kind of support; tactical, intelligence and all its resources were put at the disposal of the alliance against terrorism. India has shown restrain not for the last 9 months, or 55 years, but for over 1000 years. It can only remain intolerably tolerant at its own peril.

10. Such planned Islamic incursions are already taking place in many parts of India. Demand for mini Pakistans are on the agenda of extreme Islamic groups. The ISI and the dictatorship of Pakistan support them in their ulterior motive. This is to divert attention from its own economic failure, intolerance of Shias, Hindus, Ahemediyas, Christians and tribals.

11. India is not the only target. Many parts of British Cities have sizeable Muslim population. Intolerance of other faith groups in these cities is very much on the increase. Bradford, Oldham, Blackburn, Burnley, Birmingham, parts of Leicester and Luton are witnessing exodus of Hindus and other minority groups. Some areas are even no go areas for non-Muslims.

12. During the riots of summer of 2001 in northern cities and towns, almost all the property that was destroyed through arson and petrol bombing belonged to non-Muslims. This is a known fact to the Politicians and the Police, but are not being firm enough to deal with the menace. Is it the vociferous Muslim Vote Bank that is stopping them?

13. India is now asking the question to the world governments and leaders. World media please do take note: ' whose side are you on when India is fighting terrorism on its soil? Do you want to take the side of India that is exercising democratic principles for over 55 years and giving complete freedom of speech, expression and worship to all faith groups; OR are you going to back Pakistan, a habitual dictatorship only capable of usurping power from its electorate time and time again, supporting and sponsoring terrorism through out the world, (in fact Pakistan is the epic centre of terrorism), the country that has seen the death of Daniel Pearl, the country from where Britain has withdrawn diplomatic and visa facilities? This question should bug the conscious of all those who are fighting world terrorism. If it does not then they should be prepared for terrorism on the streets of America, Britain and Europe, and demands for Bradistan or Englishtan will become a nightmarish reality.

However much I wish the war drums to stop beating, India does not have any other choice left open other than destroying the root cause of world terrorism.

...............By a Victim of Riots in Bradford