Date: 5/26/2002


The following write up IN DEFENCE OF RSS is an eye opener with regard to the Hindus' Himalayan inferiority complex.

While condemnation of Godse's act on January 30, 1948 is always the norm in PARTITIONED India's media, there is NO such criticism of Nehru or Gandhi for their HIGH TREASON in accepting the UNCONDITIONAL surrender (without referendum) of AKHAND BHARAT and SECULARISM in 1947.

Why is this Hindu clobbering / bashing confined to our OWN family, our own defenders, our own organisations that are expected to save the REST of India from the same DEVILS who occupy the BEST of India right now?


..........Rejoinder to India Abroad’s Article on RSS

..............Dr. Dinesh Agrawal <dxa4@psu.edu>

In an article “What does Mr Agnihotri mean by ‘freedom’?” authored by Dr. Vijay Prashad (India Abroad, May 17, 2002), certain old and familiar accusations have been made against RSS, and in this exercise the author has taken liberty to use Ambassador-at Large as the tool to beat RSS with.

Dr. Prashad indulges in bashing RSS using old hackneyed clichés, false premises, and already discredited sources. His entire article indulging in calumny and malicious propaganda against RSS lacks originality and credibility. He accuses RSS on three counts: RSS incites communal violence, RSS guilty of Mahatma Gandhiji’s murder, and RSS is not a patriotic organization.

All his arguments and ‘facts’ in support of the accusation are based on a single article published in The Statesman on January 15, 2000 (A.G. Noorani: RSS & Services, A Half Century’s Gory Record). The newspaper had already apologized to RSS and regretted the publication of the article. By quoting from such a discredited source Dr. Prashad has joined himself to a diminishing creed of diehard RSS bashers and leftist fellow-travelers who believe in Goebelsian propaganda, and have made it a habit to indulge in falsehood, calumny, and disinformation campaign against a most patriotic organization in India.

When the original article was published in Statesman on Jan. 15, 2000, RSS office in New Delhi filed a defamation suite against A. G. Noorani, C. R. Irani, Ravindra Kumar (Editor and Managing Editor of The Statesman, respectively), and Devvrata (cartoonist), in a New Delhi court. When two of these gentlemen did not respond to the court summons, non-bailable warrants were issued against them. They took the case to High Court. There when they found out that they can not escape the guilty verdict, they begged to the court for submitting an unconditional apology to RSS.

And finally on February 25, 2002 Mr. A.G. Noorani in the High Court submitted a written apology in which he regretted for writing such an article against RSS and promised that the newspaper would publish this apology prominently within a fortnight on its editorial page. This was done on March 3, 2002. The apology says the following:

Clarification: “We wish to clarify that the publication was made without malice and with no intention to denigrate or defame any person or persons, or RSS. We regret the publication.” (The Statesman, March 3, 2002)

And now Dr. Vijay Prashad digs out this discredited and mischievous article to make it as an authentic source to vilify RSS. He rehashes its contents, throws in some fancy ideas, uses his fertile imaginary skills generously, and brings out a Goebelsian product without any solid foundation. Let me prsent the facts to the benefit of the readers of India Abroad regarding three main accusations Mr. Prashad has hurled on RSS:

RSS and Gandhi Murder: Dr. Prashad finds RSS guilty because Nathu Ram Godse, a former RSS man shot dead Mahatma Gandhi. It is indeed a very slanderous and totally false accusation. If Godse was in the RSS and later drifted away from it because he found RSS too soft towards Muslims, and then shot the Mahatma, could we say that it was RSS which inspired him to assassinate Gandhiji'?

In his testimony in the court Godse admitted that before joining RSS, he was a member of Congress Party and actively participated in many Gandhiji led movements. So, should we not then accuse Congress Party also for Gandhiji’s murder? Every Naxalite activist started off with either the CPI or CPM. All Naxalite groups for the past 35 years have been indulging in violence of killing innocent people in many States, so according to Dr. Prashad’s logic it is the CPM/CPI who are the real culprits behind the mindless murders by naxalites?

The fact is that RSS has been long absolved of this charge through every forum: by the special trial court of Atmacharan (this special court was set-up to try the accused persons in the Gandhi murder case); by the High court; by the Kapur commission which was set up in 1966 under T. L. Kapur, Judge of the Supreme Court to make a fresh and thorough inquiry into the conspiracy of Gandhi murder.

The commission sat at different places, examined more than 100 witnesses and 407 documents, and then it published its report. Deposing before this commission, Mr. R. N. Banerjee, the Union Home Secretary during Gandhiji's assassination, had clearly testified that no member of the RSS was involved in the assassination of Mahatma.

The report says the following about RSS: "It (RSS) had a slant against Gandhism but its anti-Gandhism did not seem to go to the extent of personally harming Mahatma Gandhi." (Kapoor Commission Report, Vol.II, p.75).

Further in 1978 the then Prime Minister Morarji Desai on the floor of Parliament had absolved RSS completely from the Gandhi murder.

In response to a letter from Nehru suggesting that Gandhiji's murder was, "a part of a much wider campaign organised chiefly by the RSS," the then Home Minister Sardar Patel, in charge of the investigation replied, "I have myself gone through the Mahatma Gandhi assassination case, and ...It...clearly emerges that ... the RSS was not involved at all. .." (Sardar Patel's Correspondence:1945-1950, Ahamdabad, Navjeevan Publishing House, 1973).

Once Blitz, a weekly from Mumbai, some time ago had accused RSS for Gandhiji's murder, later it had to tender an unconditional apology for such an act when faced with a court case.

RSS responsible for communal riots?: Mr Prashad’s (or AG Noorani’s) accusation that many enquiry commissions have implicated the RSS in many communal riots is a blatant lie, studiously propagated by those who are self-professed "left democratic, pseudo-secular, progressive intellectuals". Firstly, hardly any report of the enquiry commissions into communal riots has ever made public and not one of those made public had held that the RSS initiated the riots.

However, once Home Ministry told the National Integration Council in May 1969 that a survey of 23 riots covering the year 1968 and the first 3 months of 1969 showed that in 22 of these cases, Muslims had started the riots. And the same applies to almost all the riots since then. No RSS leader was ever prosecuted or arrested for communal riots, while Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi has over 17 arrest warrants against him pending for inciting violence and communal riots.

What is the cause of communal riots in India? A well respected Muslim religious leader, Maulana Waheeduddin Khan, Director of Islamic World Center, New Delhi, rightly mentioned, “Muslim temper is extremely volatile and they are hyper sensitive, and have become a perennial problem for the law enforcing authorities, the need of the order is to learn how to live in harmony and understanding with non-muslim community.”

He further says, “If we marshal all facts, we see that in every case, the situation has been aggravated more by the Muslims in question being easily provoked than by a desire on the part of police to be aggressive. And it is noteworthy that wherever Muslims are to be found living together in any concentration, this over sensitiveness is very much in evidence; sooner or later, it is the Muslims themselves who have to pay dearly for it... (Muslim India, January 1988)

There is another very intensive research on the cause and effect of communal riots since 18th century. The research was conducted by Ms. Zenab Banu of Gujarat, it was a topic of her thesis. Her thesis has been published in a book entitled 'Politics of Communalism'. In this she has analyzed and documented major Hindu-Muslim riots spread over 250 years. And the conclusion of this research shows that in over 95 % cases the riots were initiated by Muslims.

Doubting the patriotism of RSS: RSS does not need any lesson or certificate on patriotism from treacherous leftist intellectuals whose inspiration lies outside India, and who have sided with British during independence struggle, who supported partition of India, who supported the invasion of India by China, and who have made it their profession to denigrate Hindus on any pretext. Such people have no moral authority to pontificate others on patriotism. Let me quote a few prominent Indians’ views on RSS.

Though RSS opponents accuse RSS for many things, but they never doubted its patriotic credentials and its dedication and commitment to the cause of Mother India. RSS has been the most maligned and most misunderstood organization in India. Its most critics have developed extremely prejudicial views against it mainly from the motivated false propaganda.

One such person was Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayana who had started off with a strong prejudice against RSS in the forties. But his contacts with RSS workers and leaders made him understand RSS in a positive way, and he started appreciating its work and ideology. He was very much impressed when he found during Bihar famine of 1966 that, for relief work, RSS workers collected the most, spent the least on collection and distributed the collections the best. After that his contacts with RSS grew and his misconceptions disappeared. After the emergency, on November 3, 1977, JP addressed a huge RSS training camp in Patna.

Following are some excerpts from his speech:

"...RSS is a revolutionary organisation. No other organisation in the country comes anywhere near it. It alone has the capacity to transform society, end casteism and wipe the tears from the eyes of the poor. Its very name is 'Rashtriya', that is national. I am not saying this to flatter you.

I believe you have a historic role to play.... I have great expectations from this revolutionary organisation which has taken up the challenge of creating a new India.

I have welcomed your venture wholeheartedly. Sometimes I have offered you my advice and have even criticised you, but that was as a friend...There is no other organisation in the country which can match you...The RSS should think over this: how to bring about economic transformation? How to transform the villages?

All our leaders, including Mahatma Gandhi, have worked for it. You have included Mahatma Gandhi also in your morning prayers and he is indeed worth remembering every morning. This is very good thing you have done. If he had lived a little longer he would have guided us a little more to remove untouchability and other evils from the Hindu society. But the way is clear now and I think that more than myself you can undertake this mission because you are more competent to do it.

You think and deliberate upon the various aspects of our traditions, our culture and Dharma constantly ... This society, its glorious history and the heritage of our forefathers, the sacrifices of the builders of this country and their achievements and the freedom that we have won - you are the inheritors of it all and it is for you to make the best use of it...Your word has far reaching effect.

There is the force of spiritualism and thousands of years of our ancient culture at your back. You are also in the forefront of the transformation that is taking place before our very eyes. The results of this change are also at your disposal...I commend to you the ideals of service, renunciation, sacrifice. I have no doubt that you are already imbued with these ideals and are of self-sacrificing nature and noble conduct. Here is the arena of a vast country open to you. You can accomplish a lot. May God give you strength and may you live up to such expectations."

Gandhiji appreciated the discipline and idealism of RSS and said that an organisation which was rooted in high ideals and public service was bound to grow from strength to strength. He described himself as a "Sanatani Hindu" and deeply appreciated the patriotic song with which the Sangh meeting had started. (During a visit to a RSS camp in Bhangi Colony, New Delhi September 14 1947).

"Mein Sangha ka asabhya sabhya hoon" (I am an honorary member of Sangha).

Vinoba Bhave

Dr. Zakir Hussain, told a Milad Mahfil in Monghyr on Nov. 20, 1949: "The allegations against RSS of violence and hatred against the Muslims are wholly false. Muslims should learn the lesson of mutual love, cooperation and organisation from RSS."

Field Marshal Carriappa, told the Mangalore Shakha in 1959: "RSS work is my heart's work." He added: "If Muslims can sing the praises of Islam, what wrong is there if RSS sings the praises of Hinduism?"

He concluded: "My dear young men, don't be disturbed by uncharitable comments of interested persons. Dr. Hedgewar, the revered founder of this great organisation, has set before you a bright example of selfless devotion to the service of the motherland. Look ahead! Go ahead! This country is standing in need of your services alone."

Dr. R.C. Majumdar, doyen of Indian historians, told the winter camp of RSS in Calcutta in 1910: "All the programs and activities of RSS have been visualised with a great aim and plan by its creator. He started the work with a great view in mind, with the aim of inspiring the true spirit of nationalism, and making the nation strong and powerful. He rightly and boldly declared that Hindus are the true nationals of this great country.

Many people feel ashamed to accept this fact, though they also feel that it is true. We must acknowledge boldly that it is Hindu History, Hindu Culture, Hindu Civilization that this country is proud of, when we people speak of the great past and great culture of the country. I do not know why they should feel ashamed of saying that the great past and the great culture was nothing but the Hindu past and the Hindu culture."

Dr. K.N. Katzu, who had been Nehru's Home Minister and Defence Minister, addressed an RSS Rally in Allahabad in 1963. Dr. Katju said that he had occasion to visit RSS camps and rallies in the past too. "Chinese aggression has made the nation conscious of its great unity, but this unity needs to be preserved forever -- whether there is war or peace. It is this unity that the RSS founder sought to build up." He added: "Who says this is not Hindu Rashtra? I am happy to see its miniature form in RSS. "

(Dr. Dinesh Agrawal is a Professor at the Pennsylvania State University).


Why are the Hindus pleading their own cause? Why is the DEFENCE OF INDIA so suspect?

Why are the Hindus pleading the innocence of RSS while sparing the All-India MUSLIM League then and even now?

Who do the Hindus owe an apology to for the assassination of Gandhi? What about Gandh's COWARDICE, TREASON, and the SURRENDER of INDIA'S SACRED TERRITORY? Why did he FAIL to give a call to defend Lahore and Secularism? What kind of a leader was he in India's HOUR OF PERIL? Such leaders are shot dead or lynched by their own followers.

Why is there NO memorial to the sacred memory of Nathu Ram and Nana Apte? How about naming the New Delhi International Airport after one of them? When will the nation cast off the mantle of a mouse and take on the one of a master?

........Why does the Hindu see himself in the dock?

We need to come out of this "densive" posture and GO FOR ATTACK. Either Khyber in India or HINDU RASHTRA! No compromie with the devils.

When did one ever see an APOLOGY FOR ISLAM in Pakistan or BOGUSdesh?