Date: 5/26/2002





........................By S.P. Attri (USA)

............In a message dated 5/11/2002 Ajit writes:

What do you think of the mayhem that is going on in Gujerat? I am sickened by it. You don't hear about it in the American media. The other day I received an anniversary edition of the India Tribune, published in Atlanta. It had a number of stories about the continuing sectarian violence in the State, and the inability, or the lack of political will, on the part of the State Govt. to do anything about it. In our local newspaer there is a story about mobs attacking firefighters as they are trying to put out fires set by miscreants. The whole situation is mind boggling and most depressing.

.........................My Take:

1. Ajit: What the Indian Media and the American Media are doing, is to describe the Immdediate News and the Superficialties of the Situation, as they view it. They are incapable of understanding the Raison De Etre of the Situation, this requires a good deal of effort, hard thinking, and looking in detail at the Factors In Depth, the Communal Deadlock between the Hindu and the Moslem, that had existed for centuries prior to the arrival of the British in India. They dot some i's and cross some T's, and write up a story, with the purpose of selling newspapers, but it confuses rather than clarifies the reality of the situation.

Ajit: Gujrat Situation is not a riddle for me, but lots of Indians are buffaloed by it. You and I have the advantage of living through the days of partition, you and I know the "Why and How" of the Mess (if you don't call it a Mess you will surely be mis-naming it) that we are in now, but the younger Indians have no notion of how we got to where we are now.

2. I do realize that hindsight is Twenty-Twenty. If I had known then what I know now, I would certainly have emptied the treasury of my wisdom, and might have earned the gratitude of future generations (I am kidding ). But I am amazed at the stupidity of Indian Leaders (every one of them) of Pre-Partiton Days, and these Hill-Billies were making decisions for the whole of India. Every one of these Indian Leaders was living in a Dream-World, they believed with sincerity and with sweet optimism, that Moslems would join the national mainstream, and vote with the Hindu, to get the British out of India. None of the Hindu Leaders wanted to face or deal with the reality of life, as it existed at that time or for centuries before that. I am astonished at the arrogance of guys like Gandhi, who were parcelling out slogans of Hindu-Muslim Unity, and recitations of:

..."Ram-Rahim and Ishwar Allah Tero Naam...," and so on.

3. They were trying to achieve Hindu-Muslim Brotherhood, and draft a formula that would be accetable to both communities. They were trying to do something that was impossible to accomplish. There is no way to separate a Moslem from his Islam, or to reconvert him to a Secular Idea. There is no way to merge two conflicting camps, Moslems and Kafirs (Non-Moslem Infidels) into one non-combatant secualr group. What made them think they could do what Guru Nanak could not achieve? Were they smarter than Guru Nanak? The whole exercise, as shown by subsequent events, was Pure BULL-SH**.

4. Let me cite a few popular slogans of the times, whose influence was so strong to guide the thinking of the average Indian: The biggest slogan ( and demand) in the forties (also in the twenties and thirties) was Freedom from British Rule in India. That was at the Top Of Every Indian's Priority. The British answer to this demand was: Freedom yes, provided you "ALL" want it.

This simple British Answer posed quite a Brain-Teaser (Riddle) for the Indian Leaders. None of them had a half-way decent answer to the British Conundrum, every one of them (without exception) came out with a Half-A** Answer. They received the British Conundrum with a disdain of arrogance and self-righteousness, which blew up in their face, as subsequent history unfolded. What was the Indian Leaders arrogant answer to the British Conundrum on "ALL"?

5. Argued the Indian Leaders:

a. The Englishman is not one of us, he is a foreigner, he cannot be one of us, we must get rid of the Englishman and get our freedom. The Englishman is a devil, we must get rid of the Devil. No Indian wanted to wait to kick the Englishman out of India.

b. The Moslem has a religion that is different from our Hindu Religion, but the Moslems are our own people, they are the natives of India, they are the converts from Hinduism, and the differences between the Hindus and the Moslems are not Fundamental (Please Note: This was a Damn Wicked Lie). Hindus and Moslems have lived in the country of India for hundreds of years, and have learned to adjust to each other's differences.

c. Any differences between the Hindus and the Moslems that we see, are the result of the British Policy of:

Divide And Rule to perpetuate the British Rule in India.

d. After we get rid of the British, we can deal with any minor differences that we have with the Moslems.

e. And so on and on.

Therefore, argued the Hindu Leaders, the answer is :

....................HINDU-MOSLEM UNITY

6. What is the problem with this Hindu answer?

The problem is it is a: BIG FAT LIE. Why is it a Big Fat Lie? Because the Moslems are Implacable, Ideological, Retrogressive, Fanatic Soldiers of Allah, who are ever ready to unleash mass slaughter, arson, loot, and forced conversions on Non-Moslem Kafirs. They are Hate-Filled Enemies of the Kafir-Hindu (Non-Moslem Infidel Hindu). Their religion of Islam does not permit them to tolerate or live in peace side by side with the Kafir-Hindu, centuries of histories proves the accuracy of this statement. Their religion of Islam divides humanity into two camps, the Believing Moslems and the Non-Believing Kafirs (Non-Moslem Infidels), it is the Moslem's Sacred Duty to descrate and destroy the Kafirs and their Kafir-Examplars. Even though we Hindus had been at the receiving end of Islamic Jehad for at least 1000 years, at the lowest level of human depravity, our stupid Hindu Leaders failed to take cognizance of the nature of the real peril that was facing them.

7. Further, neither the British were devils nor are. Even though the relation between the British Rulers and the Ruled-Indians, was a relation of Inequality, the British were light years away from being Devils. The British Raj was hell of a lot better than the rule of Moslem Kings in India, for over a thousand years before the British ever came to India. No Indian Leader understood this distinction, they were acting like misguided hooligans, and were refusing to use their heads.

Third, the so-called British Policy of Divide And Rule, was purely a figment of the imagination of the Hindu Leaders, a tragic failure of the thinking process of the Hindu Leaders. The Moslems had been conducting horrendous havoc, including descrations, massacres, slave-taking, molestation of Hindu Women, rapine and ravine, and slaughter of Hindus for one thousand years, before the British stepped foot on the soil of India. The British had nothing to do with the prior diabolical monstrous havoc of Islam in India, but every Indian believed the Big Fat Lie of British Policy of Divide and Rule, to get the Hindu and Moslem Brothers ( who are more or less the same) to fight amongst themselves. The Hindus believed this Lie ecause their leaders were telling this Big Fat Lie to them day in and day out.

8. The biggest lie of the Hindu Leaders was the denial of the differences between the Hindus and the Moslems, this denial was beyond the bounds of any reasonableness. The differences between the Hindus and Moslems were not superficial at all, but were of a Fundamental Nature. There was no way to bridge them, no way to conceal them or get rid of them, other than by lying your way through it, and that is exactly what the Indian (Hindu) Leaders did.

They murdered the truth, lied their way through the problem, but they could not ( and cannot ) prevent their lies from catching up with them, with consequences for every Indian/every Hindu.

M.K. Gandhi and J.L. Nehru were the biggest liars, but other Hindu Leaders were not lagging too far behind. However, the terror tactics of Islam-Driven Sullas refused to be driven underground, and the lies of the Hindu Leaders just wouldn't work out. When the situation got really rough, the Hindu Leaders tried to do their best, to save the situation, but their best was not good enough. They did not have the smarts to understand the situation. Any one questioning their judgment was labelled as Communalist. But if you sit with lies, and refuse to call a spade a spade, you need to be prepared for the bitter consequences that are sure to follow. You can posptone the outcome, but cannot prevent it. The stupidity of the Indian Leaders of the Pre-Partition Days is now catching up.

Like they say: As you sow, so shall you reap.

The Yanks express the same idea in different words:

..............What goes around, comes around.

9. Am I suggesting that a different outcome was possible? No, I am not suggesting that at all. But there are two answers to this question, No and Yes.

No, the partition could not be prevented, no power on earth could have prevented Partition (a full discussion of this subject is beyond the scope of this message, which I am trying to keep short). Any body who believes otherwise, that Partition could be prevented, is living in a Dream-World, lacks understanding of Islam, and refuses to learn from the cataclysmical tragedies that Hindus have suffered for 1000 years.

But yes, the situation/structure within the country of India, could have been vastly different from what it is now, if the Hill-Billies (the stupid/genius Hindu/Indian Leaders ) could muster the courage to face the reality of life, and could see the error of their faulty judgment. Their Dream-World of Phoney-Liberalism, Pseudo-Secularism, Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai Unity, Phoney Socialism, Vote-Bank Politics, and Bull-Sh** Composite Culture, has tied up India in a political structure, that is extremely difficult to dismantle.

Their package of political Bull-SH** is a Total Disaster for India, economically, politically, as well as diplomatically.

10. But playing with human nature, especially with the nature of Moslems, who have divided humanity into two camps, believing Moslems and Non-Believing Kafirs, is a risky proposition. Nature is not willing to accommodate these Hindu Leaders, cannot accept their pious platitudes, is not interested in saving them from the death-dealing blows of Islam, and is definitely not willing to fogive them for their inability to think straight. Nature is always red in tooth and claw. Between the years of 1947 and 2001, the Moslems in India, have increased from 40 million to 140 millions, and are demographically outstripping the Hindu at a brisk speed, through the process of sex, as well as via burgeoning infiltration from Bangladesh and from Pakistan. Demands for creating more Pakistans (out of India) can be expected to swell, as time goes on, as Moslem Numbers increase, and as the relationship between Hindus and Moslems deteriorates. In a few decades, when the Moslems equal or exceed the number of Hindus in India, Moslems will be openly out in the streets, and they will be shouting slogans every day of the week, to declare India as an Islamic State.

11. As time marches on, and the sexual activity of the Sullas (Moslems) translates into bulging demographic Moslem Numbers, the Moslems will resort to their classic black-mailing tactics (which have served them so well in the past) their feeling of religious exclusivity and superiority, and of Master Race of Islam Complex, will increase. In the meantime, the Hindus will not fail to notice the colossal element of threat in these Bulging Moslem Numbers. It is a safe bet that this time around the Hindus will not disarm themselves by following Gandhi's lunatic credo of:

....................Sarva Dharma Samabhava.

Can we expect anything better from the Hindus next time around, than recitation of Gandhi's Lunatic Credo of Sarva Dharma Samabhava?

Yes, indeed. We certainly can expect that and on a rational basis. The Hindus are going to be different next time around. More and more Hindus will be attracted to the Hindu Right, they are going to react with anger, and flatter the Sulla with Imitation. What this means is that if the Moslems kill one Hindu, then the Hindus will kill ten Sullas (Gujrat is only a sample, more is yet to tread on the heels of Gujrat). Imitation is the best kind of flattery, and no Moslem could logically or reasonably object to this Hindu phraseology of flattery.

....................Surinder Paul Attri